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Updated on October 18, 2012

He must be deserving of one.

Vacation is for rest and relaxation, and everybody needs one, once in a while, not only for himself or herself, but for the whole family in many cases.

It is a break from the tedium of doing a series of the same things repeatedly, almost everyday; and the respite, from the monotony of those activities, becomes a necessity, otherwise it will affect your health in many adverse ways.

Even presidents need rest from time to time, away from the massive responsibility they carry. They have to refresh themselves, soul, body and spirit, to be able to have a "work to life" balancing existence.

The controversy surrounding President Barack Obama's vacation in Martha's Vineyard is therefore ridiculous.

At the present moment the country is in dire straits, as far as the economy is concerned, and that has to be what Americans and their politicians must mostly worry or care about; to get a whole lot of people, over 15 million of them, working again and paying their taxes to replenish the revenue that the government hurriedly needs.

The main stream media, and particularly Fox News, must stop the nitpicking that goes on in several of their news broadcasts. Their analysts and news contributors, must refrain from using the slightest excuse to criticize Obama; the latest being "Obama's vacation, and the moral it is having on the nation's fiscal status as a whole,".

At first, they were suggesting that he should cut short his vacation to deal with the economic crisis; and to recall Congress, which was in recess, and urge it to tackle the situation with the determination it deserved.

However, they knew very well that members have just gone away from a really hectic session, in the handling of the debt ceiling and deficit reduction problems, and that their vacation days would be rudely interrupted.

The same pundits in the media would then turn around and say that it was a mistake for a recall, and that Congressmen and women were entitled to a well honored break.

They are now attacking the president's own time out of the White House, and comparing his number of vacations with other presidents; by saying that his were more excessive. They also are using his approval ratings, which they assert are pretty low, to get him back to work.

Yet, the president cannot be underestimated, in regard to the seriousness of the economy; and its reparation must be uppermost on his mind. He has set out to have a new plan that will reverse the downward trend of job creation. Unemployment must be reduced with a far reaching proposition; one that will put more people to work and rejuvenate the economy.

Many Americans are thinking that he must be given the opportunity to redress some of his past policies; correct his mistakes, (if he has made any), and brush up on the type of advice he has been having from his financial experts and follow up on them, in terms of getting the economy back on track.

He can do just that, if he is allowed; but his vacation must not be a pretext for his opponents to use to condemn his efforts.

We are not all supporters of Obama, but we must sometimes prepare to give him the benefit of the doubt, even when it comes to his vacation; for he is not out to cheat the country in any way.

He and his family must therefore have the chance to enjoy their short stay in rustic and quiet Martha's Vineyard, from the hubbub of Washington D.C.

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    • profile image

      owurakwasip 5 years ago

      This hub stands on its own merit. It or any part of it appears nowhere else.

    • American View profile image

      American View 6 years ago from Plano, Texas

      I know you said many Americans want to give Obama a chance to fix his mistakes, and there are many. But the recent approval polls do not agree with you, especially on the question of do they approve of the Presidents handling of the economy. According to Gallup, only 26% of America approves Of Obamas handling of the economy.

      THe Whitehouse has already started leaking his jobs proposal because they want to show he has one to release in September. Obama is looking for another stimulus package, guess the first one was not enough of a failure for him. Then he wants to make the payroll cut permanent. Now I think everyonwould back a federal withholding cut being made permanent. Problem is that one does not exist to be made permanent. What Obama did was to cut the SS withholding by 2% reulting in a small increase in take home pay. Was it wise to cut revenues by 2% on a vital program that was going broke? All he ensures with making that cut permanent is that SS will go broke quicker.

      If Obama is serious about the economy, there are 2 reports he has ignore over the years on recommendations on what can be done to improve the economy. Perhaps instead of blowing them off, he should read and follow some of them.

    • American View profile image

      American View 6 years ago from Plano, Texas

      I have seen some of what you have described nere on Fox and on CNN. For fairness, reporters from both stations have said the President should either not gone or cut short his vacation to address the mounting issue on the economy. But both stations have acknowlege that Presidents are entitled to a vacation.

      What is consistant and painfully true, is that both stations major critisism is about the cost involved. The President has said several times while touring on bus force one that there is no where to cut the budget. He just does not want to cut spending. His idea of fiscal restraint and job creation is to take a 3 day campaign tour at taxpayers expense that will come in around $ 10 million. He then went on a 10 day vaction to a place that will cost the taxpayers $56,000 per week just for the rental. That does not count all the other expenses like Secret Service and more.

      One other correction is that both Fox and CNN report that Bush has taken many more vactions than Obama has, while Obama has spent more on his vacations since President than both Bush and Clinton combined. I am not sure where they got the info on that, but there must be some base in it since they both reported it.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 6 years ago from America

      ..........yes poor ole mr president needs another vacation,..........I give him NO slack! those libs hounded Bush for golf and going to his ranch in Crawford, Obama has now played 3 times as much golf as Bush did in 8 years! Let us not forget the trips overseas and cost to taxpayers!..........Bush went to his own ranch for vacation!