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OK The Gloves Are Off

Updated on July 20, 2016

I am done being nice about this

For many months now, I have tried to take the high road on this presidential election, and I think that my past Hubs reflect that. But these first few days of this Rebublican convention have got me off the rails. The message of hatred and fear coming from the Republicans is beyond scary. It is downright insane, and it has to stop. When will SOMEONE in the conservative movement come out and say that enough is enough?

I am not sorry to say that the people who support Donald Trump are, in practice and in principal, fascists and bigots, weather they understand it it or not. The facts mean nothing to the blind supporters of this man. The speakers at this convention so far have spewed nothing but vile and divisive messages that best reflect the conservatove credo: The Clintons are the devil incarnate, and President Obama is a muslim, period. That is really despicable, and does nothing to advance the country in general. It is hard to imagine a more ignorant approach, and unfortunately, it is not surprising. The Republicans embrace ignorance, and count on it on every election.

Trump himself has said that he loves the un-educated, and that is the most truthfull thing he has ever said. That's right, the dumber the better. He got that one right. And his defenders are so on board with his bull-crap that they will defend it all. It is really pathetic, and they shoud have to show some shame, but they never will.


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