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Updated on November 10, 2009

radical Islamist onslaught.

This blog has said that President Obama has a great deal to consider before he made his decision to send more troops to the Afghan war; but that should be an understatement, considering the fact that, as president, he had the responsibility to ponder the very best of advise before he took action on any issue.

There were a thousand and one sources from which different suggestions would come, and fifty percent of that would be for a particular issue and fifty percent would be against it; and it would be natural to sift through them all to come up with the right solutions of which only one, and not several, could be picked to meet with the problem at hand.

That has to bring the president to a point where he would sum up his feelings and combined them with his thoughts, when all the facts have been scrutinized, for him to arrive at the proper conclusion. That point, in regard to the war in Afghanistan, was reached, when news media reports came out with the idea of 30,000 troops to be the number that he was planning to send out.

If those reports were factual, then what would be the difference between the target of the president and that of Gen. Stanley McChrystal's of, at least, 40,000 men and women to be given him at the war front?

As the saying goes, "it take two to tango"; the president is the the general's Commander-in-Chief, and he (the general) happens to have a plan that will bring success in facing off to the Taliban and Al Qaeda onslaught of the war. All that remains is to have that plan in place with the right compatible size or consistency to implement it.

After all, the question of additional troops is no more a problem to mull over, as all the advise that has been forthcoming agrees on more deployment to the war front. So, to haggle over its size will be irrelevant. The general knows what will be sufficient to adequately deal with the situation; and some military experts put the number to be even higher for the counterinsurgency. His choice, therefore, which happens to be the least number for the work on the ground to be properly handled, must be met. Half measures will not be sufficient in this instance.

It is not that this blog wants our men and women in the United States military to be put in harm's way, unnecessarily; it wants them to win. All they need is the help to do so.


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