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Updated on October 21, 2009

two wars

Looking through colored glasses has always been the style of many liberals; and it was mainly their vote that won the recent presidential election for the Democratic Party, and therefore they were interested on imposing their agendas on the Obama government, which was, by and large, a proponent of those agendas too. Therefore, the only way to pursue their objectives would be to have a place in the deliberation making enclave or "the loop", in order to influence policy.

The cultural attitude of American politics has been based on constitutional law amendments, whose foundations stemmed from the collective philosophical gems of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"; and nobody would ever want to deviate from that sacred rite.

However, it has also been the experience of many aspiring politicians that, being on the outside of government was one thing, just as being on the inside was another; or that might have just dawned on them.

Being on the outside of government was a position from where criticisms, constructive or not, could be projected to expect an administration to conform, not only to its policies, but also to be open to others, even though they might be objectionable to their way of thinking or would involve unfavorable radical ideologies. The alternate scenario was that, when the opposite faction, by virtue of the ballot box, gained power, that would completely go to change the political landscape; but the complexion of its philosophies would not alter. When that should happen, there would be internal conflicts that would go on within the ranks of that faction.

In other words, for a strongly radical administration to assume the responsibility of government, and then discovering the realities of policy making, it would be at loggerheads with its own ideologies; and finding that it was hardly practical to implement all its agendas, it became stuck in the middle of nowhere; and that was when criticisms became compulsory anathemas.

We can picture America in that situation, now that President Obama is occupying the White House; and that the colored glasses have dropped, and he and his people are seeing things more realistically.

Realities always appear on the political scene as mirages to the outsider, and he or she can shower criticisms or even poke jokes at what others are doing to find sustainable ways to make things right; yet, when they (realities) become apparent to him or her, the outsider, when he or she becomes the insider, he or she is faced with a sandstorm, and he or she is now blinded in such a way that reaching simple decisions are not all that simple after all. Yet, whether they are or not, decisions have to be made.

The Obama government is fighting two wars, and therefore the president cannot sit on the fence looking in; no, not anymore. The names of the enemy must not be allowed to grow stronger, as that will only impede his own objective of a peaceful world. They are the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and he must decide on what to do with them now.

Let Gen. Stanley McChrystal have his troops; notwithstanding the runoff presidential election between Karzai and Abdullah in Afghanistan. Some of his liberal friends may object to such a decision; however, that is the way he has to go.


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