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Updated on July 27, 2011

Is it in question?

The Republican Party's zeal for the United States government to default, by all intents and purposes, seems not just political, but also racial.

Its leaders know that pushing the so called "deadlock" past August 2nd., will cause extensive damage, not only to the country's sluggish economy, but it will destroy the reputation the U.S. has in world financial circles.

It would make the U.S. dollar less valuable, which in effect would bring about inflation and high cost of living; and that would be the lesser part of how foreboding things would look like.

Besides, Wall Street would "sneeze", which would put main street on notice that a downturn of the economy was about to happen; and with it would farther exacerbate the present recession, and make unemployment levels and interest rates to rise; thus increasing the financial hardships for the general public at large.

The public, however, is led to believe that the Republican Party has plans, such as the "Cut, Cap and Balance" to present as a political peace maker to ward off the impending catastrophe that the failure of raising the debt ceiling will bring. Wrong!

Their thoughts are the reverse, for they are earnestly looking forward to seeing America defaulting, and putting the blame on the people who think that anything they (Republicans) have to offer is just a ruse.

The membership has even gone to the extent of denying that "default" would affect anything adversely, and that there was enough money to cover all government expenses, like military payments and Social Security. Therefore all the fear mongering about the outcome of it (default) was false.

Yet, the whole world knew that if the U.S. failed to honor its debt payments just for once, it would have a devastating economic effect on all monetary markets around the globe. It would be the first time that the one currency, which came next in value to gold, has been deliberately allowed to sink, all by itself.

With all that going on, President Barack Obama would personally be blamed, and his government would be condemned for policies unbecoming of the U.S.

The truth would be that his detractors have planned all along that whatever slight chance that came their way, they would use it to derail the Obama administration. That went to show that the animosity toward the president went beyond the ordinary, as having a problem with a person, but also his race must be considered as part of it (problem).

Therefore, the best avenue to use to get rid of him was to place stumbling blocks in his path. For the first time around, America has defaulted under an administration, which happened to have an African American at its head. Nevertheless, would not that be surprising to notice that such happenstance would not be permitted to occur under any other president?

The Republicans really did not want Obama to succeed; and they would organize, as well as muster every effort in the vein, to disgrace him, because of his race. They would do so, and "let the chips fall where they may" for the whole country. In all that, their charlatan attitude toward the debt crisis could not be overlooked or even be underestimated.

It may be a wild speculation; however, is Obama's race in question? Think about it.


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    • profile image

      Ghost32 6 years ago

      It's not Obama's race; it's his radical liberal tax-and-spend-and-control-everything policies. If Herman Cain becomes the Republican nominee in 2012, we'll vote for him in a heartbeat.

      It's not the color; it's the incompetence.