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Nuclear Iran, Worldwide Finanical Crisis and a Quickening of Birth Pains

Updated on May 20, 2009

 Ever notice how just in the past few years, more natural disasters, climate issues, unrest in the world, and disaster in the finanicial markets?. It seems like someone has opened a door or window upon the world allowing more frequent problems on mankind, which seem to come in bunches. It seems this just started to accelerate with one problem compounding another problem.

If you are a End Times believer, you will say that in the Book of Revelations, there are several angels sent by God to harken each catastrophy with a trumpet signal. With each signal, Earth is dealt a new worldwide problem. The timeframe is not mentioned, only that it is like a "quickening of birth pains" prior to giving birth to child. Any woman can relate to this. There just seems to be less time between the worldwide events now. Coinicidence?

Just watch as one event unfolds after another. Then decide.

Big surprise about Iran. Anyone who denies that Iran is or will be the catalyst for a major war or confrontation in the Middle East is naive. Ignorant. Blind. Just today, May 20, Iran announced it has tested a new rocket capable of flying with a payload into Southern Europe. Hmmm, why do they need this capability? Why does not Saudi Arabia do the same? Because, Iran's has the desire to be a world power and using such weapons as influence. Saudi Arabia could do the same, yet, they do not have the ambition. They have the oil.

Even the Russians, who provide the nuclear know-how, is starting to be concerned. According to their own investigations, Iran could have a simple nuclear device in 1-3 years and a nuclear warhead in 5 years that could be used in their new rocket they announced today. During this time, indications are that they will be able to launch a missile 1200 miles with a nuclear warhead.

Israel has stated, regardless of the US position, they will not tolerate a nuclear Iran. These are fighting words. This means there is a coming war where tactical nuclear weapons will be used, which Irsael has and can deliver, with or without the US blessing. The closer Iran gets to the objective, which sounds like between now and 2012, the IDF will act tossing the whole region and world into a conflict. Iran will no doubt retaliate. Things will escalate beyond anyone's imagination or original intent. It won't take much. Maybe the HAMAs will also attack Israel again along with Hezbollah in Lebanon. It will be a life or death struggle to Israel. Who will help them? That is how the US and NATO forces are sucked into the regional war. China and Russia are the mystery cards. would they turn on each other? Just on Iran?

All I can say, I see it happening fairly soon. This coming war has been on a slow burner, but the pace is quickening. Will this be Armageddon as depicted in the Book of Revelations? It as all the makings of it. Iran will not back down and  continue to not fully disclose why they need these long range rockets. They will not allow the UN to inspect. Their leadership is arrogant and steeped in a hate of the Jew like Hitler was. They are their own Satan.

Also, think of the serious financial crisis starting last year. It sort of came out of nowhere. There were a few warnings from some and largely ignored. They the World was hit. Hit hard. Banks failed with trusted names. Many lost all their savings. Even I lost a considerable sum. Unemployment continues to rise. People who never needed food stamps or welfare, find themselves in line or worse, homeless for the first time.

In California, the Golden State, we have a whopping deficit of 21 BILLION dollars! It has never ever been so bad here. Schools are laying off teachers, closing their libraries, cutting out team sports, band and chorus. Not just High School or College, but at the Elementary level. Students per class are now larger providing less attention to students, salaries are frozen, summer school is cancelled. It is a disaster of which I cannot see how we will ever be in the black again. How much is 21 Billion dollars in debt? I really do not think many can really comprehend this. I can't. The State will be laying off thousands of its employees, cutting benefits to the bone, shortening the school year by a week, releasing convicted felons early to avoid overcrowding, even selling off its State property, like San Quentin Prison!

All this impacts all of the cities and towns in the State. Again,the financial crisis is suppose to occur. Brought on by mankind's greed and it certainly was that.  The crisis had the net impact of several bank consolidations that worried many. Now a few big,international banks, control the world's economics in many ways. All tied together via computers. I think the consolidation may continue on until only a very few international banks control the world's credit and money. When that happens, watch for someone or entity who controls the group of banks.

If you control the major banks, you control smaller banks and the people who bank with them. The prophecy called it, the Antichrist.



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