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North Korea - Another "nuclear" nation?

Updated on February 7, 2013

An Image of the initial rocket launch


Will the UN prevail?

The first step that the United Nations took was a meeting on the 12 April 2012 to discuss the missile launch from Pyongyang, which, as the Secretary-General stated, "was a clear and direct violation of UN resolutions." However as North Korea is a socially, economically and politically locked state the UN are to a certain extent powerless. The member states of the UN are however not. China, although a some what ally of N. Korea, was the first nation to condemn North Korea's attempts to create long ranged nuclear capable missiles. But what is more worrying, is that North Korea have allegedly began their 3rd Nuclear Weapon Development Program and are on the brink of a nuclear war with South Korea.

If such allegations are proven and N. Korea have indeed reborn their Nuclear program all UN member states are promising stronger measures. The two main contributor's to stopping such a research and development program are China and the USA. The US is striving to recontact the North Korean government and urge them not to proceed with a third nuclear test. The Chinese have been even sterner: During a visit to Hong Kong, Cui Tiankai, Chinese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, said “Our position on the North Korean nuclear issue is that we are firmly opposed to the deployment of nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula. The countries on the Korean peninsula are close to China, and there must be no incidents there that create confusion or lead to clashes."

However a bigger possible problematic situation lies ahead, one which was outlined by a high-ranking N. Korean diplomat at the General Assembly of the United Nations: "a spark of fire could set off a thermonuclear war" was the statement, which has increased tension between both nations and have led to the increase of size of both national armed force. If such a war does indeed happen, the international community will have no choice but to intervene - mainly the P5 nations - China, USA, France, UK, Russia.

Although the situation at the moment is at a standstill, the United Nations cannot interfere with national politics and may only urge, suggest or demand the acceptance of their terms by the North Korean government. The responsibility to take action lies with every individual country and if they will sit back and urge, suggest and demand like the UN, or will take decisive action to hinder a nuclear attack on any nation, which will cause widespread devastation and a huge loss of life.


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      Andro Mathewson 4 years ago from Germany

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