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Updated on November 21, 2009

this must be your day, Oprah.

Harpo Studios on Washington Boulevard in Chicago, Illinois, will never be the same after September of 2011, when the Oprah Winfrey Show will cease. It will become part of history; the history of the windy city; and of a young lady who has gained so much fame from zillions of fans all around the globe.

It was a sad scene to see "Ms. O." herself standing on a stage and bidding farewell to an admiring live audience; a crowd of people, women and men; and to the world on millions of television screens cutting across International boundaries; in towns and villages, where the people have watched the show from when they first had the privilege of seeing a television set. The face they could remember most was that of an African-American woman who has achieved stardom through dignity and the dint of hard work.

By her ingenuity, the studios could invite women from all walks of life to a place where they could be in the company of other women, and would feel naturally so, to be themselves. They had flocked there to be part of a show, to talk and mingle with each other and to enjoy life as it should be realized. They had joined a family of friends from every corner of the world; even from where women were not socially recognized or acceptable; but they had the leadership of one person to advise them, chat with them, and even chatter about them; and all in their own best interest. 

They had gossiped about personalities and about their own image. They had discussed their role in society, and in so many vicarious ways, had found solutions to problems, their own and those of their kind; and even of others, who were not their kind; men.

That was not just a show. It has been an achievement of profound expectations, capturing the imagination of the smart, the foolish and the in between; to teach, inform, prepare women of all ages for better lives; and to impart to them, both in body and spirit, the importance of their position in all the activities of human kind. It has been a labyrinth of knowledge, not just for women, but a "clear and present" lesson for all humanity to learn from. Its wisdom; unexcelled.

Of course, "O" was feisty and repetitive sometimes; she was flamboyant and mellow dramatic at other times, and she even became quarrelsome, contentious, argumentative, belligerent; you name it, and she was that person. Yet, she did all that for fun; but most importantly, for the sake of bringing people together, to learn, to examine, to encourage, to be bold and be able to endure all adversities. 

She never, never lost control of herself. The integrity and the gentility of the show were some of her main concerns. She was also a person who had both her feet on the ground, as one could sway her, shove her, shock her; one could do the kind of things that could cause her to lose faith in her fellow human being; but she would not be moved.

Her's was one of the greatest human stories; her's was (and it still is) one of the best shows in the history of the (television) industry; her's was a classic accomplishment that could never be beaten.

Good show, "Ms. O."; all are wishing you the best after this one; all will miss it and you. 


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