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Updated on February 14, 2012
It's not nice to invite someone to kiss where the sun does not shine. :(
It's not nice to invite someone to kiss where the sun does not shine. :(
People generally knows what the middle finger is for; MUST WE SAY IT AS WELL?
People generally knows what the middle finger is for; MUST WE SAY IT AS WELL?
Very unique....point taken; geez.
Very unique....point taken; geez.
I am not sure about this one? I am pretty sure it was meant as disrespectful; but then again it could have been intended as homage. WHO KNOWS (?) The woman is dead....let her rest in peace.
I am not sure about this one? I am pretty sure it was meant as disrespectful; but then again it could have been intended as homage. WHO KNOWS (?) The woman is dead....let her rest in peace.

You never know what to expect when you log into the INTERNET. Online many of us communicate in positive and negative ways. ONLINE NEGATIVITY is my subject today. Online there is an vast array of people expressing their ideas, hurts, disappointments, information, love, kindness and so forth. I have been inspired by many of my online friendships; including NEGATIVITY. I know you may be asking yourself "How can she be inspired from Negativity?" Simply put I am an REALIST....I understand we all have good days and bad days. I am guilty of expressing negative thoughts and posting them to comments without realizing how my words can hurt others; therefore I am more graceful when handling others especially if they are not known to be negative. Once my negativity is confronted; I realize the errors of my ways. I apologize and move on hoping I have restored hurt feelings and disappointment. Sometimes people will not forgive and those negative comments create Negative Opinions about you.

The advice I have given to myself is....IF I HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY; DON'T SAY ANYTHING!! Especially after yesterday....OMG; I was called an BIGOT AND ASS! Well deserved; because I was being insensitive and I did generalize. However, yesterday, I would not admit this. After a good night's sleep and the reality checks, I re-read the comment and they were so true plus I was being a JERK. Once the dust settles, I do realize my mistakes and APOLOGIZE with Sincerity.

SINCERITY is lacking online as well as in LIFE. We are becoming an society which are falling back into our barbaric ways. We do not show others courtesy and I would hate to see what would happen if we actually met in person. I know many would not have the balls to say what they so openly express online. It's something about being able to hide behind our computers that gives us the freedom to say what we otherwise would not say openly. Retribution and Jail Sentences being the defining factors of the face to face "hush, hush." It's something about face to face people act cowardly and from some of the comments I have read online; it's pretty safe to say these people are cowards. As in person we should be a little more sensitive to the feelings of others; even if we do not feel like it. Personally, I am sick of the prejudice so openly displayed and the (N) word. So what.......we're black; they are white, yellow, red and whatever else!

We have names for them as well; but only use them when confronted by their hatred. I have been called worst things than a Nigger. It's really Old and many need to get over themselves. We are all people and not better than the other. I bleed they bleed. I die from hunger they die from hunger, etc.,etc., etc.. The (N) word represents ignorance; a character defect. It has nothing to do with skin color although it was created to harm, degrade and humiliate a race of people. UPDATE it's no longer an weapon; it's just a word. Another thing about online; it's the stage for people wanting to be noticed such as nudity. There are children online and most of their parents do not monitor the sites their children visit. This is when we need to be responsible adults and keep this type of behavior at a minimum. Adult males and females alike are luring our children to be their playmates and I am not talking about as in playground.

Online is an great resource must we make it so negative? Must we be barbaric, hateful, insensitive and racist? Is there any kindness left in this world? I guess NOT! Therefore, I will be to let others be. I can say this much for online; I have met seemingly great people; but then again......We all are not what we say we are online. God Bless

Copyright 2011. PFP


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