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North Korea

Updated on September 11, 2017

Update: September 11, 2017

New North Korean sanctions are being voted on at the U.N. today while North Korea is issuing new threats aimed at the United States. However, the news is not telling you everything relating to what is taking place. For example, China is suffering from radiation damage caused by the latest test done. Whether they want to admit it or not, North Korea's testing of a Hydrogen Bomb has poisoned their land and their people and yet, they seem to be remaining quiet about the matter. However, with some serious digging, that is not the case. In the past two months, they have begun testing anti-missile technology in the Yellow Sea on what seems like, a bi-weekly basis. They have increased the amount of soldiers on their border with North Korea and they have all but cut diplomatic ties with what was once, their closest ally.

Another problem that has arisen is Russia. This country has begun filling the vacuum left by China with new trade agreements among many other things in defiance of U. N. sanctions already in place against North Korea.

Granted, both China and Russia have evacuated their people from the borders near North Korea and replaced the civilians with huge military build-ups.

According to The Global Times, a Chinese News Organization, the announcement was made that China will support new sanctions against North Korea. My question to China is simple, "How many more nuclear tests are you willing to endure before you realize you are allowing North Korea to kill your people slowly with radiation poison"?

A peaceful solution would be great but the Magellan approach of, "Choose... peace or war", will solve nothing. You cannot obtain peace through threats of violence and if North Korea truly wants peace then they have to stop threatening their neighbors and the United States with violence and acts of violence.

Map of North Korea

(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge) | Source

North Korea: The roads from Iran to North Korea

Russia and North Korea are only separated by the Tumen River on the east and the Caspian Sea that connects Russia to Iran.
Russia and North Korea are only separated by the Tumen River on the east and the Caspian Sea that connects Russia to Iran. | Source

North Korea and the world at war!

Update: June 22nd, 2017

Update: North Korea tested another missile engine which is a clear violation of sanctions. Also, they have made it very clear they will not give up their nuclear and missile programs.

Recently, President Trump thanked China for doing the best they could. So, them breaking sanctions yet again... Still, the biggest problem facing America is the situation in Syria simply because the war there is having a larger impact on the situation in North Korea.

Because of American support for the Syrian Rebels versus Assad's allies which consists of Iran, Russia with Turkey playing both ends against the middle. Throw in the problem with Crimea, Ukraine and Instead of supporting U. N. resolutions against North Korea, Russia is opening greater access to North Korea from their Allies. Especially Iran that has been trading know-how back and forth with the north.

Now, Iran has a fast track to North Korea. Why is this important? Thanks to the technology swap between Iran's Missile and North Korea's nuclear know-how and you can see the problem.

Recently, opposing sides have fired on one another or come way to close to each other. Not to mention, Our Allied Forces are on one side of Raqqa, Syria and Russian backed forces are approaching Raqqa from the other side in a final blow to ISIS.

Turkey has joined Russia, Iran and the same person they wanted out of office, President Bashar al-Assad. Iran announced today that they fully support Turkey in calling the Syrian PKK and PYG by declaring them, "Terrorists".

There does seem to be varying opinions on which nation should be our primary concern... in my opinion... the problem is coming from Russia. North Korea and Iran are just short of being Russia's puppets.

Hezbollah, a military group based out of Lebanon joined May 25th 2013 in military capacity but were already operating in Syria as early as 2011 when Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei publicly announced his support for the government of Syria.

Iran also began military operations since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War by dispatching the, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps for military support roles along with financial aid.

Russia joined September 30th 2015 in direct military action although they were an initial supporter of the existing Syrian Regime. However, Russia just made friends with Iran by joining what some are calling a prelude to Total War.

The United States... well, we barely operated in Syria in what started out as support of the rebels opposing the current Syrian government. However, on April 7th, 2017, 59 Tomahawk Missiles were launched on a Syrian airfield controlled by the government.

Since then, several military clashes have taken place including the recent incident when an American F-16 shot down a Syrian Su-22. So far, a couple of Iranian Drones have been shot down.

The drones is one of the few public ties that bind Iran and North Korea with swapping technology.

Baengnyeong Island in 2014, A North Korean Drone was brought down. another one was reported as taking several hundred pictures of the THAAD System before being brought down.

Iran brought down an American< "Scan Eagle", drone. america quickly denied the accusation before Iran posted pictures of the captured drone, on December 4th, 2012.

In two years time, Iran went from capturing one of our drones to North Korea testing their's on South Korean defensive systems. However, on June 9th 2017 South Korea captured a drone reported as having taken pictures after flying 160 KM across the south Korean border to gather intelligence on the THAAD system.

The problem is that the parts they used come from companies around the world. An even bigger concern, these Drones are capable of carrying chemical weapons and after the last drone made it 160 KM/nearly 100 miles.

Seoul, South Korea is only 30 miles from the Demilitarized Zone. The drone made it three times the distance into South Korea where over 10,000,000 people live.

Maybe I am wrong about this, although the timeline is accurate according to global news reports along with additional information from Either way, whatever happens in Syria now, the trail always comes back to Russia and the Ukrainian situation.

The situation in North Korea is not isolated. In the past month alone, the United States, NATO, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and North Korea, have repeatedly poked and prodded at each other's defenses. The worst being between the United states and Russia.

Recently, a Polish NATO F-16 fighter jet, "Buzzed", the Russian Secretary of Defense,Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoygu's flight in the Baltic Sea. Normally, this would come across as NATO being aggresive but there are dozens of incursions with Russian Military Jets flying way too close for comfort to various NATO borders, including Alaska.

Getting back to North Korea... North Korea and Russia creating an alliance would no doubt, be the icing on the cake for the United States and it's allies. Do not misunderstand me but North Korea has had a lot more successful missile tests since partnering with Iran.

So, you have Russia, Iran, North Korea and Syria forming an alliance that is starting to draw even more countries to take sides. Turkey is joining, "Team Russia". Even today, French President Macron agreed to work with Russia against terrorism. The problem is that Russia, Turkey and Iran have declared our allies in the Syrian Civil War as terrorists.

Indeed, Russia has the influence of Iran in the Middle East and soon enough, he will announce his support for North Korea on all levels in spite for the United States supporting new sanctions against Iran and Russia.

Currently, the U. S. House of Representatives is sitting on whether or not to approve the new sanctions with two things in mind. A) Doing so will undoubtedly increase relations between North Korea out of spite. B) Doing nothing will solve nothing, either.

Ultimately, the world is marching towards all-out war with no single answer on how to stop what seems inevitable and every moment should be counted precious. The world should not have to live in fear of any of this but this is how it is.

North Korea in the news

North Korea, that indelible little country that has the attention of the world held hostage. As of late, the country has been one of the main topics of the news. However, this country has single-handedly shown the weakness of journalist.

North Korea is a very private country and journalist vying for a story about the country and are often finding themselves hitting the proverbial, ‘Brick Wall’. Even the latest military statistics for the country are five to eight years old.

Even the governments of the world are digging and hoping to find some glimmer of hope within the North Korean people. Recently, the news exploded with stories of how hackers in North Korea gained access to the government’s Twitter account and posted some nasty messages about that nation’s leader and son.

For many, this might seem trivial but for government, around the world, wanting more insight into the people of North Korea, it gives us a great idea of how they feel about their leaders. Fact is, this small piece of news is really, huge.

The reason is simple; when a war does break between the two Koreas, knowing if the people will fight or step aside is big. If the people of a nation hate their leaders, it is far easier to replace that government.

Take Saddam Hussein, for example. He was a murderous dictator to hundreds of thousands of his people. Only small collective of people in Iraq actually supported him. Therefore, when the United States went into Iraq nearly ten years ago, many of the people did not fight.

Earlier, the statement was made, ‘when a war’, not, if a war. The reason, the statement is, written this way is that statement reflects South Korea’s view regarding the matter.

The South Korean government still feels that at any moment, North Korea will lash out again. They also feel that anything North Korea says, regarding peace, is just a stall tactic to buy time until they have completed their small, nuclear weapons.

Fact is, North Korea is developing nuclear torpedoes and nuclear mines capable of obliterating a ship or ships, should one be close enough. The torpedoes are, intended to take out floating naval bases and naval bases in general. They are, also designed to take out aircraft carriers.

Most countries believe that air superiority is, key to winning in a war as demonstrated during World War II. However, North Korea believes that the key to winning is to survive the Arial onslaught is their incredible bunker system capable of housing nearly their entire population. This bunker system is also capable of withstanding a nuclear attack.

North Korea’s main strategy is to play Turtle and Cat. The cat can try to attack the turtle but it will have a heck of a time getting past the shell. So, the bunkers are the shell and the 98 submarines they have are for keeping enemy ships away from their shorelines.

In a full-on war, North Korea has over six million soldiers available to them. They also have over 240,000 Special Forces soldiers ready to wreak havoc on South Korea in the event of a war. These soldiers are, specially trained to infiltrate South Korea and kill anything that moves.

After reading many of the comments made by many Americans regarding North Korea and calling for a military strike against the North Korea, or insulting South Korea for its weak response this past November, should learn more about the hornet’s nest before sticking their hand in it.

The United States and South Korean governments are wise to wait until North Korea collapses economically. Truthfully, this is the best policy unless North Korea attacks again. In which case, well, let us hope that an all out war does not happen.

China is a very close ally to North Korea and they have no reason to listen to us regarding their old friend. Although the news has reported that China and North Korea are not as close as many think, in the opinion of some people, this is not true.

China’s leadership has proven, time-and-time again, that they will say and do what they feel is in the best interest of their people. With the recommendation of the Koreas, possibly being, reunited, China will not allow American military bases to be, built near their border. They have voiced this opinion and there is no reason to believe otherwise.

Currently, North Korea has called for, ‘unconditional talks’, with South Korea who has rightfully rejected their calls for talks. Both countries have, however, lowered their threat levels but South Korea, the United States and Japan all feel that North Korea must kill it nuclear weapons program and stop threatening South Korea with nuclear war before talks will even be considered a possibility.

Now, let us throw Russia into the mix. Russia has remained fairly, quiet but the fact that they are allies with North Korea, made evident recently. Normally, Russia provides North Korea with older weapons systems but little leaks have shown that Russia has in fact, been supplying North Korea with updated weapons systems.

In addition, when it comes to Russia, they feel the same as China in that they have no desire for American military bases to be, posted that close to their country. Not long after the November 2011 attack on a South Korean island, Russian diplomats went to North Korea to get them to soften their approach to the situation.

There is one part of the whole story that still mystifies some people; the attack, itself. The news reported that the fight between North and South Korea last for an hour and yet, the fight remained limited to between the island-based military and North Korea’s artillery units. Therefore, why did this incident stay localized? If, for example, Mexico attacked Texas for an hour, does anyone honestly think that this nation would just wait to see how things turned out? Of, course not! So, why did this incident stay localized?

In addition, there was one news report of South Korea firing an artillery round into North Korea, at the height of tensions. As suggested by the report, South Korea quickly called the North and apologized for the accident. Quickly enough that, article was, buried alive and the incident, was never, mentioned again.

As a theory, does North Korea want to join with South Korea and become a democracy? Are they afraid that China might attack them? Wiki leaks, has proven that much of what we see in the news can be very far from the truth of any given situation. Still, only time will tell. Until then, anything regarding North Korea will remain more conjecture than fact thanks to their reclusive government.

This is doubtful as the Kim-Jung family will unlikely want to give up their power over the antion but the one hour attack that remained isolated still remains a mystery.

Update: January 24, 2011

 Recently, North Korea and south Korea have agreed to have defense talks. Although South Korea has agreed to the talks, finally, it is easy to assume that they will put very little stock in anythign North Korea has to say.

Also, China has agreed to put more pressure on North Korea to behave themselves and act is a more responsible fashion towards their neighbor to the south. Of course, the United States media has made it sound like the Chinese goverment was pressured into doing this and as we all know, China does not see us as a threat and they do not bow to threats so time will tell.

Update: January 24, 2011

In a news report from OffcialWire, North Korea has executed a man and woman for reading propaganda leaflets from South Korea and forced hundreds to watch the the executions...How sick is that?

Update: February 13, 2011

North Korea walked out of the talks with South Korea and said there will be no further talks between the two nations. Yesterday, South Korea responded by holding live fire drills for which,North Korea complained.

It only seems inevitable that war would break out between these too nations. North Korean people are desperate for food and desperate people will do desperate things. Still, this is like looking into the mirror of the future when the world's population becomes larger than the earth's ability to provide for us within the next few years.


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    • W. K. Hayes profile imageAUTHOR

      Warren Keith Hayes 

      7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thank Opinion Duck, I absolutely agree and you made some great points. The biggest problem we have in Afghanistan is exactly what you said about these other places. U.S. Soldiers are getting hurt by the lame policies that are keeping the soldiers from doing what they are trained to do. War is war...there is no such thing as a peaceful war and when people realize this, take the leashes off the soldiers and let them fight. Already over 250,000 U. S. troopes have been wounded becasue of these lame duck policies. They are not police...they are soldiers, let them fight.

    • OpinionDuck profile image


      7 years ago

      W K Hayes

      Interesting perspective on N. Korea. Voted up and useful.

      I did notice that you left out Iran, who have just recently setup missle bases for N. Korea.

      Iran is a lot like N. Korea in that they are unstable and dangerous.

      Had the US taken the challenge of North Korea during the Korean War and dealt with it then, it wouldn't keep biting us.

      Sure there was Russia, and CHina backing them but retreating from the Korean War was a sign of weakness that was taken advantage by North Vietnam. North Vietnam had the same backers, Russia and China.

      Unlike the Korean War, this time the politicians didn't even try for a stale mate. North Vietnman took ouve Sourth Vietnam. North Vietnam and North Korea are still major threats to the world.

      The major difference today is that China is on the verge of becoming and surpassing the US as a super power.

      Russia is no longer the USSR but they want to get back in the super power game. As Russia alone they are even more dangerous today because they are lighter and meaner and still have nuclear weapons.

      My point made in other hubs is that the way the wimpy liberal politicians have backed out of wars only emboldens the bad guys. It defers war, it doesn't create peace.

      Had we taken care of Korea, there would have been less chance of a Vietnam War.

      Had we taken out Iraq in Desert Storm, there would have been no need to do it after 911.

      Had we secured Afghanistan when we invaded it after 911, we would have had less of a problem with it today.

      Pakistan is to Afghanistan and Iraq, as Russia and China were to N. Korea, and N. Vietnam.

      Retreating now from Iraq and Afghanistan won't create peace, nor will it stop the Terrorists from attacking us here.



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