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Not responsible for damage to your car.

Updated on July 19, 2016

The commute to work.

I wake up and make my commute to work during the week. Driving along with my automoblie heading to work. I would say most people respect each other on the road for the most part. Some people are in a hurry back and forth between lanes. In and out as they go trying to not be late for work. We all share the highways when we get on them. The left lane you'll see the faster drivers pass by and what not. Everyone is going good for the most part of it. I would like to think that most people driving on the highway take care of their automobiles. That is untill one of these trucks get in front of you.

Warning - Stay back 200 feet - Not responsible for broken windshields.
Warning - Stay back 200 feet - Not responsible for broken windshields.

Warning stay back 200 feet.

We read the words "Warning stay back 200 feet". The question then comes to mind - why do I need to stay away from you if we all share the highways? Or did I miss something when I got my drivers license? That is all fine and good but when one of these trucks pull in front of you when they merge on the highway it's too late. We are now dodging projectiles that are coming at 70 mph. I wince when I feel the rocks hitting my automobile. Pressing my foot on the break to slow my ride down even more. Small pebble rocks hit the highway and go into a full spin towards me now. Feeling the "pings" and "thunks" of the pebbles damaging my ride. A another one flies towards my windshield and you see a small bb size crack from a small rock that has fallen. Taking the automobiles speed down even slower to prevent even more damage. Up ahead you can see other cars too that have fallen victim to the dump truck that has passed by them. They slow down their speed to aviod more damage being done to their car.

Not responsible?

Not responsible? Really? How is this not damage to other peoples property? Because you have a sign that says you don't have to play by the rules. Why isn't there a rule saying that you are the one responsible for anything that flies out of your truck at 70 mph? You couldn't make a top to keep stuff from flying out all over the highway? Everyone else has to do this why not you? Why should we fall victim to damages to our automobiles that we spend our hard earned money on. The way society is going no one takes responsibility anymore. We find that more and more people just pass the blame on something else. The sign on the back now says it is my fault for getting to close to another vehicle on the road that we all share. That I invaded their space in a way. Even when I'm tying to pass them I still get rocks throwin in my direction.

The solution.

I just want to put out there a solution out there that might make everyone happy. For starters we remove the sign. To put blame on others isn't going to solve anything. This only makes other drivers mad or angry that their property was damaged. This should not be our fault. Plus some people out there have road rage and I don't believe this helps with their rage. We all share the highways and we all are on this planet together. We can keep teaching the younger genereation to keep saying ,"wasn't me". When really it was you. My solution is just cover the top up and fasten the top so nothing else flys out anymore. I know that sounds like extra work right? To actually cover up the back part and keep rocks from flying out and damaging other peoples cars. I know it's crazy right. The idea just came to me out of thin air. I was just thinking one day as the rocks hit my automobile. The hamster on the wheel that runs my brain started to get into full jog mode and that popped up in my brain 'why don't they just cover that up?' Put a top on it so nothing falls out preventing damage to others vehicles on the road. And for the gravel trucks secure the bottom flap. Take responsibility for the rocks falling out constanly going 70 mph on a highway. I spend enough money as it is on my cars and don't need to buy a new window every few months. And it's not just the gravel trucks. This mentality is with other issues in our society. A lack of responsibility is what I see.


Again I just want a simple fix for this situation. I do understand that the workers are not the ones to blame but the companys are. The companies should be held accountable for their own faults on the highway. And not do a cop-out of putting a sign saying "oh..I didn't do that". Yes my idea sounds crazy of just covering it up. The companies are free to use my idea free of charge. It's on the house.


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