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Updated on May 2, 2012

They happen to share the same dream.

Newt Gingrich has bitten the dust, politically, by the suspension of his campaign today, from the belated fight he was engaged in to win the Republican Party nomination race and to become the party's candidate in the 2012 presidential election. He should have done so many years back; something he regrettably failed to do.

He is no more canvassing for the brave new world that he has been envisioning for the United States to be the first nation to have a base on the Moon in the foreseeable future; at least that is to be put on the back burner for now to enable him to extricate himself from his failed presidential campaign.

There is the big debt of $4 million dollars to pay off, and his former rival, Mitt Romney, is coming to his aid for that problem to be cleared up. That will be the only good news he is likely to have heard lately, and he will have to return the favor by giving his endorsement to Romney. Newt has been forced to eat crow.

However, his party remained aghast with rhetoric of what President Barack Obama has done on the anniversary of the death of bin Laden to elevate his position as a strong leader. Some in the party were saying that it was good for the president to have made the most of bin Laden's death, which happened on his watch; while others thought the idea was political, to boost his reelection bid.

He has visited Afghanistan in the darkness of night to sign an accord with president Hamid Karzai of the war torn country, and to give him (Karzai) the assurance that the U.S. would be out of his country, but not out of sight, in terms of any kind of military help it would require to fight the Taliban and defeat al Qaeda.

That was still the objective of both the U.S. and Afghanistan, as it was in their best interest to have peace in that part of the world. They would continue to fight against the Taliban insurgency and al Qaeda, which plotted the 2001, 9/11 attacks on Washington D.C. and New York City.

With bin Laden dead and his organization dismantled, Afghanistan would have the chance of being a responsible nation, with well trained security forces to defend its sovereignty and protect its people. The U.S. would be there even beyond 2014 to assist Afghanistan in every way possible in that effort.

Obama has entered the Afghan war zone, at an extreme personal risk, and had thanked the U.S. military men and women for their sacrifices and for protecting America's way of life and its freedom; telling them that they would be home soon, though their work has not finished, they were accomplishing what they went to Afghanistan to do.

The trip has become controversial at home; however, his motive could be nothing less than encouraging America and its allied forces for keeping the peace in the remote corners of the world, such as Afghanistan, and as Commander in chief, to show support for the U.S. military and their families; and if that was not uniting the country, then no other gesture would.

It would therefore be better for the opposition to tone down its rhetoric, and to give praise where that was due. Even though, the country was in the throes of an election year, there should be impartiality in bringing Americans together, and that should show in the comments of their political leaders.

They all knew that the war in Afghanistan should be over for the men and women in uniform to come home; and they should be working toward that goal in collaboration with President Barack Obama, rather than making uncompromising statements designed to undermine him for political reasons.

Thus making the rhetoric to go away on the occasion, when America's arch enemy has been brought to justice, would be fair for both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party; and that would be good for America, its people; and for a world hungry for peace and stability in all its endeavors.

As for Newt Gingrich the country bids him a happy retirement, if he will settle for one.


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