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Not All Illegals Are Hispanic

Updated on August 23, 2013

While there are over 8 million undocumented, illegal Hispanics in the US, according to some reports, there is another group seldom ever mentioned in the media: the 1.3 million illegal Asians.

Most are younger Asians that face the same situations that Hispanics do. They often must forgo undergrad studies at universities because they are not eligible for college aid or loans, they live in fear because of deportation of their parents if caught while driving without a license or using a fake social security number while working.

The difference between the Asians and Hispanics is that most Asians are high achievers, at least those in schools. In most cases, the Asians arrived in the US by plane on a tourist visa that later expired or like the Hispanics, were brought to the USA as a child by their parents, who were undocumented. They grew up thinking they were American until the shock came when they tried to get a driver's license or work permit or SSN. Then, they were told by their parents that they were illegally in the USA.

Some of the Asians are valedictorian of their class and struggle in securing funds for college. Since the Hispanic illegals is so much higher, there seems to be more effort in making them US citizens though DACA, a program for those between 15-30 yrs. old, who have been in the US most of their life and seek a driver's license and work permit. As a group, these Americans feel left out of the immigration dialogue and in an odd way, feel discriminated against and less important than their Hispanic counterpart.


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    • point2make profile image


      5 years ago

      The immigration problems that the country is facing is far larger than the average American realizes. You are right....not all illegal immigrants are Hispanic, in fact, it may turn out that not even the majority are Hispanic. The numbers of undocumented people living inside the US is staggering and could be approaching 15-20 million people. While the politicians ignored this issue for so long it now presents itself as, perhaps, the single biggest issue facing the nation for many years to come. Economically and culturally the problems we are facing may well prove to be insurmountable and continuous civil unrest could easily become the new national pastime.

    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thanks for the comment!

    • forbcrin profile image

      Crin Forbes 

      5 years ago from Michigan

      The topic is interesting, however I think that the numbers are not right. It is misleading to group the Asians in the same bucket, as they are different nationalities with different backgrounds.

      There are some groups saying that the number of Asians is getting closer and will be surpassing soon the number of illegal Latinos in USA.

      There are a lot of Filipinos and the most part are Chinese. The Filipinos are mostly professionals who are here to make better money, the Chinese came mostly for school and they were tuition paying people. If you lived in a university town, you would be amazed at the number of Chinese students, and watching the cars they are driving, you will not say that they are in financial trouble.

      The DACA program ( Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ) mostly affected the Latino population, because it was easy to cross the border with kids. Asians could not cross the border illegally. Very few could swim from China... A lot of them came from Canada, but they entered the country legally being Canadian citizens.

      A lot of students decide to stay here, and usually within the allowed period of a year they find a sponsor for a job and they are admitted into the process.

      These days, the Filipinos are coming officially with work visa and they stay as workers only, some returning home after they accomplish material goals. For a time, Philippine's main industry was labor, when at least one member of a family was abroad to work.

      However, I don't find any fault with those trying to come here to make a living. They are victims. First of all, the conditions in their home countries should not be as bad, and we had a lot to do with that, I am talking the Philippines, secondly if were not so greedy to make a buck and if we did not want to bust the unions, we would not be in this terrible situation.

      When we talking eleven million Latinos in USA, we are talking about eleven million foreigners taking advantage or our resource, sending the money home, Mexico's illegals in the States is some seventy billion a year income for Mexico, while that money is not legally taxed...

      So, if someone is to be blames, we should in the mirrors and have this conversation with ourselves...


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