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Now That Trump Has Won What Can We Expect

Updated on November 11, 2016

Apparently it looks like there are many people offended by the gestures of Donald trump. Trump showed racism, sexism and a non serious attitude in his campaigns and probably that is what won him the presidency.

How I saw this election, Hillary Clinton meant the same diplomatic twists for the next four years while Donald Trump meant change in the policies to probably less diplomatic. So this is how I see on what can we expect at becoming worse or may be better for the rest of the world.

Do you think Trump's presidency will actually change the American politics with the rest of the world?

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  • The wars around the world may become a mess I mean an even more mess because of the lack of prudence Donald Trump has when it comes to war. Thus the chaos in regions like Syria Egypt etc may become worse.
  • The fight from the Islamist groups may worsen as they may go extreme against this new anti Islamic America. Thus ISIS and Al-Qaeda can become even more extreme at their agendas.
  • The American public themselves may divide under his rule which could also be seen just after he has become a president, that would mean shattering the peace in America itself and thus the fundamentalists may get it easier to rule people's vision within America for which the new president would have to do things that would only ignite more hatred.
  • Lack of diplomacy from a super power also means the rest of the countries may form allies with or against america which at worse could go to a global cold war.


Almost everyone knows that the chaos we could observe today around the world, US is involved in them in one or other way. From 9/11 to ISIS expanding network. The Trump government may help decrease the chaos so it don't get out of control for its own good. So we can expect that Trump may change American policies on sponsoring extremism.

  • Countries like America and Saudi are said to be giving much of the funds to the extremists groups ensuring the agenda of "war for us" and thus being able to attain their ideological goals around the world through terrorism. Trump focusing on America may decrease or eliminate these fund to many terrorism sponsoring countries like Pakistan and other.
  • The Islamophobic ideology could help weaken the terrorist groups if genuinely played through Drones.
  • A stricken system to immigration of different groups may help stop the spreading network of ISIS and other fundamentalist groups.
  • It can also help decrease crime scenarios for many under developed countries since many people involved in serious crimes flee to European states. Many big terrorists are found to have families in America and other European states.
  • Less diplomacy can also mean direct actions which again can help mitigate the growing extremism around the world.
  • Decreased American involvement in Syria and other regions may also be counted hopeful for peace in these regions.


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