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Updated on March 27, 2012

Limbaugh should know better.

Rush Limbaugh's argument that President Barack Obama referred to Trayvon Martin, the diseased African American teenager, who had died from a gun shot by a Florida neighborhood watchman, as his (president's) son was not true.

The president was using an analogy to say that he felt deeply for the family that has lost a son; and though, that family happened to be African American, it (analogy) did not equate to the skin color of Trayvon.

The statement in question did not correspond to what Limbaugh was making his listeners to believe, that the president was being racially inclined.

In other words, the remarks by the president could reference any family in America, whose member has suffered death, while doing no harm to anyone.

The story of Trayvon Martin could be any other boy's story, as he was walking home from the store, with a hoodie over his head, and he was not thinking of anything else at the time, but to get to where he was going.

Suddenly, he was confronted by a man, who might have asked about where he was heading, and he reacted and answered that it was none of the man's business. The man, now identified as George Zimmerman, continued to follow him, and he might have somehow touched Trayvon's person.

The boy turned around and said, "Come on, let go," trying to free himself. Instead of Zimmerman becoming civil in his actions and subsequent interrogation, he became unreasonably aggressive, and the situation catapulted into a scuffle.

The boy was defending himself, and he was able to beat off his pursuer and inflicted a blow on his face to give him a broken and bleeding nose. Trayvon was unarmed, and so, it was a fair fight, until the man pulled out a gun for whatever reason.

The boy was still in the mode of defending himself, and so he rushed Zimmerman to get the gun away, but it was too late for him to do so, because it was in that instant that the man fired the gun.

Zimmerman had been in contact with a dispatcher of the local police, who told him to stop chasing after the trespasser, which he (Zimmerman) thought Trayvon was; and even so, he was not up to anything that could be described as criminal for Zimmerman to be so intensely suspicious.

Therefore, there was no need for him (Zimmerman) to start a fight with Trayvon Martin, in the first place.

The boy laid dead after the shot, in an unfamiliar neighborhood; a community within a gated area that had a security company or a neighborhood watch guarding its property. He was young and only 17 years of age, and that should not have happened to him.

That was what the president was addressing his remarks to; an unfortunate tragedy that had befallen a family like his. Only to indicate that Trayvon was a boy, and he (Obama) had two daughters.

In was in that light that he made the statement, "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon," just to show his sympathy toward the grieving family.

That was naturally understandable to millions of Americans, who took to the streets to demonstrate that children, of whatever shade of skin color, must be fearless walking practically anywhere in the country.

Zimmerman should have been arrested by the police that went to the scene, because he has earlier been instructed to stop following Trayvon, and he ignored that warning; and that alone was probable cause for the officers to place him in custody.

To politicize the case and make the president to be someone, who was discriminating against any other child, due to his or her color, was disingenuous and improper; and Limbaugh and other politicians attempting to gain some kind of advantage to maximizing their radio shows and political campaigns, should be ashamed of themselves.

The best those people could do would be to advice Zimmerman to give himself up to the police and to face the charges of killing an unarmed person.

Instead, he has chosen to remain in hiding, and that has infuriated a lot of people even more so; hence the civil gatherings and demonstrations around the country.

Aiding and abetting Zimmerman by anyone was not the right thing to do.


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