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Updated on October 26, 2011

Score it right.

It is sad to say that President Barack Obama's approval rating is so low, and it also looks like people have eyes, but they cannot see; and ears, but they do not listen. The president's approval rating is at 43% approve, and 51% disapprove, but it must not be so.

Yet, how come it is so? He has been working hard his knuckles to the bone, and nobody seemed to be paying any attention to that; not even the media, pollsters and the political pundits.

He has 9 or 10 people making every effort to wrestle the presidency from him; and they are all out there campaigning as much as they want, but the Republican Party members in the United States Congress are saying that he has no right to campaign; that his speeches to push his American Jobs Act proposal and his bus tours are all political strategies targeting the 2012 general election, "in order to keep his job", as they put it.

Contradiction here is, who is on a campaign streak to put Obama out of office? Is not the Republican political machinery that is doing all it can to turn the whole country against him; and to replace him with one their own bulwark, capitalist candidates, Mitt Romney or Rick Perry; with Herman Cain (Mr. 999) in tow. Or is it Obama, who is doing what he is supposed to be doing; and that is, to tackle the important issues facing the country?

Most of the media are aiding and abetting the Republican Party; its tea party arm organizing a debate in conjunction with CNN. "CNN, Tea Party Express to Host First-Ever Tea Party Debate, Sept. 12", in Florida recently.

Through all that, the president is working to get his job proposal approved by Congress; but he has no support from the Republican members there, and so it is stalled, while unemployment continues to rise or remains at 9.1% for several months. At the same time, the nation's economy is going bust, but for his efforts to get it on track. The Republicans main objective is to rid the U.S. of it first African American president; although, he is doing a really good job of the presidency.

Amid the hustle and bustle on the world political scene, his foreign policy is working. Osama bin Laden is gone; Anwar al-Awlaki is gone, and the most notorious of them all, Muammar Gadhafi is also gone; and the U.S. is at peace with its friends. The NATO alliance to get rid of Gadhafi has mainly been organized by the Obama administration for victory to come about.

Yet, no poll has been conducted by the pollsters or any of the media outlets about that; why? The simple fact was because, if they have to put the right questions to the public, they would get the right answers. The total result would boost the president's approval rating, and so, they would not do it. They were prejudiced against him; and again, why?

However, fair is fair, and voters are watching how things are going; and whether they (things) are improving or not. If they are improving before the 2012 general election, then they will vote to reelect him. Obama's camp is hopeful of that.

The Republicans are being misled by events in the country. They think that the tea party will save them; but they also forget that the Occupy Wall Street organization is against capitalism, which is synonymous with the GOP; and if it (OWS) decides to cast its vote in the presidential election, the outcome will be bad for the Republicans and their Wall Street cohorts.

As for the pollsters, they should get back to the drawing board, so to speak; and to come up with what the people would trust and believe. They must be neutral, and they should not try to spoon feed voters.


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