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Not equal

Updated on May 10, 2016

Honestly speaking the world is not equal at least not right now we know that many of the legends like mandela or luther king fought for the rights of black people.we have our starts who fought for the rights of transgender thought usa and many other countries gave us rights we really can not say we have rights in all issues we get bullied all of our childhood and when we grow we fell in love but get abused by people.maybe USA has given us rights but people of this country does not accept most of us.But we not only in just USA but also in all the countries around the world is being hated called freaks.Specially the muslims do not leave once chance to humiliate us.But what is wrong with us we are humans like they are.We deserve rights too.Many countries do not give us rights to study or work.They do not accept our marriage.We are outcast to them.What about those who live in shitty countries where they do not get rights.It is not fair.The world has never been fair with the weaks or with those who are outnumbered.History has shown us that without rebel we can not earn our freedom.Maybe normal people with ordinary sex has earned their freedom but what about us.We are cornered in the society.Many of u might think that why am i even saying it,all countries have given us rights,fuck those who are discriminato.But i can not bercause i have seen people suffer in many countries i have seen people being killed just cuz they are transgender,i have seen them getting abandone and thrown in the trash for just that,its not equality,if we consider the world equal maybe we should gie attention to the people that are suffering all over the world.Maybe w should just stop enjoying our life and give a fuck.Just a few days ago a transgender was killed by a family in india.only because she was transgeder she was not allowed to marry a male.The family of that boy didnt accpet the trans.But the boy left his family for his loved one.So, the father got angry and just cuz they think of us a nuisance and if that girl married his son it would be dishonor for his family and killed the girl in cold blood but no the trnas didnt get justice.This kind of shits going all over the world but we not paying attention or even trying to do anything all we care about is ourselves and be selfish and stay at home.If we dont fight for our wills then who will.If we want true freedom we must fight for it

Non equality is reality and reality is curse.
Non equality is reality and reality is curse. | Source

North carolina is a ............

really what kind of lame law is that i though laws are usually applies for everyone, But it seems we transgender are treated as different species like animals so we get have our separate violating and mind troubling law.WTF? why cant we use public restrooms.Of course we will feel bad emotional and blah blah blah.But wtf why?i do not know what's wrong with the world i noticed this shit yesterday and i could not hold on my anger.Like really this kind of shit was happening their,at least i hope they have given us voting rights right??or did they not?well what ever thanks to The U.S. Justice Department and specially Attorney General Loretta Lynch for speaking directly to our totally different species and consider us as same species and sueing north carolina.But i would say fuck this country for its stupid laws.I would say again WE have to fight for our rights or The obama or god wont help us unless we do something for ourselves and our rights.and of course that shitty law violates our civil rights so either we get equality or we come and hit government with everything we got

Thanks Lynch Thank you for understanding and standing with us


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      daniel 21 months ago


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      samuel 21 months ago

      i would have to agree on the fact and that your quite right.But still everyone's still learning and only a few people are still that backminded