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Updated on October 2, 2009

an important trip

The trip to Denmark to lobby Olympic leaders to give the 2016 Summer Games to Chicago would just be a respite that President Obama needed from his former political perch, when he used to be just a Senator from Chicago.

Moving into the White House must have considerably changed his outlook on life to the realization that politics as a whole was a "different kettle of fish", and that he must change some of his ideological positions and become politically mainstream, which was sometimes referred to as "middle of the road" position in the political world, to be able handle himself well, or failure would be stirring him in the face.

He has definitely got himself in a kind of a clutch, which was not sustainable with liberal thinking. He could only sustain himself with "free thought", which was entirely different from the former; and which the general American political philosophy allowed every citizen to be involved in. That was the original basis of free speech inducted into the American Constitution by its writers, to enable each person to hold his or her own thoughts and to express them outwardly whenever that was necessary.

Previously, he had surrounded himself with thoughts, some of which were radical, because some of his advisers were to the left of the political aisle, obviously; and he had the right to accept what was being dished out to him, for future political inclination's sake; however, presently, he was surrounded with expert advisers, whose advise he has the obligation to accept to be able to run the country as its president. 

The responsibilities have become great, with domestic policies that he must pursue, as well as international issues that were so pressing and needed him to rethink his views in order to align himself with the realities of this world more than anything else to be able to cope with them. 

Health Care reform, the bailout for the car and motor industry, the economy, and the streamlining of regulations for the banks and Wall Street, high Unemployment, Guantanamo, which was turning out to be a debacle, the CIA criminal investigation; the war in Afghanistan, the Iranian nuclear controversy; plus Army Gen, Ray Odierno's report that the time limit of troop withdrawal in Iraq was unrealistic ; etc. etc.; all would cause him to need a break, hence his decision to make it to Denmark.

It would only be a good thing for himself, personally; and for the nation as a whole, to have him succeed in his quest to bring the Summer Olympic Games to Chicago. The little time that he would spend there, though very costly in terms of (the) national budget, would be worthwhile; and also he was entitled to a respite, only once, now and then, to properly perform his duties as president of the United States.

Let him go; please.


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