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North Korea Has H - Bomb Capability.

Updated on December 10, 2015

North Korean Leader: Kim Jong - Un.


South Korea Casts Doubt On North Korea's Claim.

On a visit to a museum dedicated to Kim Jong - Un's Grandfather Kim Il - Sung called the Phyong Chon museum the current Kim announced to a startled world that North Korea now had the technology to produce and deliver a hydrogen bomb. A Hydrogen bomb is much more powerful than a conventional atomic bomb and is also known as a thermonuclear bomb.

The current Kim explained that North Korea now is self reliant in both atomic and hydrogen weapons. South Korea North Korea's southern and capitalist opponent has cast doubt on the claims of its northern neighbour.

Meanwhile Jeffrey Lewis based in California from the Institute of International Studies has also thrown doubt on Kim Jong - Un's statement. Going forward however Jeffrey Lewis thought it would be possible that North Korea could have the hydrogen bomb in the near future.

Many experts on North Korea all agree that when North Korean leaders make claims such as the one made by Kim Jong - Un it is very difficult to assess whether it is the the truth or not as North Korea is very secretive and guards its privacy very well.

Kim Jong - Un And Female Friends In Uniform.


Kim Jong - Un's Uncle.

The uncle of Kim Jong - Un and his wife Ko Yung - Suk fled to the United States in 1998 out of fear of what would happen to them in any power struggle in the future for the leadership of the closed off Communist nation.

At the time according to reliable sources Ri Kang (Kim Jong - Un's uncle) was taking care of his nephew in Switzerland at the time when both he and his wife defected to the ultimate nemesis of North Korea, that bastion of capitalism the United States.

In an interview with South Korea's new agency Yonhap Ri Kang said although he and his wife had been close associates of Kim Jong - Il they feared for their safety for the reasons outlined above and had come to see the Communist regime in Pyongyang as cruel and vicious to its own people.

Obviously when Ri Kang and his wife defected to the United States it must have been of immense interest to the American intelligence community like the CIA and much knowledge at that time must have been garnered from Ri Kang in exchange for him and his wife to be able to seek refuge in the US.

The situation between the South and North in Korea remains tense and probably this may be the case for more years to come.


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