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Updated on August 29, 2014

He must have a strategy for Syria now.

The week has been a difficult one for all Americans, when President Obama said that there was no strategy to deal with the militant group, ISIS, in Syria. It became clear to most Americans that he was not doing the right thing.

For goodness sake, that should be what he should be doing now, "The right thing", or he would not be doing his job as president of the U.S., as the crisis concerning ISIS could not be described in any way, but serious, if not dire.

The whole world was looking for the atrocities being perpetrated by ISIS to stop; and the only country that could do just that was none less than the U.S., with its enormous military power. The time to halt ISIS in their tracks was now, to permit everybody to be breathing freely again.

President Obama has no choice now, but develop a strategy for Syria to defeat ISIS. He should order airstrikes against the positions of the militant group in Syria. He should not bother with the civil war between Assad and the free Syrian Army, but focus on ISIS only.

If he didn't do that the situation in the Middle East would get worse, and as Commander In Chief of the U.S. military forces, he would be the one to blame.

Almost every person would be angry with America for standing by, while a group of renegades committed genocide right before their eyes.

The moment should be one of emergency for the whole world, when a lawless group of marauders held innocent people hostage in Iraq and Syria and murdered women, men and children for no reason whatsoever.

Obama must act forthwith. There should be no delay at all on his part.



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