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No more cash for clunkers, its about time

Updated on August 22, 2009

Here is what the American people got for their money.

Here is what the American people got for their money.
Here is what the American people got for their money.

Well there you have it! Once again the taxpayer gets slammed by the spend happy representatives in the Congress, White House and anyone able to buy a new car. I believe that there were people buying clunkers for $50.00 or $100.00 dollars just to trade them for $4500.00, such a deal! The Obama administration had no choice but to end this ridiculous program and are the dealers better of than before the program? No! They are right back in the same position they were before this knucklehead program started,looking for sales.Most of the dealers stopped taking in those junk cars already because it is causing cash flow problems and they don't know when they will be paid.

As of Thursday, auto dealers had submitted claims to Washington for nearly 457,500 vouchers totaling $1.9 billion, of which just under 40 percent of the applications have been reviewed, according to the Department of Transportation.

You cannot create a market by dumping our hard earned tax dollars into a junkyard.It's a victim of its own success,said Obama.And what success is he talking about? Giving our money to people who want to buy new cars or did he mean success in hiring 300 more people on the taxpayer payroll to sort through the mess.If it such a great program why end it?You need to rely on regular entrepreneurship,quality product,top notch merchandising and good pricing. That is how you operate a successful business.It seems to me that every time the feds stick their nose into the private sector it becomes less profitable,more regulated and subsidized by you and me, never profitable. How does UPS stand against the mighty U.S Post Office? It's called free enterprise and guess what, UPS makes a profit for its shareholders. When was the last time the Post Office sent you a dividend check?Overall, the US Postal Service projects a loss of more than $7 billion this fiscal year, WOW!

Get the federal government out of private business before its to late. Look at what's happening to the Chrysler dealers, they were illegally put out of business,shut down and thrown out! What is going on in this country? I had a business that my wife and I built and let me tell you from my own experience that it takes many hours,days and years to break even. We need to stand with those dealers and not just let the government pull the rug out from under them. Thank God this stupid clunker program will meet its demise.Hey, I have an idea,lets have the federal goverment take over our health care, I shudder to think.


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