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Not Trump? Clinton? Sanders?

Updated on May 18, 2016

Just a usual morning at the coffee shop

It was a regular morning at the coffee shop. Some of the customers were reading newspapers, some interacting with their cellphones, and others enjoying time alone with their cup of coffee. I saw my friends in the back of the coffee shop. It looked like they were arguing about politics.

“Hillary's a crook.” said Bob.

“She may be but they are all corrupt.” replied Joe.

“It might be nice to have a woman crook in office for a change.” joked Len.

“I like Trump. We need someone to stop the flow of illegal immigration.” said Sally.

“Trump's a racist.”

“You're a fool.”

“And don't forget Sanders. He's a Socialist.” said Len.

“He represents the working class.” replied Joe.

I'm not voting for any of them.” said Dan.

Everyone looked at Dan.

“You have to vote.” replied Bob.

“Why? I don't like either. I'm not voting for the lesser of two evils.”

What about a Third Party

“There are other candidates.” I said. “There's a Green candidate and a Libertarian candidate.”

“Voting for a Third Party is a wasted vote.” replied Bob.

“No it's not.” I answered. “If people voted for the candidate they really liked instead of those of the established parties, we might see some change.”

It's still a wasted vote. A Third Party candidate will never win.”

“Voting for who you believe in is never a wasted vote. Voting for the lesser of two evils can be thought of as a wasted vote since you are voting for someone you really don't care for.”

“Who are some of the other candidates?” asked Dan.

The Green Party

Jill Stein is the main candidate for the Green Party. She's a doctor and lives in Massachusetts.”

“Aren't they a bunch of tree huggers?” asked Sally sarcastically.

“Environmentalism is one of their issues. They are also concerned about social justice, gay rights, racism, and other issues.”

“Too liberal for me.” said Sally.

“They are very liberal.”

“I won't vote for her.”

“That's your right.”

Jill Stein
Jill Stein | Source

The Libertarian Party

“What about the Libertarian Party?” asked Dan.

“Sounds liberal to me.” said Sally.

“Just the opposite.” I said. “People confuse the word liberalism with liberal. Think liberty instead. Libertarians are concerned with civil liberties and small government.”

“They sound like Republicans.” said Dan.

“Not really. Republicans talk about small government until it doesn't benefit them.”

Sally gave me a dirty look.

“The Libertarian candidate is Gary Johnson, a former Republican governor of New Mexico.”

“I told you Libertarians were Republican.”

“Many Republicans like Ross and Rand Paul are really Libertarian. They run as Republicans to give their views a platform. I'm sure there are Green Party members who run as Democrats for the same reason.”

Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson | Source

A few other third parties

“Are their other Third Party candidates?” asked Dan.

"There are many. Here's a link to a Wikipedia article that lists them all."


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