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North Korea Threats Against U.S.

Updated on March 12, 2010

" Why Does This Have To Happen Anyway?? "

North Korea Has threatened to launch a merciless attack on the United States if they interfere with their nuclear missiles test launches. The US and it's allies are being threatened in response to President Barack Obama's description of the states nuclear and missile programmes as a "grave threat" to the world. Russia, which shares a border with North Korea, has stated that any missile headed for Russian airspace will be immediately shot down. "We will see it and shoot it down," the deputy defence minister, Viktor Popovkin, said.

The first test launch could happen as early as July 4th and the sad part is that it is gonna be deliberately launched in the direction of Hawaii. The United States has enough problems of their own and it is a terrible time for this type of unnecessary conflict. North Korea is putting a lot of people at risk for these crazy antics that they have going on over there. They need to think about how this could erupt into a political battle with nation standing against nation in a time where we already have a lot of conflict all over the world.

Why do they need to perform these nuclear test programmes anyway? They seem like they are agitating a situation that has long been avoided for decades. The political leaders of these nearby countries are ready for whatever and they are not backing down from what I am seeing. I am quite sure that Obama and Popovkin have better things to do than try to stop this BS that really serves no purpose in a already devastated world.

What about the faulty polls in Iran or the global warming epidemic or even Swine Flu?? What happened to that?? It is like it was here today and now its gone out of the news because of this stupid chaotic event that is going to take place. People need to wake up and realize that this is a very scary thing that is going on and if we do not focus on what is really important right now in the world, we will all likely have NO world to live in at all. Even if the adults make it through these tragic events that are arising, the next generation, OUR KIDS, will have the bitter end of these events to deal with throughout their lives.

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    • stacies29 profile image

      stacies29 8 years ago from Washington DC

      Very Very Sad World We Live In.