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Democrats fight fire with fire

Updated on May 27, 2011

Anybody remember these tactics?

Democrats need to fight fire with fire

Freshmen Republican congressmen are crying foul. They are saying that Democrat Kathy Kochul won in New York because of Democrat scare tactics or ‘mediscare’. Poor babies. Does anyone besides me remember the scare tactics that GOP and tea party used during the 2010 elections? There were Sarah Palin’s death panels and the scare that Obama was going to make us a socialist nation.

These pols wrote a letter to the President that said, “We have all been guilty, at one time or another, of playing politics with key issues facing the country. As the freshman class, we have the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and fulfill the mandate set by the people to strengthen our country for the future generations—not continue the petty politics we have seen in the past, which only creates and environment of stalemate.”

“Playing politics with key issues facing the country…” oh, they mean like the health scare and the crazy birther issues that they failed to denounce. Now they want to play nice. How hypocritical.

They lost the race in New York because they messed with something that is sacrosanct to most seniors, their retirement. Yes, Democrats seized on that fear and they should continue because it is a fearful issue for those of us who are entering the twilight of our years.

Where was this group when it came to denouncing the crazy tactics on healthcare? Where was this group when the birthers were going crazy and when Donald Trump was spouting off like an idiot? Why didn’t they come out and say we must “stand above partisanship, condemn disingenuous attacks and work with this Congress to reform” healthcare? They did not do that. They rode this wave of fear to the congress and they never tried to stem the baseless attacks of their constituents.

I am proud of the Democrats for standing up to the GOP and saying no because every time there is a fight the GOP goes into the gutter. Now it’s time to fight back.


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