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Updated on August 22, 2012

Which of the two must be your team?

The simple approach by the two political tickets of President Barack Obama/Vice-president Joe Biden on one side, and former Gov. Mitt Romney/Rep. Paul Ryan on the other, to the issues of the economy, Medicare, and education, for example, gives them away, in terms of whose interests are a priority to the two teams.

On the economy, Romney/Ryan think that the status quo, with big banks and corporations having a major role to play will be good for the country's sagging economy. While the Obama/Biden team is stressing on the need to use trade and fiscal regulations to control the engines that drive the economy, which are the financial business done on Wall Street and the daily activities of the consumer in the market-place, popularly known as "Main-street".

In other words, the monitoring of the business world, where large sums of money are handled to influence the economy is necessary for those operations and transactions to work properly.

On one hand, rules for tax and other forms of revenue collection must be applied effectively for the smooth running of the economy, and that is the vision of the Obama/Biden team; while, on the hand, a free market, with very little or no restrictions barring investment companies and private investors, in any way, shape or form in conducting business, will be what will grow a strong economy for the country, according to the Romney/Ryan team.

The two visions tell one that one team is playing to please the business world, which in physical terms, is a minority; while the other team wants fairness to prevail for the general population, and for it (population) to benefit from the overall prosperity derived from the economy.

What is sometimes referred to as "the system", must be overhauled for efficient methods to be used openly to accrue revenues for the country's needs to be taken care of; instead of institutions, like banks, corporations, as well as individuals in the private sector, some of whom are commonly known as investors without scruples, making huge profits through the loopholes in the IRS tax code and the monetary system, and paying their executives high dividends and incredible bonuses at the expense of ordinary people, who, through dint of hard work toil day and night to put food on the table for their families.

Those that are saving in off-shore and foreign banks have to fully report their gross or taxable incomes, so that every citizen pays his or her fair share in taxes.

There is no denying that one team is siding with the wealthy in society, while the other team aims at getting the playing field to be even for all and sundry. That is the underlying factor of the real issues in regard to the 2012 presidential election.

So, for coal miners in Philadelphia, for example, who in every sense are ordinary workers, to throw their support behind one side, (as it is being reported in the media), without taking a closer look at "the mission statements" of the two distinct teams of Obama/Biden versus Romney/Ryan, will be a big mistake. They must give themselves a chance of a second look.

They have to think again, or they may be barking up the wrong tree; and that will take the country on the route to nowhere. They must bear in mind that the economy will be back to square one in another four years, if there is no change in "the system". They must therefore choose their team very wisely; and so must the country at large.


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