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The Debt Ceiling Crisis is Over; Back to Jobs and John Boehner's Chutzpa is STILL Unbelievable - You Gota Love It [116]

Updated on May 3, 2012

APPARENTLY, PRIOR to the release of July's employment statistics, John Boehner released the following statement on his website: "Today's unemployment report is more proof that all of the Washington spending, taxing, and regulating is devastating our economy. While the American people are asking 'where are the jobs?' the Democrats running Washington are determined to punish small businesses with higher taxes and more red tape – including hundreds of new regulations last month alone – and to keep their spending binge going at all costs. Instead of more jobs, they're creating more fear, more uncertainty, and more debt."

Blantantly lying to the public, with a smile on your face, is a sure sign of a strong Social Dominator orientation.

  1. Unemployment dropped in July to 9.1% from 9.2%; it is now down to 8.6% for Nov 2011
  2. He throws a toally unsupportable number out there, to wit: hundreds of regulations in June alone, without defining what those regulations were ... what if they were all to prevent airplane accidents.
  3. President Obama has lowered taxes on small businesses, not raised them. Republican proposals, stopped by Democrats, would have raised taxes on all but the wealthy, and that can be proved, unlike his claims
  4. Much of the increase in the national debt came from two sources, which he, being the good Social Dominator that he is, neglects to mention, the carry-over from President Bush's failed administration and President Obama's successful attempt to prevent this country from sliding into a Depression. Other than that, Democrats have done thier damndest to cut spending in a RESPONSIBLE way that doesn't drive America back into a Recession, which the Conservatives seem hell-bent on doing,
  5. Boehner also fails to admit that he is a proponent of taking money from the poor and middle class in order to give it to the wealthy, who don't need it, which is what has happened since the 1970s, rather than the other way around.

What Do The Polls Say

I STARTED THIS HUB in July, it is now Dec. Where I got the following poll statistics is beyond me, at the moment, hopefully I saved the source somewhere. Nevertheless, they are interesting seemed pertinant to Speaker Boehner's comment at the time.

The survey was a comparison of how people felt now (July 2011) and a few years ago. Here are some of the findings:

1. To the question of "How much better off are than a year ago", only 3% said Much Better while 43% thought they were doing Worse Off to one degree or another. What is interesting, however, only 30% of those making more that $75,000/yr thought they were worse off. That means, of course, that more than 43% of those making less than $75K thought they were worse off, why is that if the Democrats are taking so much money from the rich and giving it to the poor?

If we look at how people feel in the range around About the Same as last year, the number is 88%, with the bias leaning toward slightly worse off.

12% of respondents thought they were Much Worse Off.

2. For the question, "Looking toward next year, do you feel you will be doing ...". 8% said Much Better, not very high and lower than in 2009.

However, like the previous question, 88% of the respondents thought things were remain nearly the same, but was biased this time toward being Slightly Better, which the way it was in 2009. In the Much Worse column, the results dropped to 4%, down from 2009.

So, looking toward the future, there is a glimmer of hope in the populous. But, today, the rest of the results tell the story.

3. "Compared to 3 years ago (2007), are you spending [More] or [Less] on vacations and travel?"

More - 8%, Less - 51%, Same - 41%. The Same result surprised me, I thought it would lower and the Less higher.

4. "Compared to 3 years ago, are you spending [More] or [Less] on clothes"

More - 6%, Less - 61%, Same - 33%

5. "Over the past 3 years, have you been shifting your money toward more growth oriented investments such as stocks?"

Yes - 18%, No - 82%

6."Over the past three years, have you been spending more time looking for special deals or discounts before you make purchases?"

More Time - 85%, Less Time - 15% (Note - no difference between rich and poor)

7."Compared to three years ago, how much are you spending now on dining out?"

More - 5%, Less - 63%, Same - 32% (Note - only 57% of affluent households are spending less)

8. "Compared to three years ago, how much are you spending now on groceries and food to eat at home?"

More - 23%, Less - 24%, Same 54%

10. "In the long run, do you think your children will be better off than you? Worse off?"

Better Off - 30%, Same - 19%, Worse Off - 34%, Don't Know - 17% (Pessimism has clearly sunk in. Two years ago, 42% of respondents thought their children would be Better Off. )

Has Anybody Noticed ...

... THAT THERE IS NOTHING ORIGINAL in the Tea Party/Conservative message anymore? I don't mean that they come up with new philosophies to espouse to differentiate themselves from the Democrats but they have nothing new to support their fundamental beliefs.

Since I have been alive and can remember, the mantra has been the same with very little supporting facts; Democrats are the Tax and Spend and Over-regulate party, and more recently, the Tax and Spend and Regulate party. The Conservatives keep making these claims, like the good Social Dominators and Right-wing Authoritarian followers that they are in the face of the following:

  • It was Democrat Roosevelt that engineered the way out of the greatest depression in American history
  • It was Democrat Roosevelt who shepherded in a tough set of financial regulations that protected America until they were nullified by Conservatives which resulted in the great Conservative Recession of 2008
  • It was the Democrat Truman who initiated the first tax decrease after WW II until the Korean War forced him to reverse coarse.
  • It was the Democrat Kennedy who passed the first substantial tax decrease after a tepid one from Eisenhower right after the Korean War was over.
  • It was the Democrat Kennedy who had the first balanced budget in who knows how long in 1960, building off some austerity measures Republican Eisenhower was forced into from a runaway debt.
  • It was the Democrat Kennedy, then Johnson who presided over the longest sustained period of growth throughout ALL economic sectors of the economy, not just the wealthy, in American history to that time.
  • It was Democrat Clinton who presided over what became the longest period of economic growth in American history that benefited all economic sectors of society.
  • It was Democrat Obama who stopped, in the face of relentless criticism by John Boehner and the rest of the Conservatives, America from falling into a depression worse than one in 1929
  • It was the Conservative agenda which led to a century of panics, depressions, and deep recessions from around 1820 through 1929
  • It was Conservative Reagan who created the largest deficit that America had ever seen up until 2000, which led to the recession around 1990.
  • It was Conservative George W. Bush who presided over the Conservative government who engineered the Great Recession of 2008.
  • Since the end of the Korean War, nine recessions began in Republican/Conservative administrations and one, all of six months long, began in the Carter administration.
  • Since the end of the Korean War, taxes were lowered on all tax payers four times, three Republican and one Democrat, and once, Republican, for the wealthy only.
  • Since the end of the Korean War, taxes were raised on all tax payers, once, Republican; non-wealthy only, once, Republican; wealthy only, twice, one Republican and one Democrat.

With that kind of record, I don't where the Conservative get off calling the Democrats the Tax and Spend party since it was the Reagan and George W. Administrations that were responsible for the two largest deficits in American history, go figure. Is John Boehner trying to set another record, one in the Big Lie department?


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    • My Esoteric profile image

      My Esoteric 6 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL

      Thank you Au fiat, for your insightful comments, you nailed it. Just to expand slightly on one point you make " ... I haven't even heard that 4-letter word -- JOBS -- pass their lips since the election."

      I would comment that the word has passed their lips, but only to criticize President Obama about not creating them while doing everything in their power stopping every initiative he has tried to increase jobs.

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 6 years ago from North Texas

      A lot of people who are unemployed are not counted. Once I stopped receiving unemployment benefits (May 2010) I was no longer counted. The number of unemployed people is MUCH greater than what is reported.

      I blame Republicans primarily for the huge number of people who are unemployed, and they have done nothing to improve the situation. I believe they said leading up to the 2010 elections that if they were elected in large numbers they would focus like a laser on creating jobs. So over a year later, where are the jobs? I haven't even heard that 4-letter word -- JOBS -- pass their lips since the election.

      For those people who have lost their jobs, homes, and retirement funds, and in many cases everything they had, this is a depression. Recession is just a soma word so that people will forget the thousands of people living in tents all across this country and the millions of people unemployed through no fault of their own.

      Better to be tax and spend as opposed the Bush Administration's policy of Borrow and Spend. Much of the national debt is the result of unpaid for wars (3.7 trillion), unpaid for tax breaks for wealthy people (3 trillion), and attempts to fix the mess the first two caused.

      Tax rates, especially for the wealthy, used to be MUCH higher during the Eisenhower Administration and even as recently as the Reagan Administration. I don't think it is that we're spending so much more money than we used to, as that we are taking in less revenue to pay the bill, despite our larger tax paying population.

    • My Esoteric profile image

      My Esoteric 6 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL

      Interesting question, Credence. I would say Boehner is an Introvert, judging from his body language, in spite of and except for his chosen field of politics, where I think Extaversions comes through. I find that in myself, a wall flower at a party but get me talking one-on-one about something I know and care about, then watch out. He at least shows the world he is a Sensor, there is nothing Intuitive about him. Since he appears to the world through his information aquisition Type, that makes him a Perceiver of some degree; Judgers come across as a Thinker or Feeler. As to these last two, I am not sure, he certainly cries a lot and logic doesn't seem to work with him so I put him down as an 'F'. Therefore, I conclude he is an ISFP, except in politics where he is an ESFP.

      OH well, so much for my prognostication. Politician is not one of the career choices listed for ESFPs, not even close, lol.

    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Hello, ME, yes there is a misinformation campaign going on in regard to GOP accusations. Because when one looks closely they have never held water. BTW, Chris, JFK was not a conservative. Conservatives always say that using 20/20 hindsight. If you evaluated his administration from the vantage point of someone living in 1962, he was anything but conservative. ME, what do you think Boehner is in the MMPI? Chris, would you deny Bill Clinton any credit for the successful management of the economy during his term and his resourcefullness in making a fool out of him nemesis, Newt Gingrich? I will look forward to reading your article on the topic, Chris as always. As for Boehner,lies from a fellow who always find it easy to lie and throw a certain amount of bravado in to make it all seem convincing.

    • My Esoteric profile image

      My Esoteric 6 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL

      That is what it is all about Chris, the interchange of ideas. You are quite right in terms of labels as well, although I disagree somewhat with your assignment. My take is thus:

      Truman was a Social Moderate and leaning toward Fiscal Conservatism;

      Eisenhower was less a Social Moderate and more a Fiscal Conservative;

      Kennedy was a Social Liberal but sill a bit of a Fiscal Conservative;

      Johnson was a Social Progressive and a Fiscal Liberal;

      Nixon, who the hell knew;

      Carter, who cared;

      Reagan, Social Conservative and Fiscal Conservative by word but not by act;

      H.S. Bush, Social semi-Conservative and Fiscal Pragmatist leaning toward Conservative;

      Clinton, Social Progressive and Fiscal Pragmatist (by the way, his program was set under the Democratic Congress, not the Republican one; he battled the Republicans to keep it in place);

      W. Bush, Social and Fiscal Very Conservative;

      Obama, Social Progressive and Fiscal Pragmatist leaning toward Liberal.

    • CMerritt profile image

      Chris Merritt 6 years ago from Pendleton, Indiana

      Good Morning My Esoteric,

      Remember Kennedy was more of a conservative than a liberal. Clinton was led by a conserative congress.

      All I can say is that being a republican does not mean being a conservative. Tax and spend is done by dems and repubs, no refuting that point.

      It does not take a fact book to see what politicians has done the last thirty plus years....spending money we don't have to spend, sums it all up.

      With all of this said, I am now in the process of writting yet another hub in response to this.

      As always, it is a pleasure to exchange with you,