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NOSTRADAMUS and his Prophecies

Updated on April 6, 2011

Introduction to Nostradamus' World and political prophecies

Nostradamus; described by some as the man who saw tomorrow, is without a doubt, the most influential profit of the current era. Nostradamus knew much of what is ignored by many today, except the rulers of the world; and that is that the solar system operates in cycles and influences history. By looking for patterns, one can learn from history, advance and also see what is ahead based on what has occurred before. To the left is a photo of a painted portrait of Michel Nostradamus sourced from;

Introduction: By W. F. Raymond & W. J. Prest

Nostradamus; the man who is considered to be the prophet of the modern era

Leftist friends and myself had gathered around to smoke a joint of marijuana. We had just viewed the movie "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow"; Orson Wells popular 1980 film. We decided that we ourselves would make a stab at interpreting the enigmatic quatrains of Nostradamus. Many interpreters had gone woefully wrong in the past with wild stabs in the dark, which later proved fallacious, but they had made a bundle off of book sales giving the whole subject matter a bad name. For it matters little if you proved right or wrong in a future predictive interpretation, because you already would have made your killing on book sales. Some even paraded around dressed as Nostradamus in a humorous clown fashion, frequently making a show of their ignorance but they proved a hog on the market in book sales and that's what mattered; happy on the way to the bank. We have the advantage of a knowledge of astrology and Bible prophecy and keenly watched political events from a decidedly left jaundiced eye. This presentation is from a humanist Marxist perspective although many a vulgar Marxist might regard it as "lifestyle mysticism or dabbling in the occult", a frequent charge leveled at myself from various quarters. Still I justify my interest in this subject from a variety of scientific contemporary studies and researches in quantum mechanics, bio-rhythms, and Gauqelin's statistical birth data. The validity of these studies over the last century and into this new century is conclusive and cannot be ignored, except at the risk of being allocated to the Hegelian "dust bin of history". There is more to the occult than the ravings of the irrational and the superstitious.

Before I became convinced that Marxism is the most important idea in philosophy, sociology and economics, anthropology, art theory in the last century and a half. I was a student of yoga philosophy and practice. When I came in contact with Marxist literature, particularly James P Cannon's "Socialism on Trial" and Novak's "The Logic of Marxism"; both books that I highly recommend. They convinced me of Marxism. I believe Marxism brings Vedanta up to the modern age. It defines the modern industrial age of capitalism. Both could be integrated together and made better in the process. That became a life ambition, starting when I was the tender age of sweet sixteen. That's a long time contemplating on a subject matter and qualifies me I guess to an opinion. What follows next is a short description of little known facts indicating that great Marxists showed tolerance for other people's viewpoints and are not petty sectarians and ultra-leftists of concealed reaction. What follows next is a short description of little known facts indicating orthodox Marxist tolerance for other people's viewpoints.

Nostradamus in Literature - There is a flood of books on Nostrtadamus. He was popular until 2000.

Nosttradamus is an intriguing figure in history. Starting off as a doctor, he was renowned for his ability to cure the bubonic plague that ravaged Europe in his day. When he lost his wife and children, he went into reclusion and eventually resurfaced as a renowned and accurate prophet and psychic. There are many reference books on Nostradamus today. Some are good and some not. Check the references below. I have drawn inspiration from some of these.

Nostradamus - The man who could see into the future

Many people have been interested in Nostradamus due to the startling accuracy of his predictions. As we near the year of 2012, there is an increasing awareness that something huge is on the horizon.

The 1844 Philosophical Manuscripts

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 3 Verse 67

In 1844, the Philosophical Manuscripts were published. In that year, there were many revolutioanry uprisings in Europe. In 1848 Karl Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto, a summation of egalitarian philosophy. Marxists became the new "sect of philosophers" who didn't fear death, didn't respect/worship gold/money or honor/fame and wealth. Many philosophers lived in or near what is now Germany. Marxism had its birth in Germany and immediately grew a mass following (crowds), influence and power setting up the First International with the purpose of ending capitalist greed.

In Europe at the time there were many uprisings due to squalor, hunger and brutal working conditions. It took the Paris Commune of 1871 to bring things to a head and really spur on the new ideas.

Une nouvelle secte de Philosophes

Mesprisant mort, or, honneurs et richesses

Des monts Germains ne seront limitrophes:

A les ensuivre auront appui et presses.

A new sect of Philosophers

Despising death, gold, honors and riches

Will not be bordering upon the German mountains:

To follow them they will have power and crowds.

Collapse of the USSR

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 3 Verse 95

My biggest success was the prediction of the collapse of the USSR, where through astrological calculation and analysis I came up with the year 1989 as the onset of a qualitative change in Russia. I made this prediction decades before the event. I had many witnesses to this. That year proved to be the beginning of the end for the Soviet Union beginning with the Baltic States breaking away. Searching through Nostradamus, the quatrain I believed indicating that change is;

The law of Moore (Thomas Moore) was communism in its beginnings. This describes the period of the decline of communist influence in the Eastern block countries due to the seductive tongue and gifts of capitalist interests from the west. Dnieper is a bay on the Black Sea east of Odesa in southern Russia. This area was one of the first along with Poland to withdraw from the Soviet Union under Gorbachev. The gift was the money pumped into Poland's Solidarity union (Solidarinosc) under Ronald Reagan who declared along with the Vatican that it was their favorite workers' union in the world and indeed it was the beginning of the bring down of the USSR, which was an international defeat for the working class and as stated by the Spartacist Press at the time and myself.

La loi Moricque on verra defaillir:

Apres une autre beaucoup plus seductive:

Boristhenes(*) premier viendra faillir:

Par dons et langue plus attractive.

(*) Dnieper river

The law of Moore will be seen (appear) to Decline:

After another much more seductive:

Dnieper first will come to give way:

Through gifts and tongue another more attractive.

Collapse of the Soviet Union - The end of the USSR is based on many causes, mainly corruption within and capitalist pressure without.

The Red One Trotsky, leader of the Red Army a.k.a. "The Pen"

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 5 Verse 44

Trotsky, the Red one was abducted by sailors and exiled out of Russia by ship. This was done by Stalin in his bid for Peaceful Co-existence. Trotsky more than any other exposed rich anger and greed. Trotsky signed a treaty with Germany to stop the international war to by time for the revolutionary war. It was a pretence of peace but there was no intention to end the revolution. Stalin acted like a pontiff, using religious type symbolism such as the turning of Lenin into a religious icon. Trotsky howled in protest over such an act. Lenin certainly hated such things.

Par mer le rouge sera pris de pirates,

La paix ser par son moyen troublee:

L'ire et l'avare commettra par feint acte,

Au grand Pontiffe sera l'armee doublee.

On the sea the red one will be taken by pirates,

Because of him peace will be troubled:

Anger and greed will he expose through a false act,

The army doubled by the great Pontiff.

The tearing down of the Berlin Wall

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 5 Verse 81

The fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. The US's influence over Japan via capitalism and commodity exchange. The Nocturnal omen is the joking threat of Reagan that the USSR was declared illegal and that the US will begin bombing in five minutes. After this, the Berlin Wall was torn down. "Enemies" now can cross freely between east and west, something very difficult to do during the cold war years. After the fall of the wall and USSR, may natural disasters take place.

L'oiseau royal sur la cite solaire,

Sept moise devant fera nocturne augure:

Mur d'Orient chera tonnerre eclair,

Sept jours aux portes les ennemis a l'heure.

The royal bird over the city of the Sun,

Seven months in advance it will deliver a nocturnal omen:

The Eastern wall will fall lightning thunder,

Seven days the enemies directly to the gates.

Rivalry in the USSR Party leadership

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 5 Verse 86

Two leaders who have power. There are three factions within the army. Yeltsen and Gorbachev. The three factions in the army are the Gorbachev supporters, the Yeltsen supporters and the Army supporters wanting a military rule. The rising opposition in Moscow against the increasingly brutal conditions under the collapsing USSR. This lead to the period of Yeltsen building the barricades in Moscow and Gorbachev's downfall. The exiles from the Soviet Union were led astray by the idealized vision of the US lifestyle. They supported something that lead to the destruction of the USSR. Among these people were leading artists and dancers who aided and abetted the destruction of the USSR by holding up the vision of the wonderful life in the US. They however had there lives paved with gold because of political / economic interest by the US interests. The USSR played the supportive role to the Arabs in the Middle East struggles.

Par les deux tetes, et trois bras separes,

La cite grande sera par eaux vexee:

Des grands d'entr'eaux par exil egares,

Par tete Perse Bisance fort presse.

Divided by the two heads and three arms,

The great city will be vexed by waters:

Some great ones among them led astray in exile,

Byzantium hard pressed by the head of Persia.

Post 9-11 Wars and Famine drags down many countries and entire civilizations

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 1 Verse 69

The great round mountain of seven stades is the industrial G 7. After peace, there is war and famine. (see 1.67) The war will drag down great countries. Even counties with longstanding civilizations will not be spared. An era of peace existed from 1945 to 1991, where there were no major wars like WWI or WWII. There were local wars like Korea and Viet Nam based on the cold war between the US and USSR over questions of ideology, capitalism versus communism. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the old differences between the Christians and Muslims re-emerged and war erupted promptly between the west and east beginning in 1990 and exploding in early 1991. It has dragged in many countries like Iraq, Iran, Israel, the US, Britain, Afghanistan, and to a lesser extent, India, Pakistan and China. The war in the Persian (Iraq, Iran) area has brought at least one of them to ruin and threatens to totally engulf the other. In the post 9/11/2001 era, the campaign has widened to encompass most of humanity through the Patriot Act and the Homeland Securities Act of the US that makes most people enemies.

The sinking of great countries can be also seen as the destruction of great and ancient cultures like the Chinese and Babylonian/Persian.

La grande montagne ronde de sept stades,

Apres paix, guerre, faim, inondation,

Roulera loin abimat grands contrades,

Memes antiques, et grande fondation.

The great round mountain of seven stades,

After peace, war, famine, flood,

It will roll far sinking great countries,

Even the ancient ones, and of great foundation.

Nostradamus, Genius of Astrology

Nostradamus had to cloak his verses due to the heavy church oppression and censorship of the day

Nostradamus was a genius of astrology, medicine and the Biblical prophecy that has profound influence to this day. Nostradamus more than most understood the influence of cosmic cycles, obtained from what is reported to be hidden and obscure information. Due to the influence of the church in his day and the threat of torture due to heresy, Nostradamus had to hide his visions in anagrams using words from Latin, ancient Greek, myth and obscure French words. This often creates difficulty for the Nostradamus interpreters. There are stories about a vision about the king who would suffer horribly at a duel (Century 1, Quatrain 35), which came to pass and enhanced his reputation, but it came at great risk. He was personally protected by the influence of the Medici's who held great power at the time. Otherwise he would have been tried for consorting with the devil in order to gain his insights. Because he understood what went on before, it can occur again in the future. It is one reason why some quatrains can have interpretations that fit different historical periods. This we do not see as a fault.

This column deals with specific areas of prophecy. Each area of prophecy is covered on a separate web link. There are several good books on the prophecies of Nostradamus, such as the books by Edgar Leoni's "Nostradamus and His Prophecies" and Peter Lemesurier's The Nostradamus Encyclopaedia". We have links to future topics of enquiry areas such as The King of Terror, Famines, 9/11, Cannibalism, Atomic war and so on. We welcome input from you if you have insight into any of Nostradamus' quatrains. These will be added in future web sites with full citation to yourself.

What follows are first the commentary and then the selected quatrains in the original French with interpretation and commentary. You may wish to read the commentary, then the quatrain and return to the commentary. Here is a sample of what we are talking about. We chose for your reading, the atomic bombing of Japan at the close of the 2nd World War and the imperial designs of the US. These are proposed interpretations that are not written in stone. There are other views that can just a valid.

The A-bomb that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki introduced sickness hithertoo unseen

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 2 Verse 6

Nagasaki and Hiroshima; radiation from the Atomic bombs blackened bodies like the plague. The plague, which Nostradamus was intimately familiar with as he successfully dealt with it as a doctor during an outbreak in Europe, blackened the victims bodies with infected boils and pustules. The disease was nearly always fatal, but Nostradamus had a cure and was in high demand for his services all over Europe. The atomic devastation of the two cities of Japan created radiation sickness, hitherto unknown outside of White Sands Arizona during super secret tests. There are cries to God who seems unmoved. Prior to the atomic blasts, the diseases that people suffered from, were unknown and not seen previously. After the blasts, fresh water and food were non-existent resulting in famine within plague. The results of the atomic blasts attracted a lot of interest by the medical and military professions. Tests were conducted in Nevada and injecting people with radiation to determine the effects of radiation. This was a new area of research in 1945. The two bombs dropped were different. One was a uranium fission bomb and the other based on plutonium. One of the bombs dropped was previously untested; the uranium bomb "little boy" as it was called as opposed to "the Fat Man", which was a plutonium bomb; a copy of one detonated mere days before at the White Sands test site in Arizona.

The bombs were dropped despite the fact that peace negotiations were already underway to bring an end to the war. The reasons that the bombs were dropped was to intimidate the Soviet Union and by default the rest of the working class that wanted to have a soviet style of government. The US government and defence department considered a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the Soviet Union, but the Soviets developed the 'A' bomb by 1948 and initiated the balance of power, preventing the pre-emptive strike. The balance of power came to a head in Oct. of 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis, proving in effect that the desire to crush the Soviet Union and the working people was still the mindset of the US ruling elite. The bombs were under development under the Roosevelt era and when he died, Truman had the "atomic ball" dropped into his lap and had to carry forward the program that was being funded in a black budget, ultra secret program unknown to the public, that is until the bombs were dropped and detonated, bringing untold suffering to hundreds of thousands of innocent people. One of the cities bombed was a hospital city that even housed American relief workers. All were bombed without regard to anything except to test fire one of the devices that had not even been tried (the little boy) until dropped on Japan. The Soviets did take note and began an intensive program to procure a bomb for themselves. By 1952, they had also developed a hydrogen bomb. After this, a massive and expensive arms race was on which included heavy testing into the 1960's. The testing included the uprooting of people from Christmas Island and Enewatok so that ground, air, water and space bursts of various atomic bomb designs could be tested. It was here that bombs went from building sized devices to ones that could be delivered by a howitzer or a small plane launched missile. Tests were done on domestic populations and soldiers in Nevada.

Aupres des portes et dedans deux cites

Seront deux fleaux, et onc n'apercu un tel,

Faim dedans peste, de fer hors gens boutes,

Crier secours au grand Dieu immortel.

Near the gates and within two cities

There will be two scourges the like of which was never seen,

Famine within plague, people put out by steel,

Crying to the great immortal God for relief.

Atomic bombing of Hiroshima - One of the most terrible weapons of mass destruction was unleashed on Hiroshima.

Assault on the Muslims

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 1 Verse 55

Under a climate that is opposite to the Babylonian (wet and cold as opposed to hot and dry) There will be much spilling of blood. The unrighteous will dominate land, sea and sky to the point that the heavens appear to promote iniquity and injustice. Confusion reigns in the world owing to multiple sects, famine, pestilence. A description of the end of society as we know it at the period of the 27 years of the antichrist. Being fulfilled at this writing. The time period in question covers 1989 through to about 2016. During this period, there is a huge assault against the Muslim world, particularly in Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. Included is Israel's war against Gaza, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon.

Babylon is located in what is now called Iraq near Baghdad. The US betrayed Saddam Hussein after giving him approval of invading Kuwait. War between the US and Iraq ensued and Hussein promised the "Mother of all Battles." What ensued was a protracted war on land, sea and air with escalating casualties and the results of war, disease, famine, sectarian battles, confusion and a great flow of blood. The war also involves Afghanistan and threatens to drag in Iran. With the fall of the USSR, old rivalries between Christians and Muslims have been revived. What is really behind it is the war for natural resources and the profiting thereby. Part of the war was the destruction of the New York World Trade Center on Sept. 11th, 2001. This destruction, seen by many, as an inside job, got the public behind the "oil for food" program that precipitated a famine in Iraq leading to the deaths of 1.5 million innocent, mostly women and children.

Sous l'opposite climat Babylonique,

Grande sera de sang effusion,

Que terre et mer, air, ceil sera inique:

Sectes, faim, regnes, pestes, confusion.

Under the climate opposite to the Babylonian

There will be a great effusion of blood,

The unrighteous will be on land and sea, in air and sky,

Sects, famine, realms, plagues, confusion.

Nostradamus' insight to the French Revolution, a country he was much concerned about

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 1 Verse 14

This is a prediction that can apply to the French revolution as well as the Russian revolution. In the Russian revolution, the people had songs, chants and slogans as well as requests for a better life. The revolutionaries, first imprisoned by the rulers and later imprisoned and killed the old order and rulers but ultimately degenerated into a mindless, numbing bureaucracy under Bonapartism and Stalanism. These two regimes outlawed the church and installed their own 'gods' France used the idea of reason and Stalin actually used the corpse of Lenin as an object of veneration in a mausoleum. This quatrain by using of Slavic is more applicable to the Russian revolution.

De gens esclave, chansons, chants, et requestes,

Captifs par Princes et Seigneurs aux prisons,

A l'aduenir par idiots sans testes,

Seront recus par divine oraisons.

The Slavish people petition for songs and books,

Being kept prisoners, by princes and lords,

For the future, idiots without heads

Shall be received by divine powers.

Alternate translation:

Songs, chants and slogans of the Slavic people

While princes and lords hold them captive in prisons.

In the future, by idiots without heads,

Will be received as divine oracles.

Marx wanted to see a better world for the toilers, but a lot of revisionsim crept in altering the original vision, inspired in p

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 5 Verse 18

Marx died of grief because he could see no real appreciators of his theory and no world revolution like he thought there would be. His conquerors, Rosa Luxemburg will celebrate the mass grave of the slaughtered Marxist martyrs. She wanted the pure law of Marxism and scolded Kautsky and Lenin for their revisionism. She wanted people to come to it freely instead of under force like Leninism. People did come to it freely briefly in the Paris Commune of 1971 and in the early stages of the Russian Revolution of Feb. 1917. In Oct. 1917, the Bolsheviks took leadership after several provisional governments failed. The Berlin wall and Lenin fall in 1989. Up to that point, he was popular with one third of the world. Seven decades after the Russian revolution, the U.S.S.R. collapsed with the removal of the Berlin wall.

De deuil mourra l'infelix(32) proflige,(33)

Celebrear son vitrix(34) l'hecatombe:

Pristine(35) loi, franc edit redige,

Le mur et Price au septieme jour tombe.

(32) Latin unhappy (33) Latin abandoned, overcome

(34) Latin conqueress (35) Latin former, original, primitive

The unhappy abandoned one(36) will die of grief,

His conqueress will celebrate the hecatomb:

Pristine law, free(37) edict drawn up,

The wall and the Prince falls on the seventh day.(38)

(36) The unhappy one overcome (37) Frank or french

(38) Saturday as Sabbath

The balance of power between superpowers

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 5 Verse 26

The Slavic (Russian) people through shear luck in two wars, the first world war saw them pull out due to the revolution in 1917. During this fateful year, the prince was changed ultimately in the form of Lenin and then Stalin. The second world war saw Russia make impressive gains in conquest and technology. Impressive, because in 1917 Russia was basically a feudal state with almost no manufacturing and with most of the population as land bound peasants. There was only a small working class. The gains over the 72 following years were impressive despite Stalin's meddling in the armed forces. Russia took the brunt of Nazi attack and defeated the Nazis and taking Berlin, essentially winning the war. Shortly after, they were the first to enter space and developed the atomic bomb only a few years after the U.S. thus holding the balance of power between two world powers in the cold war until 1989. The army raised in the mountains was the trial by battle in th Ural mountains and the sea passed over was the Black Sea with influence reaching to the Arctic, Mediterranean and Japan Seas. Also, the Soviet navy circumnavigated the entire globe almost from the point of the revolution in direct competition to the U. S. navy.

La gent esclave par un heur martial,

Viendra en haut degre tant elevee:

Changeront Prince, naitra un provincial,

Passer la mer copie(51) aux monts levee.

(51) Latin copia, army or forces.

The Slavish (52) people through luck in war

Will become elevated to a very high degree:

They will change thier prince, one born a provincial,

An army raised in the mountains to pass over the sea.

(52) or Slavic

The leader of the Red Army, Leon Trotsky is forecast here

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 5 Verse 44

Trotsky, the Red one was abducted by sailors and exiled out of Russia by ship. This was done by Stalin in his bid for Peaceful Co-existence. Trotsky more than any other exposed rich anger and greed. Trotsky signed a treaty with Germany to stop the international war to by time for the revolutionary war. It was a pretence of peace but there was no intention to end the revolution. Stalin acted like a pontiff, using religious type symbolism such as the turning of Lenin into a religious icon. Trotsky howled in protest over such an act. Lenin certainly hated such things.

Par mer le rouge sera pris de pirates,

La paix ser par son moyen troublee:

L'ire et l'avare commettra par feint acte,

Au grand Pontiffe sera l'armee doublee.

On the sea the red one will be taken by pirates,

Because of him peace will be troubled:

Anger and greed will he expose through a false act,

The army doubled by the great Pontiff.

Abe Lincoln, Napoleon, or V.I. Lenin?

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 5 Verse 79

Some see this one as Abraham Lincoln in his legislating the Emancipation Proclamation. With this declaration, he attempted to strengthen the hand of the humble and with this the civil war broke out between the union and the south. However, the emancipation proclamation had more to do with politics between Britain and the emerging US at the time than it had to do with liberating slaves. The last line indicates the rarity of such individuals. Others see this as Napoleon.

Lenin caused the religious pomp to lower its profile and brought fourth equity to all minorities. He vexed the rebels, being the white army and its world wide supporters. Lenin was confined to Russian soil and his ideas were ruined by Stalin that cast a long shadow thereafter.

This represents a man who is yet to come who will do better than all three of the above and will extend this to the whole world.

La sacree pompe viendra baisser les ailes,

Par la venue du grand legislateur:

Humble haussera, vexera les rebelles,

Naitre sur terre aucun emulateur.

The sacred pomp will come to lower its wings,

Through the coming of the great legislator:

He will raise the humble, he will vex the rebels,

His like will not appear on this earth.

The destruction of education and the rise of propaganda and faith

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 6 Verse 8


Those who studied 19th century philosophy (Marxism) become impoverished at the death of Lenin in the 20th century. Trotsky was exiled without support. His education and learning did not help him in the end. In the new era, where many are being cast out, they seek refuge in richer countries. There is a rush to obtain education, but in the end the education proves worthless (unlettered) or out of sync with the needs of the times after graduation, and gold value becomes more important in deciding issues rather than learning. A change in ruler ship or system causes many to become impoverished. An example of such a change and its consequences is the recent collapse of the Soviet Union, which created a greater desire for wealth over philosophical issues.


The collapse of education under the new world order economy. Under Reagan, education fell under attack. There was an attack on science in favour of religious faith. Professors lost their tenure and post secondary education was no longer a priority. Many degreed and lettered people wound up on the streets along with the most unlearned. The lust for profits and wealth became more important than educated workers for jobs that no longer exist due to the influence of automation, downsizing and globalization of the industrial economy.

Ceux qui etaient en regne pour savoir,

Au Royal change deviendront appauvris:

Uns exiles sans appui, or n'avoir,

Lettres et lettres ne seront a grnd prix.

Those who were in the relm for knowledge

Will become impoverished at the change of King:

Some exiled without without support, having no gold,

The lettered and letters will not be at a high premium.

The importance of astronomy in Nostradamus Works

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 6 Verse 35

A heavily involved astronomical quatrain showing a celestial event taking place near the Dipper and milky way during the time of Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo and Virgo (Spring; March 21st to Fall; Sept. 21st) Mars, Jupiter and Sun in Alignment, this is a time of secret messages and cryptography (invisible writing only revealed by candlelight). Lenin used invisible writing in prison between lines of visible writing to continue his revolutionary paper Iskra. The Bear could also refer to Russia. The time Of the revolution saw famine and hunger due to the first world war. The winters were some of the coldest and the summers some of the hottest and driest. Also, the Russians always had a slash and burn policy when invaded by hostile forces, a weapon used to defeat the enemy through privation from lack of lootable resources to live on.

Pres de Rion, et proche a blanche laine,

Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, la Vierge,

Mars, Iupiter, le Sol ardera grande plaine,

Bois et cites lettres caches au cierge.

Near the Bear and close to the white wool,

Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,

Mars, Jupiter, the Sun will burn a great plain,

Woods and cities letters hidden in the candle.

Trotsky's downfall

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 6 Verse 45

Trotsky was very learned and help govern the Soviet Union but did not wish to take one total power for himself despite the wishes of Lenin. Trotsky was captured, bound, delivered to Stalin and then exiled by the navy. The contrary wind was Staliism, Nazisim and Fascism rising in the world.

Le gouverneur du regne bien savant,

Ne consentir voulant au fait Royal:

Mellile classe par le contraire vent

Le remettra a son plus deloyal.

The very learned governor of the realm,

Not wishing to consent to the royal deed:

The fleet at Melilla through contrary wind

Will deliver him to his most disloyal one.

Lenin, the Leader of the Bolsheviks became Leader of the USSR, eventually enshrined by Stalin as an Icon

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 6 Verse 49

Lenin was the great Pontiff of the Russian Revolution and was even enshrined as an icon by Stalin after Lenin's death. The Bolsheviks did rob banks to finance the revolution. Lenin having been exiled to Germany, he continued the party in Germany against the day of going back to Russia. During the war between Germany and Russia, the Kaiser gave Lenin and his party money and a sealed train back to Russia because he saw that the Russian Revolution could remove a major enemy from the field of combat. Further, the German state wanted to remove the threat of a revolution in Germany, so consented to cover the costs to send him to Russia while the country was going through many provisional governments. Later, Russia did take over part of Germany after WWII. The policy of the Bolshevik was to pursue revolution through sword, hook or crook. What body of people there were in Germany were subject to Lenin. Later these people like Rosa Luxemberg and Karl Lebnecht, were all murdered by the German state after the Russian revolution. It is thought that the German state released Luxemburg and Lebnecht from jail so that they could be murdered in the streets by the extremist NSDAP lead by Hitler.

De la partie de Mammer grand Pontife,

Subjuguera confins de Danube:

Chasser la croix, par fer raffe ni ‡riffe,

Captifs, or, bagues plus de cent mille rubes.

The great Pontiff of the party of Mars

Will sujugate the confines of the Danube:

The cross to pursue, through sword hook or crook,

Captives, gold, jewels more than one hundred thousand rubies.

This describes pogroms that result from engineered famine and persecution

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 6 Verse 50

Stalin buried a lot of people through pogroms, engineered famines and enforced collectivization. Stalin brought back a lot of the trappings of the Czar and religion. So the Bolsheviks had a kind of incestuous relationship insofar as two people who by law shouldn't be together, with the trappings of craziest ruler ship. Even under Lenin, people who had power under the Czar ended up with power in the Soviet State. Trotsky disagreed with this policy stating that at the earliest opportunity, that they would revert back to royal rule. This indeed began in 1989 with the collapse of the Soviet Union. The state did certainly demand respect and praise. Mars is the symbol of war and it ruled the red star.

Dedans le puits seront trouves les os,

Sera l'inceste commis par la maratrte:

L'etat change, on querra bruit et los,

Et aura Mars attendant pour son astre.

Within the pit will be found the bones,

Incest will be committed by the stepmother:

The state changed, they will demand fame and praise,

And they will have Mars attending as their star.

Power stuggles in the early USSR implicate Stalin in the deaths of Lenin and Trotsky

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 6 Verse 58

The Czar and then Lenin were leaders/"monarchs". Lenin became the next monarch after the Tsar was deposed. The is a hint of Stalin's involvement in Lenin's death. Stalin and Trotsky were in enmity early on in the Boshevik reign. Because of the existence of the Soviet Union, other countries like Britain and Italy take on liberty to defuse the Communist threat. Even the U.S. increased rights to prevent communist insurgency, but began an intensive attack on all forms of civil disobedience, mainly through the house hearings on "Unamerican Activities" lead by Senator McCarthy. The US got involved in a series of wars to stop the spread of communism, such as in Korea, Vietnam and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Entre les deux monarques eloignes,

Lorsque le Sol par Selin clair perdue:

Simulte grande entre deux indignes,

Qu'aux iles et Sienne la liberte rendue.

Between the two distant monarchs,

When the clear Sun is lost through "Selin":

Great enmity between two indignant ones,

So that liberty is restored to the Isles and Siena.

More on the terror in the USSR and effects on the world

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 6 Verse 75

Trotsky the leader of the Red army commissioned by Lenin to a higher post. Seven years later Trotsky was in rebellion against Stalin. The whole world came to tremble over the existence of the Soviet Union. Venice comes into focus to oppose the revolution and the church is in Italy.

Le grand Pilote par Roi sera mande,

Laisser la classe pour plus haut lieu atteindra:

Sept ans apres sera contrebande,

Barbare armee viendra Venise craindre.

The great Pilot will be commissioned by the King,

To leave the fleet to fill a higher post:

Seven years after he will be in rebellion,

Venice will come to fear the Barbarian army.

Feigned friendship ends in open hositlity after Lenin's death

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 7 Verse 33

The guile of Lenin stripped the Czar of his forces. The Russian fleet was blockaded by an economic sea blockade by the rest of the world. Spies multiplied and passed back and forth both ways. Stalin and Trotsky feigned friends. Through guile, to despoil the forces of the realm, the fleet blockaded, passage for the spy. Two feigned friends will come to rally, to awaken hatred long dormant. Under Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin kept their mutual hatred quiet, but upon Lenin's death, mutual contempt soon expressed itself.

Par fraude regne, forces expolier,

La classe obsesse, passages a l'espie:

Deux feints amis se viendront rallier,

Eveiller haine de longtemps assoupie.

Through guile the relm stripped of its forces,

The fleet blockaded, passages for the spy:

Two feigned friends will come to rally,

Hatred long dormant to awaken.

Lenin Starts and Stalin Finishes

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 8 Verse 31

Lenin came first. Then came Stalin who was cruel and evil. Within "Venice" Trotsky loses his proud glory and put to evil by the more youthful Stalin. Italy was the source of Fascism. Mussolini and Stalin made a pact and the anarchists and communists were hounded by them. Italy had one of the largest communist parties. In the past, Trotsky was always victorious in war, such as against the white army and Kronstadt.

Premier grand fruit le Prince de Persquiere,

Mais puis viendra bien et cruel malin:

Dedans Venise perdra sa gloire fiere,

Et mis a mal par plus jeune Celin.

First great fruit the Prince of Peschiera,

But then will come one very cruel and evil:

Within Venice he will lose his proud glory,

And put to evil by more the youthful "Selin."

Lenin and Plekanov, idealism versus Realism

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 8 Verse 69

The relationship of Plekanov and Lenin (idealists therefore angels, air ruling). Lenin replaced Plekanov in popularity in the Bolshevik, Menshevik split. In 1989, Lenin's creation collapsed and now people are interested in social democracy, Plekanov's ideal, so he became more popular in the end. Within 10 years of 1989, Marxism will be seen in a positive light and Plekanov will fall again. New Marxists coming on line at this point will see three organizations in struggle, shrinking to two by union, then one (The centralists, Syndicalist Anarchists and Social Democrats). The eight Marxist light in succession from the beginning will revive the communist ideal. Karl Marx, Daniel Deleon, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Lebnect. Fidel Castro are the first seven. The eight is yet to establish himself in view.

Aupres du jeune le vieux ange baisser,

Et le viendra surmonter a la fin:

Dix ans egaux aux plus vieux rebaisser,

De trois deux l'un huitieme seraphin.

Beside the young one the old angel to fall,

And he will comer to rise above him in the end:

Ten years equal in most things, the old one to fall again,

Of three two one the eighth seraphin.

The Universal Famine

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 1 Verse 16

Saturn in Scorpio near Sagittarius (cusp). This quatrain can describe the commencement of the Napoleonic wars of 1799 or the great war to unfold commencing during the Sagittarian cycle of the 20th century (about 1985 on, [1990 in actual history]) the Military hand creating planned famines and pestilences at the bidding of the ruling class in the early 1980's. After this, the cycle approaches renewal. See previous quatrain.

Engineered famine is something that is a recurrent phenomenon. The Romans destroyed their enemies ability to grow food by seeding their fields with salt. The Europeans conquered the Americas by destroying the First Nations food base, particularly with the near extinction of the bison. From the 1980's into the new century there has been a growing attitude by the rulers against the working class and poor. Engineered famine is going global as of 2001 and it's being sold on the environmental question of global warming. Though global warming is blamed for the famine, it turns out to be manipulated by the heads of the capitalist military industrial complex for profit. Selling lowered carbon emissions through converting corn, a food staple in much of the world, into ethanol to replace or augment fossil fuels. This translates into mass starvation that escalates and becomes universal over the early part of the 21st century.

The fact of the loss of food corn emerged in Mexico during 2004/05 with the escalating cost of corn tortillas. During the early Apr/May part of 2008 we learned about world wide food shortages and food riots in several countries, notably Africa and Asia. The number of vehicles using ethanol corn squeezings mixed with fossil fuels is 7 million in 2008 with 20 million projected for 2020. This translates to higher food prices for all, more and more poverty, 1 people billion starving in 2008 and 3 billion in 2020.

Bio-fuels have been touted as a savoir in reducing carbon emissions. Unfortunately, this is only true in the small instead of in the large. Consider the fact that in order to fill the gas tank of an average SUV, you need to turn a years supply of corn for one person into ethanol. Here are some stats to mull over. There are some 1,600,000 vehicles using an ethanol/gas blend, which is 85 to 15 for ethanol to gas in California alone (2007). An average car takes 55 to 75 litres per fill-up. This is done twice a week. One tank of ethanol equals corn for 1 year for 1 person. This translates to no corn for 166,400,000 people for 1 year. (4) Further, ethanol cannot be pipelined like oil. It must be carted to production facilities by truck using conventional fuels or the mix at best. One can see that the carbon emission has not been lowered by much. There are enough vehicle using ethanol to drive food prices out of the reach of many poor people.

The local problem began when social support was dismantled and “spare people," (1990s) who could not fit into society for a number of reasons, were winding up on the street. They are always encouraged to move on, but no one seems to know where. We are encouraged to help the poor get fed in Asia, but have a negative attitude at home, profiling them with labels, "drug addict", "alcoholic" or "mentally unbalanced". As a result, those who cannot feed themselves due to lack of finances, eat out of garbage in restaurant bins, beg for handouts, get involved with petty crime or get support from churches who are now encouraged to stop feeding the hungry. Businesses and city councillors are advising the churches not to feed the hungry. The reason given for not feeding them is that feeding attracts undesirables and homeless people into the region for the handouts. This “discourages business, frightens legitimate residents and tourists”. These same people we are told are threatened by large groups of poor people congregating in areas like parks to be fed. Further, we are told that the poor and homeless defecate and urinate everywhere that human beings by nature have to do.(3)

Faux a l'Estang, joint vers le Sagittaire,

En son haut AUGE de l'exaltation,

Peste, Famine, Mort de main militaire,

Le Siecle approcher de renovation.

When a scythe joined with the pond toward Sagittarius,

Being in the high ascendancy,

Plague, Famine, Death, by the military hand,

The century approaches renewal.

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The Economy and Famine

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 1 Verse 40

False proclamations will conceal folly. The policy of funny money will in part be dictated by the manouverings of the Arab oil cartel. The Federal Reserve of the US controls the value of currencies and can either loosen or tighten the money supply to boost profits to the rich (Edicts debasing/devaluing money). The price of oil reflects on everything else including food if for no other reason than it takes oil derivatives to move food from the farm to the city. From 2001 on, US Agribusiness started appropriating corn for ethonol, taking food out of the mouths of the poor. The rise in the price of oil will debase and inflate world currancies (1972 and on).

" And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny, and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine." Revelation 6:6

La trompe fausse dissimulant folie

Fera Biscance un changement de lois:

Ira d'Egypte qui veut que l'on delie

Edit changeant monnaies et alois.

The false trumpet concealing folly (madness)

Will bear Byzantium a change of laws:

From Egypt there will go forth one who wants the withdrawal (of)

Edicts debasing the quality of coins.

Engineered Famines

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 4 Verse 15

For the sake of trade and profit in oil and wheat, many people will be subject to engineered famines. From impoverished and famined areas will come plenty due to sea trade that is based on dog like greed. Food is being taken from the poor and converted into fuel for vehicles. Rise in food prices results in starvation for the poor who can't afford it. Result - engineered famine. Nostrasdamus indicates that the church (Fundamentalist Christians) are involved in the greed. Oil and wheat (corn) are used in exchange: corn to make (oil) fuel, oil to make plastics which end up in the food chain.

D'ou pensera faire venir famine,

De la viendra la rassasiement:

L'oeil de la mer par avare canine

Pour de l'un l'autre donra huile, froment.

From where they will think to make famine come,

From there will come the surfeit:

The eye of the see through canine greed

For the one the other will give oil and wheat.

The 40 year famine cycle

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 1 Verse 17

This one describes the 40 year Biblical cycle of famines and floods back to back. A mini cycle in the American mid west saw drought in the late 80's followed by flooding in the early 90's. An Armageddon prophecy with its commencement in 1914, the end of the healthy capitalist growth cycle and into its period of decay and death agonies. See previous two.

With global warming, weather cycles are shifting and going into a mode of chaos until a new balance is struck. The investigation into ice cores and sediments reveal periodic and aperiodic weather cycles. The aperiodic are coupled with some natural catastrophe like a volcanic explosion. Periodic ones are coupled with solar and lunar cycles lasting from 11 years on average to hundreds of years for longer ones. The fall of the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt, caused by the explosion of Santorini, is traced to a drought lasting 200 years. It lead to a dark age of a thousand years after the drought ended. In the catastrophe of 525 AD, caused by the explosion of Krakatoa, there was 20 years of freezing weather and drought world wide, followed by an 80 year period of weird weather. Another dark age of a thousand years ensued. This catastrophe caused the collapse of mighty civilizations. Often there is a period of flooding after long droughts.

Par quarante ans l'Iris n'apparoistra,

Par quarante ans tous les jours sera veu,

La Terre aride en siccite croistra,

Et grand deluge quand sera apparceu.

For forty years the rainbow shall not appear,

For forty years it shall be seen every day,

The parched earth shall wax drier and drier,

And a great flood when it shall appear.

Iraq (Persia) in Nostradamus' Prophecies

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 1 Verse 55

Under a climate that is opposite to the Babylonian (wet and cold as opposed to hot and dry) There will be much spilling of blood. The unrighteous will dominate land, sea and sky to the point that the heavens appear to promote iniquity and injustice. Confusion reigns in the world owing to multiple sects, famine, pestilence. A description of the end of society as we know it at the period of the 27 years of the antichrist. Being fulfilled at this writing. The time period in question covers 1989 through to about 2016. During this period, there is a huge war against the Muslim world, particularly in Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. Included is Israel's war against Gaza, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon.

Babylon is located in what is now called Iraq near Baghdad. The US betrayed Saddam Hussein after giving him approval of invading Kuwait. War between the US and Iraq ensued and Hussein promised the “Mother of all Battles.” What ensued was a protracted war on land, sea and air with escalating casualties and the results of war, disease, famine, sectarian battles, confusion and a great flow of blood. The war also involves Afghanistan and threatens to drag in Iran. With the fall of the USSR, old rivalries between Christians and Muslims have been revived. What is really behind it is the war for natural resources and the profiting thereby. Part of the war was the destruction of the New York World Trade Center on Sept. 11th, 2001. This destruction, seen by many, as an inside job, got the public behind the "oil for food" program that precipited a famine in Iraq leading to the deaths of 1.5 million innocent, mostly women and children.

Sous l'opposite climat Babylonique,

Grande sera de sang effusion,

Que terre et mer, air, ceil sera inique:

Sectes, faim, regnes, pestes, confusion.

Under the climate opposite to the Babylonian

There will be a great effusion of blood,

The unrighteous will be on land and sea, in air and sky,

Sects, famine, realms, plagues, confusion.

Engineered Famine that Causes Cannibalism

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 1 Verse 67

A famine, typical of Ethiopia or of wars will become so universal, people are forced to eat tree roots and mothers breasts will dry up. The particular famine in focus here is the engineered famine due to either political interests and control, cash crop growing in place of food production or people so poor in a cash economy they cannot buy food though there is plenty to be had. The famine in question is engineered, through what is described and also on selling the "greening of the world" through converting food to car fuel causing mass starvation. As a solution, those who know, begin to eat wild food as no other is available that they can afford of cultivars. Another solution used by the aggressive will result in cannibalism.

Global weather changes create problems where formerly agriculturally productive lands dry up. The situation is further enhanced with the collapse of wild species like fish stock, frogs and the loss of honey bees that pollinate much of the world’s fruit, nut and vegetable production. The introduction of experimental Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) crops lends to the disaster. The warming climate opened the scenario for selling environmentalism by converting food crops into car fuel.

La grande famine que je sens approcher,

Souvent tourner, puis etre universelle,

Si grande et longue qu'on viendra arracher

Du bois racine, et l'enfant de mamelle.

The great famine that I sense approaching,

Often turning, then becoming universal,

So great and long that one will come to pull out

Roots from woods, and babe from breast.

El Nino and Climate

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 2 Verse 3

El Nino heats up large areas of the Pacific Ocean, altering world wide weather patterns, destroying crops and killing marine life in large tracts of the ocean. This cycle drives cycles of famine, flooding and war. In addition, global warming is heating up the oceans, leading to destruction of much sea life. Many fish are temperature intolerant and will die if their ecosystem becomes too hot. Shrinking fresh water lakes and rivers are most prone to this, but not even the oceans are spared with corral die off.

Pour la chaleur solaire sus la mer

De Negrepont les poisns demi cuits:

Les habitants les viendront entamer

Quand Rhod. et Gennes leur faudra le biscuit.

Because of the solar heat on the sea

Of Euboea the fishes half cooked:

The inhabitants will come to cut them,

When the biscuit will fail Rhodes and Genoa.

An age of Horrors

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 6 Verse 81

A collection of horrors that are world wide as in the 80's and 90's of the 20th century and the first decades of the 21st century. Misery and terror that is planned by an inhuman heart (some suggest the Bilderberg Group whose members are rulers and leading corporate and bank CEOs) from the original location near Geneva, the place of the Geneva convention that drafted rules about the conduct of war and prohibitions of torture. This is irrevlavent as bloodshed still continues and an engineered famine showing mercy to no one on the bottom. As we enter the 21st century, torture has re-emerged as a practice conducted by virtually every major power. Even city streets and local gangs engage in torture.

Pleurs, cris et plaintes, hurlements, effrayeur,

Coeur inhumain, cruel noir et transi:

Leman les iles de Gennes les majeurs,

Sang epancher, frofaim a nul merci.

Tears, cries and laments, howls, terror,

Heart inhuman, cruel, black and chilly:

Lake of Geneva the Iles, of Genoa the notables,

Blood to pour out, wheat famine to none mercy.

Food Riots

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 2 Verse 7

Here we see the tendency of humanity to turn on one another, even for food when times get so bad; one can neither afford nor obtain by availability anything to eat. This comes after all the war, engineered famine for cash crops for profit, flooding and spoliation of the earth, all covered in other quatrains. A future event that will be the outgrowth of present and near past events (1993). The meaning of the first two lines are veiled in obscurity, but probably have very significant meaning to the unconscious. The rare bird may be the Owl, which in mythic Amerand lore is the harbinger of death. The shifting global weather patterns and loss of crucial species act in concert together to eliminate traditional food sources. Also, a great catastrophe can create a scenario for world famine. From 2001 and one there has been a program to convert corn to fuel, depriving poor people for food with the result of food wars and mass starvation.

La voix ouie de l'insolite oiseau,

Sur le canon du respiral etage:

Si haut viendra du froment le boisseau,

Que l'homme d'homme sera Anthropophage.

The voice of the rare bird heard,

On the pipe of the air-vent floor:

So high will the bushel of wheat rise,

That man will be eating his fellow man.

The Americas

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 1 Verse 28

The next quatrain hints at north America through "Hesperique" the land that lays beyond the pillars of Hercules (Spain and Morocco). A description of the Spanish involvement in North America and the destruction or animals, people and plunder of goods. Taurus and Libra signify the period of great change being April/May and Sept./Oct. The plains buffalo were slaughtered to near extinction in order to starve to death the indigenous population in order to plunder land and goods. Both Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus. The age of Taurus commenced 6,000 years ago and saw the development of "civilization" through the availability of surplus goods from agriculture. The Spanish managed to rout and destroy the Aztec's civilization (Nov. 5th, 1519 to March 1521) and the Inca's (1524). All this was due to the greed for gold. The gold was plundered for the Spanish royal coffers, agriculture was destroyed in a scorched earth policy. The Spanish in their heyday had all of S. America, Central America, Mexico, The S. and Western U.S. The French and English battled it out for Canada and the N Eastern U.S. The French displaced the Spanish from the S. U.S. and the Indians drove the Spanish out of California for a period. Many millions were killed in wars virtually from Columbus' landing in Nov. 1492 through to the 19th century. The greatest slaughter was focused around the 1860 to 1870s.

La Tour de Boucq craindra fuste barbare,

Un temps, long temps apres barque hesperique,

Bestial, gens, meubles tous deux feront grand tare,

Taurus et Libra quelle mortelle pique.

The Tower of Bouk shall be in awe of barbarous musty odor,

For a while, and a long time after afraid of Spanish craft,

Cattle, people and goods, both shall receive a great damage,

Taurus and Libra, oh, what a deadly feud!

Invasion of the First Nations

When Columbus landed in America, it triggered a chain of history that would lead to genocide

The invasion of the first nations (North and South America) commenced in 1492. With the discovery of the Caribbean Islands by Columbus (Palms and bows, also a subtle reference to palm Sunday), the Spaniards, French and English were to later take their collective toll. What ensued was the systematic plunder of the new world and the genocide of the inhabitants, some peoples to total extinction. In the beginning, peace was pretended but it ended in mass murder for the plunder of gold and treasures. It is noted that Shamans warned of a great disaster to come, but the advice came to late due to the fact that the first nations first greeted the newcomers in peace, while the newcomers ended up having other more warlike plans due to their lust for wealth. The natives welcomed the invaders with open arms for the most part and were rewarded with slavery, disease, Diaspora and genocide.

La Nef estrange par le tourment Marin,

Abordera pres le port incognu,

Nonobstant signs due remeu palmerin.

Apres mort, pille: bon advis tard venu.

The strange ship by the Seas torment,

Shall come near the unknown port,

Notwithstanding the signs given to it of the bows and palms,

It shall die, be plundered, a good advice come too late.

Gold and the golden rule

The lust for wealth led to much destruction of established cultures

The sublimation of the golden rule for the rule of gold is here described. Typical of this prophecy is the discovery of gold in California, Alaska and central America. As a result for the greed for wealth, whole peoples were tormented and exterminated. Of the 500 nations in existence at the time of contact with Europeans, some were driven to extinction and many cultures and civilizations smashed. Perhaps, the discovery of Gold possessed by the Aztecs, ultimately caused their ruin and of the Maya at the hands of Cortez and his followers. Any conduct of decency was abandoned as people flooded from around the world to plunder gold and silver in the new world. The incidents are a shame to Christendom.

Las! qu'on vera grand peuple tourmente

Et la loi sainte en totale ruine,

Par autres lois toute Chretiente,

Quand d'or, d'argent trouve nouvelle mine.

Alas! a great people will see tormented

And the holy law in utter ruin,

Other laws throughout all Christendom,

When a new mine of gold and silver is discovered.

The Costs of War

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 2 Verse 44

1. The U.S. was driven out of S. Vietnam by the Viet Nimh in 1978. Civil disobedience at home in the U.S. restored a temporary state of sensibility in the senselessness of the war. The lady is the statue of Liberty, a gift from post revolutionary France. The American and French revolutions were 15 years apart; in 1776 and 1791 respectively.

2. 19th century France, the Paris Commune (1871), which was instrumental in ending the French-Prussian war by its formation. During this time, the French and Prussian armies united to smash the Paris Commune. This was the first attempt of the workers to take state power before the successful Russian revolution. The reason the Paris Commune failed was because the bourgeois state had to be dismantled and replaced with a workers' state. Thus observed Karl Marx.

L'Aigle poussee entour de pavillons

Par autres oiseaux d'entour sera chasse:

Quand bruit des ‡cymbres, ‡tubes et sonnaillons

Rendront le sens de la dame insensee.

The Eagle driven back around the tents

Will be chased from there by other birds:

When the noise of cymbals, trumpets and bells

Will restore the senses of the senseless lady.

Gay Rights Struggle and the AIDS Crisis

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 2 Verse 45

The heavens weep too much over the birth of Gay rights or should be said, the so called representatives of heaven weep copiously and threaten God's wrath. (1969 at Stonewall) Human blood is spilled near the ruling. Too late for the U.S. to revive and care for A.I.D.S. comes too late. In 1968, the U.S. was caught in the collapse in war that would become known as the Vietnam Syndrome. It is also known now by many (2008) that AIDS is a manufactured plague.

Trop le ciel pleure l'Androgyne procree,

Pres du ceil sang humain repandu:

Par mort trop tard grand peuple recree,

Tard et tot vient le secours attendu.

Too much the heavens weep for the Hermaphrodite begotten,

Near the heavens human blood shed:

Because of death too late a great people re-created,

Late and soon the awaited relief comes.

The Witch Hunts

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 4 Verse 71

The witch hunts of Europe and America (Salem). The murder of these women was in error. They were innocent. They were often put to death by drowning by a process of trial by ordeal. If they floated, they were guilty and murdered. If they sank and drowned, they were innocent of witchcraft and were forgiven posthumously. This assault on the daughters can only be seen an assault on the female sex generally. They all suffered by this male dominant poison. Aconite is made from monkshood or wolfbane, an anogram of church patriarchal persecution. Once accused of witchcraft, it was very difficult to survive, even after innocence was established. Historically, the inquisition and its subsidiaries murdered more than 50 million women over many centuries. The bride should be seen as the female sex generally. Women under most Christian doctrine are seen as unimportant, to be in submission to man. They were to keep quite in church matters. The witch hunts were well under way in Nostradamus' day and continued centuries after. It is primarily for the danger of being accused of sorcery and collaboration with Satan that Nostradamus' obscured his writings in anagrams and words from other languages, chiefly Greek and Latin. Indeed, the witch hunts were so pervasive, not even scientists like Galileo were exempt from suspicion.

En lieu d'epouse les filles trucidees,

Meurtre a grande faute ne sera superstile:

Dedans le puits vestules inondees,

L'epouse eteinte par hauste d'Aconile.

In place of the bride the daughters slaughtered,

Murder with great error no survivor to be:

Within the well vestals inundated,

The bride extinguished by a drink of Aconite.

September 11, 2001 or 911

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 6 Verse 97

1. The following verse describes a scene that is much like the destruction of 9-11-2001 of the New York Trade Center. Movies of the second collision between the plane and tower 2 show the plane hitting at a 45 degree angle. A huge ball of flame exploded and the tower eventually collapsed under suspicious circumstances. Demands for proof are made concerning terrorist attack verses an inside job. Many suspicious occurrences surround the destruction of the trade center. There are inconsistencies in the accounts such as the collapse of tower 7 that was never struck, but collapsed anyway. The towers' collapse spread a lot of poisons into the air and water that people were forced to ingest. Many prominent American claim German and Nordic ancestry.

2. In a great city at forty five degrees latitude (New York City is at 40 to 45 degrees N. lat.), an atomic explosion takes place with the mushroom cloud ascending to the sky (as yet unfulfilled). The Normans are a reference to the Norse, or the Teutonic legends and gods. Apparently, this describes a future war where Germanic descendants are destroyed by nuclear weapons, when someone makes demands of the U.S. It could also describe saturation bombing as well of an unexpected sort. This could also mean, that New York being the financial seat of the U.S. is ultimately responsible for bombing in various parts of the world like Japan, Vietnam or Iraq.

Cinq et quarante degres ciel brulera,

Feu approcher de la grande cote neuve:

Instant grande flamme eparse sautera,

Quand on voudra de Normans faire preuve.

At forty five degrees the sky will burn,

Fire to approach the great new city:

In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,

When one will want to demand proof of the Normans.

9-11 When it Happened - As an early raw news feed, this has value in the video content.

US and USSR as friends; 1980's

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 5 Verse 23

The two contented ones are the U.S. and U.S.S.R. in peaceful co-existence and policing the world with their armies. Africa becomes one nation. Africa realizing the situation trembles in terror because their fleet is disjoined (nation is divided). The new rising force in Africa ends up being in terror of the world powers because they would rather see Africa divided instead of a threat to the established order. The duumvirate U.S and U.S.S.R. end up being disjoined after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Even with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the fleet of the Soviet union became an object of dispute by the various emerging countries. A hint of this exists in the present situation of Somalia. Africa is strategic in its location and for its mineral reserves. For this reason, the world powers are interested in all the events unfolding in Africa especially in South Africa. The white ruling class in south Africa now trembles in fear of their own circumstance and the possibility of intervention by the U.S. and Russia because of the upheaval they are going through.

Les deux contents seront unis ensemble,

Quand la plupart a Mars seront conjoint:

Le grand d'Affrique en effrayeur (43) tremble,

DUUMVIRAT (44) par la classe (45) dejoint.

(44) Capitals in the original (45) Latin for fleet

The two contented ones will be united together,

When for the most part they will be conjoined with Mars:

The great one of Africa trembles in terror,

Duumvirate disjoined by the fleet.

Fundamentalist influence on the US Politic

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 5 Verse 83

The first line represents the right wing fundamental Christians who subverted the democratic system to their own ends. They attempted to restructure the US to their own ends and often through deception, implying that they were seeking only for their rights but ended up moving to take away others rights. They had a powerful influence on world and human affairs through Ronald Reagan During his presidency terrorism reached new heights. The US reached new heights of power becoming the only world power. There was much deceit over the Iran Contra affair. Reagan made it a point to emphasize his belief in the Bible. Terrorism began under the Carter presidency and continued to grow under Reagan and Reagan/Bush committed many terror acts of their own as viewed by those being attacked. Many areas of the world were subject to the US dictates. Under Nixon, the presidency subverted the legal structure of the legal system through wire tapping and break-ins.

Ceux qui auront entreprise subvertir,

Nonpareil regne, puissant et invincible:

Feront par fraude, nuits trois avertir,

Quand le plus grand a table lira Bible.

Those who will have undertaken to subvert

An unparalleled realm, powerful and invincible:

They will act through deceit, nights three to warn,

When the greatest one will read his Bible at the table.

The Hidden Role of the FBI

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 8 Verse 61

Behind the scenes power attaining to Leo like power. A description of J Edgar Hoover, who was never eleceted, but virtually ran the U.S. government by terror from the F.B.I. headquarters. He held the real power holding Washinton under seige through several presidential tenures. He also interacted with the military establishment and some think him responsible for the death of J. F. Kennedy and subsequent placing of L. B. Johnston into power.

Jamais par le descouurement du jour,

Ne parviendra au signe sceptrifere:

Que tous ses sieges ne soient en sejour,

Portant au coq don du TAG armifere.

Never by the light of day

Will he attain to the sceptre-bearing sign:

Until all his sieges are at rest,

Bearing to the cock the gift of the armed legion.

Modern Warfare

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 1 Verse 20

Tent cities (concentration camps) set up to house the undesireables under the influence of the Nazis (strange languages) in France (and the rest of Europe under domination). Everyone and everything trembled under the invasion and war.

Tours, Orleans, Blois, Angers, Reims et Nantes

Cities vexees par soudain changement,

Par langues estranges seront tendues,

Fleuves, Darts, Renes, Terre et Mer tremblement.

Tours, Orleans, Blois, Angers, Reims and Nantes,

Cities vexed by sudden changes,

By strange languages tents shall be set up,

Rivers, Darts, Rennes, Land and sea shall tremble.

The Mysterious Mabus

Century 2 Verse 62: Many have stumbled on who Mabus is, but there may be a simple symbolic answer.

Nostradamus is famous for his anagrams. One of the most mysterious is the Mabus anagram. To date, no one has been able to identify Mabus with any great certainty. Some pronounce Mabus, Mabusa and this is a hint in itself. Mebusa may actually be a subtle reference to the Greek mythological creature, Medusa; the gorgon, who's gaze could turn men to stone. In the heaven's; Nostradamus' favourate place, the constellation of Perseus is holding the severed hard of Medusa and the eye of Medusa is the star Algol, considered in Greco-Roman astrology as the most evil star in the heavens. Therefore, references to Mabus aka Medusa can refer to a leader and nation of supporters as the most evil ever to have exist. We have to consider at this point, what makes a leader and nation of supporters evil. Certainly wars of imperialist design for resources and territory would be one, as well as wholesale genocide effected by various means. Another would certainly have to be the manipulation of information to achieve these ends as well as the enslavement of various peoples. Of all the world systems that have ever existed, we now have world wide monopoly imperialist capitalism where the control is effected by big bankers. Whole countries are built up or brought to ruin at their whim. Incalculable suffering as the result of manipulating economies is effected by banking brokers. We might say that this kind of thing is under the influence of Algol or Medusa aka Mabus.

Mabus (Saddam Hussein) is killed even though he did the work of US capitalism by warring on Iran after the Shaw of Iran was deposed in 1979 by the Ayotollah Kholmeni. This was a tactic to work Iraq and Iran in a division so that capital could move in and take oil resources. The war continued 8 years (to 1987) before ending in a stalemate. The Soviet Union collapsed in 1989 and reverted to old capitalist parliamentary forms by 1990 under the old drunk, Boris Yeltsen. On Aug. 2nd, 1990, Saddam invaded Kuwait with the permission of the US, which was suddenly absent after the invasion succeeded. The US turned against Saddam and invaded Iraq, building forces through late 1990, to hunt and capture him. Saddam Hussien promised that the war would be "The Mother of All Battles" and so it became for a large proportion of humanity after much destruction starting in early Jan. 16th, 1991 where millions of people, mostly women, children and beasts were killed and maimed and infrastructure ruined with new bombs. Saddam was still in power in 1991. Saddam was captured in the late 2003, tried at length in a show trial and hung on Dec. 30th, 2006. Many people were killed and maimed after US occupation. Their food for oil program meant the US got the oil and the people starved. A huge rout (slaughter) of beasts and people will be underway when people wake up and revolt, wrecking vengeance. When a great comet is seen, thirst and hunger on a mass scale.

Mabus puis tot alors mourra, viendra

De gens et betes une horrible defaite:

Puis tout a coup la vengeance on verra,

Cent, main, soif, faim quand courra la comete.

"Mabus" then will soon die, there will come

Of people and beasts a horrible rout:

Then suddenly one will see vengence,

Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.

The People Directionless

War and Cold attitudes prevail

1. The created abandonment of mass education creating senseless people, by the rulers driving people into desperation. War and ice are the fighting and chill of the human heart as a result of the abandonment. People become senseless and in their chill, war against one another.

2. An alternative translation: That which lives without sense is life ordered by engeineering. The French were pioneers in developing the science of freezing embroyos for genetic engineering. The frozen embroyos could be thawed and transplanted into a waiting womb. This lead the way for genetic experiments and an ethics dilemma between religion and science. (Will) There is a possibility that this is done as part of a wider eugenics program, initiated by experiments in the U.S. near the turn into the 20th century.

Ce qui vivra et n'aura aucen sens,

Viendra le fer a mort son artifice,

Autun, Chalon, Langres, et les deux Sens,

La guerre et la glasse fera grand malefice.

That which shall live shall leave no direction,

Its destruction and death will come by statagem,,

Autun, Chalons, Langres, and from both sides,

The war and ice shall do great harm.

Sun and Eagle imagry in Modern War

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 1 Verse 23

The Sun refers to Japan (which invaded China at the outset of WWII) and the eagle, the U.S. The Boar is Germany fighting Britain in WWII during the Blitz. Britain was tired due to the prolonged and intense battle of Britain. The eyes of Britain are directed skyward because of the Blitz and the hope of the comming of the U.S. The U. S. comes to to Britains aid from the air and together begin the defeat of the axis of Gemany, Japan and Italy.

Napoleon and Wellington at the battle of Waterloo. The wild boar is the symbol of Napoleon and the leopard the symbol of Wellington. The eagle playing about the sun, is the victory of Wellington over Napoleon.

Au mois troisieme se levant le Soleil,

Sanglier, Leopard, aux champs Mars pour combatre,

Leopard lasse au Ciel esttena son oeil,

Un Aigle autour du Soleil voit sesbatre.

In the third month of the rising of the sun,

The wild boar and leopard in the fields of Mars battle,

The leopard weary, lifts his eyes to heaven

And seeth an eagle playing about the sun.

Key Quatrain: The Great Lunar Cycle

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 1 Verse 48

In order to understand Nostradamus, we have to get inside his thinking in the historical, astrological, scientific, medical and philosophical context.

In this key quatrain we learn of the great lunar cycle of which Nostradamus was familiar. This is a saros series bridging a span of time of about 7,000 years. These cycles were seen as both lunar centered and sun centered. When one series ends, the other commences. These spans of time are given to the moon and sun alternately. The other cycle that we should consider is the 354 year cycle. The quatrains were published 20 years into one of these cycles. Judging by what is written, the next great cycle of 7,000 years is timed as the 7,000 years after 1535. There are many ways to measure a saros series and it depends on ones location when to start one. There is however, an 'absolute' measure that can be timed with solar or lunar eclipeses on the day of the spring equinox. The other key is the placing of the beginning of the saros cycle from the north or south pole.

The average length of time of development of civilization from scratch and from a handful of people is 7,000 years as mediated by astromical circumstances. The previous end came 12,500 to 12,900 years ago under current reconing by geologists. Current devlopment spans 6,000 years leaving a "quiet" period of some 6,500 years. Nostradamus of course was schooled in astronomy/astrology. He appreciated that the Earth orbited the sun a hundred years before Copernicus. Prior to this we have to look to Proclus, the Greek philosopher who held that veiw 2,000 years earlier. (A working quatrain) If we take the year 3979 as Nostradamus' "last year" then the start of the cycle is 3020 BCE, which correlates closely to the Maya Birth of Venus in 3114 BCE .

Vingt ans du regne dela lune passez,

Sept mil ans autre tiendra sa monarchie,

Quand le soleil prendra ses jours laissez,

Lors accomplit a mine ma Prophecie.

Twenty years of the moon's reign pass,

Seven thousand years another holds the power,

When the sun resumes former glory,

Then the cycle of my prophecy is finished.

Key Quatrain: The "loss" of the Ten Days in the Calendar Switch

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 1 Verse 42

The "loss" of the ten days when the Vatican changed the Calander from the Julian to the Gregorian, was viewed as diabolical and as black magic by the people. They thought that they were robbed of ten days of there lives and wanted the ten days back. This change took place on October 4th to 15th of 1582 owing to the fact that the Vatican discovered that the calender and spring equinox were out of syncronicity by a factor of ten days (April). The fact of sidereal time versus Julian time was known by the Hindus since their fist contact with the west. They incorporated an ayanamsha into their astrology so that an easy conversion could be made from the tropical system of the west to their own system. The ayanamsha was not used in the west, thus the slipping of the spring equinox away from its true position. Even today under the Gregorian calendar, we still cling to the 0 degrees Aries for the sidereal point and thus require an ayanamsha to convert to true sidereal. The difference now stands at some 24 degrees (2008). At the time of the Gregorian from Julian conversion, the difference was some 13 degrees. Yet they chose to "take" 10 days likely due to a different ayanamsha of which there are many. The true equinox was noted when a shaft of sunlight shone into a temple on the only day of the year that it could. i.e., the spring equinox.

Les dix Calendes d'Avril de fait Gothique,

Rescuscite encor par gens malins,

Le feu estaint, assemblee diabolique,

Cherchand les os de d'Amant et Psellin.

The tenth of the Calends of April, Gothic account,

Raised up again by malicious persons,

The light put out, a diabolical assembly,

Seek for the bones of the lovers and Psellus.

Key Quatrain: 1889 Completion of the Great Lunar Cycle

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 1 Verse 62

Before 1889, the completion of the great lunar cycle of 354 years, there is much persecution of the learned by the ignorant rulers. Many of the learned were Jewish who suffered under various pogroms. Books are burned and knowledge is lost that will not be rediscovered for a long time. Among the lost works are those of the Maya, which were summarily destroyed by the Catholic priests. It took to near the end of the 20th century to retrieve much of that knowledge and there is still room for doubt. Interestingly, the Maya had a long count calendar system that points to Christmas 2012 as a time of great change, provided we got our research and interpretations correct. As there are a number of positions by different scolars on this, there is room for some doubt that covers a little more than a year. Not only the Work of the Maya were destroyed, but also that of the Inca and many other First Nation records. It does not stop there, As recently as the 1930's and 1940's, the Nazis burned books and in the Chinese Cultural Revolution under Mao Tse Tung, many ancient writings, art and monuments were similarly burned and destoryed. Historically, there was more destruction in a short period than can be made up in a long time thereafter. A caution is sounded on the destruction of hard won knowledge of the old ways, the loss of which could lead mankind down a precarious path as well as a prohibition of new insights that don't tally with cherished dogma. Fire and deluge more through rulers is a hint at manufacturing destructive events as in warfare, scorched earth policies and the like.

La grande perte, las! que feront les lettres:

Avant le cycle de Latona parfait,

Feu, grand deluge plus par ignares sceptres,

Que de long siecle ne se verra refait.

Alas! What a great loss will letters suffer,

Before the cycle of Latona (Moon) is completed:

Fire, great deluge more through ignorant rulers

Than will be seen made up for a long time.

Key Quatrain: The Four bright marker stars of the Sidereal Zodiac

Nostradamus' Quatrain Century 3 Verse 4

The sky over Lyons (or for that matter, any other place) gives us forewarning. The signs are very clear based upon the fixed stars (sidereal zodiac). From Nostradamus' point of view, the age of Aquarius is about to break, bring forth great and sudden change. The ultimate change is wrought that to the heavens is niether good nor evil. Also, at the dawning of the next age; Aquarius, which is now upon us brings forth its own good and evil upon the world.

The fixed stars are the fixed cross and the four brightest stars in the heavens. They were used as the prime markers for calculation alone with other important stars like Sirius and the pole star. These stars are Aldebaren in Taurus, Regulus in Leo, Aquila in Scorpio/Eagle and Fomalhaut in Aquarius/Pisces. Nostradamous used sidereal astrology as the Vedic astrologers do.

Nostradamus also tells us that there is no ultimate end or fantastic new beginning, but a dialectical mix of both good and evil.

Le ciel (de Plancus la cite) nous presage

Par claires insignes et par etoiles fixes,

Que de son change subit s'approche l'age,

Ni pour son bien, ni pour ses malefices.

The sky (of Plancus' city) forebodes to us

Through clear signs and fixed stars,

That the time of its sudden change is approaching,

Neither for its good, nor for its evils.

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