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Updated on October 23, 2012

Schieffer was a professional moderator.

Most of the media were seeing red, as President Barack Obama taunted his opponent, ex-governor Mitt Romney, with several political jabs to show him that he (Obama) was on the job as president, and therefore he could use his experience to offset any criticism that Romney made of Obama's foreign policy.

The night was still young, when the moderator, Bob Schieffer, started with questioning the two candidates on foreign matters, and that threw the door wide open for Obama to show his expertise on Libya, the Middle East and the United States relations with the rest of the world.

He started on how he had ended the Iraq war and brought thousands of soldiers back home, when his challenger thought that was a mistake, and that he, Romney, would have kept over 30,000 troops there to continue the conflict without any good reason.

The military spending there could be brought back (home) to rebuild the infrastructure and strengthen the economy. Education and the training of a workforce to handle future challenges through new technologies would be more worthwhile; and those coming back from foreign soil as vetrans would have jobs to come to. They have served their country well and they and their families deserved better, when they returned.

Of the U.S. military power dwindling, with his challenger admonishing that the Navy has fallen to the lowest level of preparedness since 1917, Obama retorted by saying, "Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military's changed."

So, there was no shortage in the Navy's capacity to perform. "We have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them." the president said derisively.

He has made sure that the U.S. military was the strongest in the world; and those who fought to protect our freedom were paid the respect due them on retuning home.

On Iran, he and his allies have imposed the stiffest sanctions, and thus making the country's economy to take a nose dive. Such a step would force Iran to drop its idea of developing a nuclear weapon; and so, attacking it (Iran) would be a mistake.

Romney saw what went on in North Africa and the Middle East, involving Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria, commonly referred to as "The Arab Spring" as a "turmoil"; and that was because (the) U.S. leadership was missing to influence events in that region.

Obama, on the other hand, maintained that the people in those countries were fighting for democracy, which had the full support of the U.S. Hence, he and his NATO allies had to wrestle Libya from an unprecedented carnage that a dictator would have brought on his own people.

It was unfortunate that the attack on the Benghazi consulate that took the lives of the U.S. Ambassador, Chris Stevens and three other Americans had taken place there in Libya; however, the U.S. would not rest until the perpetrators of that terror act were caught and dealt with according to the law and brought to justice.

On Osama bin Laden, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc., etc., the president was superb in demonstrating that he knew what he was doing.

The debate almost turned to the struggling economy in the country, slightly deviating from its subject of foreign policy, but there too Obama referred to his tax changes that would expect the wealthy in society to pay a little bit more, so that the deficit and the National debt could be tackled effectively.

He, Obama, has trounced his challenger in the third debate, in such a way that he was declared the winner by all the polls thereafter, with even, Obama's most detractor channel, scoring the winning percentage at 50 to 45 in his favor.

He has displayed an enormous capacity as president and Commander-in-Chief to prove that he was ready for the task of bringing the country out of an economic morass, since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

With only a few days left for the voters to go to the polling booths to elect a new president, he stood a better chance of being reelected by his performance last night; and that his opponent, though, a formidable business personality, did not measure up, when it came to an argument of which of the two would be able to handle the country's affairs more efficiently and effectively in the next four years.

He, Obama, has done it again, to prove without any reasonable doubt that he was more than prepared for his position as president of the U.S. and Commander-in-Chief of its armed forces.


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