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Updated on March 23, 2012

No comment; not as yet.

As if the public outcry was not enough, a lot of people were clamoring for President Barack Obama to intervene in the killing of Trayvon Martin, a young African American, who was gunned down by a neighborhood watchman in Florida last month.

Martin found himself wandering in a strange place, which was guarded; and as he was looking around, a man in plain clothes approached him and wanted to know why he was there.

The situation became tense, and a scuffle ensued between the two during which the watchman, George Zimmerman, shot and killed Martin, who was unarmed.

Various 911 calls were made before and after the shooting, and the police later arrived on the scene.

The officers discovered that Martin was dead, shot by Zimmerman, but they failed to arrest him, due to a local "stand your ground" law; and so he was allowed to walk.

In other words, stringent police regulations were ignored, because of Zimmerman's immunity derived from that law, as he told the officers that it (shooting) was in self defense.

The parents and family of Martin were insisting that Zimmerman should be placed under arrest, pursuant to Federal law, and they have the public to back them.

The media, including the social outlets like and, have been agog with numerous protests that the shooting was racially motivated, as Martin happened to be African American.

Federal law enforcement officials have been called in to oversee the case, and that would affirm the assurance that the local police could not play any type of favoritism in favor of Zimmerman, who was an aspiring policeman.

Martin's family lawyer and the NAACP officials were all there to see that the investigation was moving in the right direction. Rev. Sharpton was there too to give the family the moral support in such a harrowing situation, as he has done in several instances.

Yet, the idea that Zimmerman was freely walking around, when the Department of Justice officials were involved in the matter was baffling, as in a case like that, the gunman, for whatever reason, would be detained, while the investigation was in progress.

That has not happened, and as a result many people, among them a whole lot of high profile individuals, were requesting the president to intercede with some type of a comment on the Martin case. They were saying that he (Martin) was racially profiled, and so his civil rights were violated.

That has not been proven as yet, as that would be part of the investigative procedure to show that, without malice, Zimmerman, a man bearing a German name, attacked Martin, because he was an African American.

The president has got his hands full with politicians on Capitol Hill, and those running as candidates in the Republican Party nomination race.

They were already using political rhetoric to accuse him of failure on many issues, from the Keystone XL pipeline to his healthcare law, and it would almost be impossible for him to step into a racially motivated incident.

That would give his political assailants more ammunition to deter him, and so, to distract him from his campaign for a second term in the White House; and that would be something many Democratic Party members and sympathizers would object to.

It was an election year, and he should be allowed to concentrate on national and international issues, such as the economy and the high cost of crude oil on the world market; to name just those two.

To deviate from those things would be inadvisable, as they would be disastrous, not only to his campaign, but his normal duties as president to the whole nation, would be drastically interrupted.

In short, the Martin case would become a wedge issue, and that was what his opponents wanted to happen, as it would not only derail his policies on other domestic matters, as gas prices and the contraception insurance coverage for all women, irrespective of religious beliefs, but also his campaign would be affected by a racially underlying controversy.

The parents of Martin should rest assured that the president was with them in spirit; and that he would comment on the case, if he needed to, at the proper juncture.

This Hub was not protecting anyone's interests; it was stating a matter of fact, as what it has said could happen. It was up to you to make your own judgment on it (Hub).


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    • profile image

      owurakwasip 5 years ago

      Thank you, Parks McCants. At least there is one person in America, who understands humanity. You have proved it.

    • Parks McCants profile image

      Parks McCants 5 years ago from Eugene Oregon U.S.A.

      While I don't believe that Obama needs any of us to speak for him, in this case... he did make a statement.

      As to the armed guard? In most juridictions, security guards are not permitted to carry firearms.

      My condolences to Martin's parents on the loss of their son.