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Updated on October 31, 2009

they will win.

"Too many cooks spoil the broth"; caught "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue sea", and a few such sayings have appeared lately in the news media, including the Internet blogs, of course; yet, they must not be applicable to what the White House is experiencing at the present moment, with the comings and goings of important personalities, from both military and civil sectors of American society, because everything there seems to be normal and under control.

All that is to do with President Obama's decision to increase troop levels in the Afghan war theater; either to go with the advise of his National Security Council or to approve a new counterinsurgency strategy, as proposed by Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top military  commanding officer in Afghanistan.

Public polls have been taken to measure the sentiment that dealt with how the president was moving to handle the situation, with several figures showing his approval rating dwindling; such as, "Nearly half of Americans surveyed, 47 percent, now say the war has not been worth fighting, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll. And the question of sending more troops to Afghanistan brings the same stark divide: 47 percent of Americans favor a surge, while a sliver more – 49 percent -- say no.". Yet, the Afghan war is a necessity, for reasons like the 9/11 attacks on mainland America.

As polls are as useful for measuring what is popular and what is not, not all decisions can be based on them; and whatever good works the ABC and Washington Post poll and others intend to achieve, that will be to the anticipation of their readers and viewers.

Nevertheless, it was obvious that, the many consultations with high ranking military officers and civilian experts taking place at the White House, the only sure action that would come out to really have any bearing on the war would be choosing the only one advise that was more practical than all the others; and that should be what the president should be looking for.

He was not sending men and women into battle, just for the sake of doing so; but that they were to have the most salient plan that would ensure their own safety on the battlefield, and to be victorious, in the final analysis; with the most minimum of casualties, if there should be any.

All presidents vow to protect the United States; a sacred oath invoked in the Constitution; and therefore, it becomes incumbent on the current occupier of the White House to insist on what tangible material he may need to undertake that oath. However, most people will agree that the numerous forms of advise given the president in recent weeks, will all have to be weighed on their merits; from the advise in McChrystal's report through to the one given him by Senator John Kerry on his return from Afghanistan, and that of Vice President Joe Biden, respectively.

Needless to say that all that advise will come to naught, if the president fails to choose what will work for the soldiers who are actually facing the onslaught of the Taliban and Al Qaeda militants; and if something is not done to put them in the reverse, they are bound to gain advantage in controlling events, and certainly the outcome of the war.

The decision is a really tough one to make from all the versions of advise the president  has received; but let us imagine that he will make a fruitful and a satisfactory one, to the expectation of a hopeful nation; with the most serious consideration for the men and women in uniform, who are fighting to protect the United States, in mind. They want to win; and given what they want, they will win.


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