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Updated on March 29, 2012

Alito must step aside.

The United States Supreme Court Justices know quite well that the Affordable Health Care Act before them is politically biased either way, as one party wants it repealed and the other wants it to stand.

Among the Justices themselves are those who bear a grudge against the originator, President Barack Obama, from his State of the Union address to a joint Congressional session about two years ago, when one of the Justices yelled, "Not True," after the president has criticized the Supreme Court that a ruling on political contribution would open the floodgates for corporations and big companies to make unqualified donations to one of the major parties than the other.

The two major parties, Democratic and Republican, were divided on that issue, that if no limit was placed on political contributions, the advantage would be one sided in favor of the Republican Party.

The president was predicting the birth of the PACs (Political Action Committees) as there were none in existence, and he was right.

They, PACs, have become part of American political life now, to the point that millions of dollars in political contributions have come from only ... knew where, to fund the Republican Party presidential candidates' campaigns.

The point was that there were no PACs until the decision by the Justices; and since the public was fully aware that Justice Samuel Alito, who belted the "not true" interruption, while the president of the U.S. was speaking, he should step aside in the final adjudication of the health care act before the Justices.

One would ask why? Because, apart from his rude statement to the president, he has been "a thorn in the flesh" as far as the Democratic Party was concerned. Therefore to sit in judgment on the health care Act, a law proposed and passed by the Democrats, would be a deviation or departure from justice itself.

If justice Alito would be brave enough to admit that he has a whole lot against the Obama administration, and that siding with his colleagues, who would vote against the law, signed by President Obama, would be very unfair, then he would have some credibility left to his character.

Also, believe it or not, but it seems that race is a factor in the case, as Obama is an African American, and therefore, anything he does will be criticized by his foes, from that stand point.

Alito, a known Obama foe, disqualifying himself in the decision making of the Supreme Court on Friday, on the health care Act, will be very much appreciated.

It will only be then that the American people will know that a better Court exists now than the one that has voted, some many years ago, that a black man has no rights.

("The black man was not considered a person under the Constitution. ... " by the Supreme Court. "Dred Scott v. Sandford, 1857").


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    • American View profile image

      American View 5 years ago from Plano, Texas

      Enough of the race BS.

      I agree and since I think Alito should step down, so should all 4 Democratic justices who publicly knock the right like Ginsberg does whenever she can. After all, is that what you believe that a justice who publicly puts their political view out there should recuse themselves. Remember whats good for the goose.