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North Carolina... A Leader for the 20th century

Updated on May 14, 2015

The Republican Tax Reform Bill is sailing through the NC Legislature- why not, they now own the place. Every citizen should share in both the good and the difficult. To start with everyone will receive a break on their state taxes. It goes something like this. Low income families making around $20,000 will get a $2.00 break on their taxes; $40,000, a $42.00 break and those making $1,000,000, will receive a $12,523.00 tax cut. Where everyone receives a tax break- to pay for the Gov.'s generosity; there will be new fees on everyrhing from hunting and fishing liscenses to new taxes on food, medicines and services; taxes we have not had before and for those moderate to low income families, new taxes they cannot afford. Oh I left out the best part, the corporate tax rate will be lowered to pay for... eh, ah, erm; you know, I really can't answer that one. Oh yeah... to pay 'back'.


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