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Updated on March 5, 2012

A needed compromise for world peace.

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be meeting this week over Iran and its ambition to obtain a nuclear bomb.

It is obvious that Israel is in a hurry to deal with the "hot issue" of stopping Iran, from getting its hopes realized. It (Israel) will do anything to resist that from happening, and it is ready, able and willing to step up from just the additional United Nations' sanctions compelling Iran to desist from any such plans, and take matters into its (Israel's) own hands, as the risk of that country (Iran) having nuclear capability cannot be tolerated.

The rush is on for both the United States and Israel to reach a decision as to how they will handle the dangerous situation; one is for a preemptive attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, which Israel is advocating; and one is for sanctions to work, which is the U.S. tentative idea.

The risk of Israel being attacked is quite obvious, as leaders of Iran have ratchet up their rhetoric to get rid of "the Zionist" State, as they refer to Israel; and Israel must take them seriously, since there are signs that Iran is embarking upon acquiring a nuclear weapon.

The U.S. is hesitant in any form of unprovoked aggression against Iran, and therefore there is such a big quandary that it needs to overcome; and that can come by the actual proof that Iran is definitely on the verge of producing a "bomb".

The meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu is a critical one, due to the sensitiveness of the issue; and so, both leaders must exercise extreme caution in their approach; and that they must use every opportunity to reach a genuine compromise.

Neither must be inclined to exert any kind of coercion on the other; and bickering or arguments will not be preferable on either side. Respect and trust must be keys for any real agreement to be reached.

Diplomacy must be vital in their discussions, as lines of communications have to remain open between the two countries and Iran, to thrash out any type of misunderstanding that needs to be dealt with in an instant.

The two are partners; and so, they must work together and plan together to achieve a common goal, as the outcome of such a meeting will touch every single person living on this earth.

Iran is behaving as Germany in the 1930s, and building armament to threaten its neighbors. Hitler failed miserably eventually. Also, it (Iran) is mistakenly thinking that the next world war will be fought in a conventional way, and that there will be survivors.

No; it will be nuclear; and probably that is why it is allegedly making all attempts to acquire a nuclear weapon. However, it (Iran) must be aware that a nuclear confrontation will be different, as no nation will be left intact. It will have no definite result, as all nations can be annihilated.

In other words, there will be no U.S., there will be no Israel and, of course, there will be no Iran for sure in the end. It will spell out the passing of mankind and life on earth as we all know it.

Obama and Netanyahu have got their work cut out for them; and the whole world is waiting anxiously that their meeting will be fruitful. The outcome of it will affect every single person in this world; and the benefit will be far reaching, if they can come to a mutual agreement.

Nevertheless, Iran must be stopped for world peace to have a chance.


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