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Non-Profit Organizations, Life, Religion, and Love

Updated on October 8, 2018
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Who are we? Why do we do what we do? Ask yourselves these questions and see what honest conclusions you come up with. These are mine.

Social efforts and altruistic selfless action are efforts to overcome our selfish instincts, and indeed these efforts are admirable. An altruistic person takes one for the team, puts their life on the line to save another. Altruism furthers our own species, even though technically the person doing that desired or preferred that option so it is still about the pleasing of the self. Only if we were objects without desire could we really say that someone isn’t selfish.

By the mere fact that we destroy and use living things such as plants and animals for our survival, it shows us that there is not one of us that can escape our selfishness. I have heard it been said before that humans are as a virus to planet Earth. Through the chemicals we disperse into our atmosphere through chemical plants and automobiles we are polluting the planet that we opened our eyes into.

So selfish we all are.

Let’s take a look at nonprofit organizations. They will tell you something like, “It’s only $350 to cover the expenses for one person.” The money you give the organization is money that goes to pay the staff working in the organization, mainly. Regardless of nonprofits perhaps taking a second look to the down trodden, ultimately the goal is to make people pleasing, productive, and harmless. Nothing changes, except that a second chance is given for people to become convenient again. If you contradict the ways of the nonprofit organization, and you don’t mold yourself their way, they might have tried to reach out, but if you refrain from making “progress” towards being convenient you will be out, on your own. Just like anywhere else.

Typically speaking there is nowhere you can go where you can knock on their door and they will take care of you expecting nothing in return. As an adult your expectation will always be to be of “use”. If you are “useless” you are out, without mercy.

This is a sad realization. As kids we remember having ice cream and laughing with family members that today don’t even check how we are doing, all because no one wants you to depend on them. Out of anger we say to ourselves at times, “Okay you don’t care about me? Fine. I don’t care about you either.” Then there is anger and resentment. Unless of course, you put your mask on and you fake it. Unless you go to the family dinners, birthdays, events, and smile. All the while knowing that if you’re in trouble, no one will take care of you without feeling like you’re a burden after a while, if you don’t contribute monetarily or doing something they need done in their home.

Hence we are wanted for our function, it feels mechanical doesn’t it? I reasoned years back, that the anger in our society, in this world, is having to adapt to a world not previously chosen by anyone and yet forced to become “useful” or you’re in the streets and no one cares. It’s a game of pretense. A game where we are all objectified for our function and how “good” we make others look, nod our head, and become moldable.

Even in religions we use the idea of God, and the idea of God uses us. No matter your religion, ultimately you have to nod your head to the offer or requirement God gives you. And we nod and submit because God would be the highest authority, with the greatest power, to protect us, bless us, give us strength, save us from hell, and give us heaven. An eternal preservation of bliss with those we consider pleasing to us for eternity, the ones that are not “pleasing” end up in hell, the head shakers, the ones that did to humans what we do to plants and animals. Do we love God? Don’t we just go after him because he has the greatest power, offers protection, an eternal blissful reward, and we are afraid of punishment or eternal pain?

Here is a test. Would we follow someone with no position of power, with nothing to offer to us, no protection, no blessing, no safety, not even working for us, say a lawnmower. A stranger. No right? Let’s face it, we too go after who or what is convenient for us. We go after what pleases our ultimate desire of an ideal, even if it’s an illusion or fantasy.

Reality as it presents itself in what we can perceive with our senses? We only love ourselves, precisely because of our senses. In the instance of displeasure to our sense of smell, taste, hearing, feeling, or sight we complain. We may try to convince ourselves we “love” someone but we dread when they contradict us, when they ask something from us, when they don’t regard our wants. And then we wake up and we realize... it was all an illusion. Those times of laughing in the ice cream parlor as a kid, thinking we were cared for were illusions. As adults we are only wanted IF. Wanted if we are pleasing, productive, and harmless or making progress towards that. Otherwise, we’re disposed of. Nonprofit organizations may look to those never reached out to in order to attempt to make them useful and convenient, yet at refusing to budge they too will be labeled as having a “problem”; a problem that can’t be fixed after multiple tries. Then we condemn them as “people who through their free will chose their bad consequences.” Forgetting the fact none of us asked to exist, or choose our body, mind, or the world we were forced to adapt to in the first place. With a mind that is simply a sponge and photocopy, with an instinct of getting what it wants to feel satisfied.

That right there my friends is the foundation for the anger and resentment that causes the pain we cause to each other on our day to day lives. When we realize the idea of love was a fluke. When we realize we’re on our own, unless like a robot or puppet we learn to nod our heads and DO and BE like others want. You may be a rebel, and you may have some on your side. But humans will be humans, even those on your side will leave you when you cease to be convenient to them. We are a secret burden to anyone that has to “bare” with us. Think of our jobs. We need customers and to increase traffic, yet we complain when we have them because they come with... demand.

Well we are not caught up in the dream anymore. At least we know this is why we seek an outlet in alcohol, drugs, sex, religion/relationship, or anger. We are tired of being wanted for our function... or else. Learn self control and learn that you are not alone, everyone is playing along even if they don’t notice and they deceive themselves thinking they “love” others as if it wasn’t just compromise. Let’s try to collectively attempt to not cause each other harm in the realization no one really “loves” anyone but themselves and their cause. How? By giving ourselves the approval, the acceptance, we so desperately desire to get from others. We must find it in ourselves and set our mind to not cause others pain except in contradiction to that which we refuse to become puppet to, or when we feel unappreciated through flight instead of fight. Other than that, let’s try to not cause each other pain. Although it is easier said than done, when it comes to self-defense.

© 2018 Andrea Estefania


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