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Updated on October 19, 2012

That is what drives him.

President Barack Obama is a different guy; he is the bravest person in America, as he speaks of the future, while a majority in Washington D.C., including the United States Congress, speak of the present or even the past only.

High ranking economists in the country do not even understand him, as they assume that he thinks as normally as they do; although, they can brainstorm figures and high mathematical calculations to correct the path of an economic condition, if there is the need for that.

That is where they stop, because the future always looks uncertain to them; and if they only can throw all their books away, and study Obama, they will be able to observe an outlook in him that has never been seen before in politics, worldwide.

It is an outlook, so positive and proactive, many experts deduce that it sometimes keeps him (Obama) awake all night (as his wife, Michelle is the only one who can vouch for that), as he himself searches for the source of that outlook or better still, feeling. It is simply quite different, if not completely unique. It shows in his attitude during his waking hours.

.... and so, it has been one man versus "the rest", since he took office, and that was why he made a statement recently that, ".... you cannot change Washington from the inside. You can only change it from the outside."

"Hope and change" that he used as a slogan to get to where he is now has been misunderstood; and though, his political ideology ran parallel with liberalism, and even as some would say, socialism; but that (ideology) has not metamorphosed while he was growing up, going to school and through his college years or even when he became a politician in Chicago.

Whether the gene that drove him came from his father or mother, that could not be fully ascertained, but he was born with it. It has been an inbred feeling that he has had for many years; that, somehow, he could change the world's system; and whether that would be politically or any other way, that did not matter.

Quite an ambition and a feat to overcome; isn't it?

Washington D.C. has some of the best brains in the country, if not in the world, concentrated in one place; and they became Obama's subject, not only for changing their outlook, which was limited, in his view, but also their MINDSET.

If he could only achieve that, he could totally change America, and eventually the whole world.

Take a look at the so called "Fiscal Cliff", for example, that was certainly creating an enormous problem for most politicians and economists; Obama's approach happened to be very simple, in that he wanted the Bush tax cuts to be extended for middle class workers, while his opponent, Mitt Romney, would not let them expire. if he could help it, for another sector of society, the wealthy.

He, Romney, has the assurance that the wealthy deserved those breaks, as they were the "job creators", and by so doing the growth of the economy would come out of their investment efforts, as a direct product.

Obama, on the other hand, was looking at the numbers, as how many were considered as middle class; and in his view, and correctly so, they outnumbered the wealthy, so that if they had their tax burden reduced, consumer confidence would be more expandable and that would grow the economy even faster.

The irony of that was, most learned economists, one from Harvard University and the other, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, agreed with Romney more, as they spotlight on his plan as "having the edge". What?

Obama was also facing a stern Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, John Boehner, who was adamant in making the catastrophe to occur, as he and his "backbencher" majority would want nothing less than to keep the Bush era tax breaks for the upward mobility group and the official Wall Street occupants only.

That has become a fixation or a fixture for the GOP and its candidate for the 2012 presidential election; but it has also become a "one man went to mow a meadow" feature for Obama. It was really difficult, as he surmised that the middle class would be forced to contribute more in taxes with the Romney plan.

His idea was futuristic, while their plan was designed for now; the status quo.

To him, if he could only change the mindset in Washington D.C., that would lead to changing the world's economy, of which the U.S. happened to have the biggest portion, and staked against that of China, India, Russia, etc. etc.

According to the Obama plan, the Trickle down economy that has brought the U.S. to a stage, where it (economy) has become stagnant would go, and to be replaced by a "middle class" powered economy, which would bear more self improvement opportunities for all the people of this country. Yet, he seemed to have been blocked from all sides.

However, "That all men are created equal." .... and that was the analytic, philosophical doctrine, which was directing Obama and his life; and so he has HOPE.


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