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Updated on June 13, 2012

Independent voters are in the way of the winds as well.

The Carville-Greenberg-Seifert memo, which summed up President Barack Obama's campaign as facing strong winds from focus groups in Ohio and Pennsylvania swing voters, should not shroud the president's message that exposed Mitt Romney as a copy-cat of "Reaganomics".

Though, Obama barely mentioned Reagan, except in reverence, because the believed that many Americans, especially the older folks, still respected the legacy of the late president; his economic policies were not as rosy as his speeches that made him "the great communicator".

Reagan has made the private sector to have "a free lunch"; with low taxes and less regulations that suited Wall Street magnates and moguls; and at that time, there were very little or no outsourcing, and so investors ploughed back into the economy to create more jobs.

However, that did not help the middle class American, as the face off with the Air Traffic Control Union almost doomed the philosophy of collective bargaining, when it lost the battle to the Reagan administration and weakened its cohesiveness as a strong labor union.

He, Reagan, was in the mood to destroy the labor force in the country, but he was fully behind the Polish Solidarity movement led by Lech Walesa.

That methodology was about to be repeated by Romney; and it made his policies an open book that the Democratic Party strategists could exploit and told its supporters and independent voters that the system did not favor the working people.

It has continued through the Bush era, with tax breaks for the wealthy and nothing for the middle class and ordinary workers; and that has led to the economic disaster the Democrats inherited after winning the White House in 2008 to put Obama in the Oval Office.

However, the fight would not end there; for the situation was equivalent to the Great Depression of the 1930s, and it would take more time to correct it.

We were not all Democrats or Obama backers, but the true story that would galvanize support for the president should start with the economic mechanism that Reagan unleashed on the United States, known as the "trickle down economics".

Mitt Romney, who happened to be a ward of Wall Street would have no different plan to offer the American people, except for the plutocracy form of government in which the "master/servant" ideology would prevail.

The opportunities in the U.S. were vast for all citizens to have a fair shot at them; but they would not be available for a majority of the people, because many programs that helped the disadvantaged would have to close, due to severe measures that a Romney administration would introduce to improve the country's present economic status.

It seemed that the Democrats were afraid to mention former president Ronald Reagan; and they thought that they would offend independent voters, if they did; yet, he initiated the struggle that the country was facing today.

The trade Unions' strength, which was "the engine" that drove the agendas of the middle class and workers would drastically be reduced. Incomes would remain stagnant for them, while capital gains would soar, with no restrictions whatsoever, for Romney and his friends. The rich would be richer, and the poor, poorer; and the nation would be back to square one.

The Republicans would do anything possible, no matter what it took or how they did it, to win the 2012 presidential election; but that should not happen, due to independent voters and people with no party affiliations like myself, to join forces to make sure that the country's economy was in a recovery path, and therefore it should be given a chance to build up momentum toward a better result.

Anything else would be "old hash" just being repeated; and most people knew where it would end.

No one has got any kind of grudge with the late president Ronald Reagan; but his policies were not at all favorable to the middle class and working men and women in the country; and some one should be bold enough to say it.

They (policies) were going to be adopted by Romney and the Republicans; and the question of "are you better off after four years?" would be just another saying. By that time, the people of this country have already been had, and nothing could be done to save the situation.

The political strong winds, if there are any, that Obama is facing, are not just for Democrats. They are for independent minded people too.


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