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Notes on the System

Updated on February 14, 2011

Notes on the System

      We live in a society where everyone is kept electronically-stressed.  This is being done to group people into 1. People directly controlled by the same fake thoughts and feelings that emanate from outside them 2. Christians and 3.  Really well-behaved people.  I think that everyone is being pushed to an Ultimate crisis or Psychotic Break with actual reality eventually.  You have to THINK pretty nice to avoid harassment and even then we are left to feel as though we are walking on pins and needles.  This is probably because someone who feels like Hell won't get any ideas about changing the way things are. 

     I believe in normal reality, but it has been an extremely difficult struggle to do this.  When you get "hit" with the "Karma Beam" (what a laugh, the people who invented the word would not approve of driving someone to the brink of insanity for ANY reason whatsoever), you will feel very un-comfortable.  Then you will hear one of two frequencies, which depends on your attitude OR an act of will.  This is how the system works:  everyone gets electronically-harassed until they have a break with ordinary reality.  Either they get sucked down into an awful mental state where they become much like zombies (or puppets on strings) OR they find God.  Look everyone:  no crime, no social activists, no one actually thinking for themselves. 

     People in general have all been majorly screwed over.  The problem is that once you have been Brainwashed, you'll see what they did to you as some kind of favor.  There is an elevated mental state if you hold onto the "Salvation Frequency", but still your mind will become fainter - less your own.  If you are going to choose a frequency, the "Enlightener" beats "The Dog Beam" (it makes people much like dogs, controlled by these microwave-generated signals that drove them nuts in the first place). 

      I simply lack the trust to surrender myself to an external body signal one way or the other.  I believe that God exists and that He would not approve of robbing people of their sanity.  People who are 10 times nicer, more caring, more peaceful than I have been hurt very badly by this system.  For this reason, I'm going to say that the average person is in Big Trouble.  When goosed with "the electric anal poke", they are not going to placidly continue their day.  They will be majorly pissed, which will suck them further into "The Dog Frequency".  America has been turned into 1.  An electric Hell  2.  An Electric Heaven and 3. A place filled with people missing the HUMAN ELEMENT. 

      So - for those of you who would like to keep your point of view, DOUBT is very important to keep you from becoming mentally-controlled from the outside.  These people want us to be miserable.  To get out of misery: get the meds I recommend, sleep with headphone music on and listen to your own music every chance you get.  Do not care what thoughts you get, feelings you get, premonitions of future disaster........simply don't care, don't think it any further (I actually DELETE these "demoralizing thoughts", then change what I'm thinking about).  You will have to learn to have a mind like a Buddhist Priest, an Outlaw, an Activist.........any thoughts that give us access to our OWN MINDS. 

       I got attacked yesterday and simply refused to buy any of it.  Set your mental controls on REJECT.  Minds today are like computers in a "net" WITHOUT A FIREWALL.   We get so much crap pumped into our minds that the only way to stay sane is 1.  Block it 2. Delete it 3.  Do something that raises your intensity up enough to out-shout the miasma of psychic junk mail. 4.  Imagine yourself surrounded by an impregnable shield.  This will give your imagination something to do besides terrorize you.  We can enjoy short-term victories by taking something to alter our brainwaves.  Caffeine will even do it.  They are trying to entrain your brainwaves to think a generic pattern, not what YOU would think at all.  Sedatives work, but leave you vulnerable if you take them wrong.  This ultimately renders your mind to be easier to upset.  Yes, I use them - but I take them EXACTLY as directed so that I don't run out and have a "pill crises".   

      That "God Frequency" is very strong.  4 hours of that and you'll see the Apocalypse coming, people being sorted out as "sheep" or "goats", an upcoming "war" between Good and Evil and many people dying.  I even get disturbing visions that most people are not who they seem (like something Evil has un-seated their souls).  This is disturbing.   Maybe it's SUPPOSED TO BE SO WE HAVE THAT PSYCHOLOGICAL BREAKDOWN that the system seeks for each of us. My theory is that Good people may not even feel like even living.  They might choose anything over the Evil they see all around them, they cling to the Salvation Frequency and their consciousness goes somewhere else.  I've heard this referred to as "The Agonizing Door".  What's on the other side?  I do not know.  That's pretty wild thinking, but if I were to manufacture a "Filtering System of God".....well I wouldn't do it (but I can think of others who WOULD).  Something horrible HAS happened.  I know how to preserve my sanity and enjoy life every now and then.  I can neither be "Damned" or "Saved". 

      My position is unique........but it beats getting sucked into Hell and punked-out by this "Dark Collective".   IF YOU ARE MALE, that is exactly what Hell feels like. Maybe God will spare us even if we don't become part of the "Heaven/Hell Matrix".  I am too self-willed and self-reliant to have the trust necessary to risk dying by following The God Frequency.  I tried it one time and when I lost my grip on it, I experienced the most disturbing episode of "Electronic Possession" ever.  I'll cling to it to avoid disturbing thoughts when I'm in public.  It SEEMS to calm the minds of other un-programmed people.  It's like "lending your voice" to the good side.  Oh yes:  the Dark Collective claims that by holding onto The Salvation Frequency that it kills it.  

      I simply Love the world we had before this "Human Programming Movement".  I am a little piece of life about twenty years ago.  My gut feeling is that if you are in my position, you are too.  It is comforting to know that not every single being has been bamboozled out of their looks like almost everyone has fallen for this.  Some have told me "What other choice is there?"  Well, there's MENTAL-EVASION, DOUBT, DRUG THERAPY AND MUSIC TO PROTECT YOUR EARS......MY WAY. 

      The other way is to surrender yourself completely to God and go where The Salvation Frequency takes you.  The other way is your mind is completely destroyed and re-programmed.  Unfortunately, this is happening to MOST PEOPLE.  Whatever you do:  don't let your mind succumb to THAT.  When The Dark Collective tried to "eat" me, it felt like I escaped a mental-state worse than death.  That's why I don't fear death, but am reluctant to give up the fight here.  What if we are humanity's only hope?  In ANY case, my way will save you from Damnation.........if the US stages a "technological Armaggedon", there might be a problem.  But, if you are average like me - it may very well be your best bet.  They call my reality "sleeping", but that just sounds like a mind-game to me.  When I'm called:  "Cold" or "Sleeping"'s when I feel best about my life.  I say to Hell with compulsory suffering. 


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    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      Thank you, we will win this!

    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

      Very well put!!!

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      I've been remembering about heroes, perhaps we are a bit like them, protecting what's right but in a phase like Superman with the kryptonite. Hanging to the last minute and winning to the last second with the hope that stands up high.