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Updated on May 31, 2016

Fellow Nigerians, my brothers, and sisters of the Ibo origins, I salute every one of you with all my heart.

Indeed, rarely do I publicly comment on many compounding issues of today’s Polity that our dear country Nigeria is confronted with in recent years. I am also very cognizant of the fact that to govern or lead a nation or a state that has a diverse society as our country Nigeria, is not by any means an easy task. Therefore, one has to know when and how to advise or critique a government. Notably, our country Nigeria was created with a presumption of a pluralistic society and to coexist on that notion yet the reality is otherwise. Having said that, one has to have clear understanding that in order for one to aspire or strive for a position of leadership anywhere in the world, especially a country like Nigeria, such a person has to be prepared as well as posses many of the attributes that a good leader will need. And one of those attributes is the ability to care for those under your leadership. Another characteristic on the long list is the ability to make some tough decisions and sometimes unpopular ones and live by it. However, such decisions must be guided by strong conviction of principles of values. Yet Nigeria has a high degree of difficulty realizing such leaders in the recent years.

I must remind all of us that one of the tenets of a Democratic system of government is "obligation of the government to secure and protect the life and properties of the governed". Therefore, where do we Nigerians fit into this principle judging from our history in recent years?

As a real Nigerian who sees myself as an ambassador of my country at all times, I am very saddened by the recent rampage killing of my Ibo brothers and sisters in their Nimbo villages in Enugu State, and that of a man killed in Abia state by a man in our nation’s uniform as reported.

Therefore, I am very compelled with great conviction to SALUTE the Executive Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, for his swift and decisive policy to deploy the Bakassi vigilante boys to the trenches and villages of Abia state. Such a bold pronouncement will help to deter the activities of these terrorists in disguise in our backyards. Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, understands that you need to be in a position of strength to negotiate to your benefit. His prompt action plan to confront the menace approaching his domain was an act of good leadership that we need in Nigeria and especially in Ibo land. Your Excellency, you are courageous, and I salute you again on this issue. The fact that you have the Bakassi boys working in conjunction with the Nigeria Police and other relevant security agencies in your state is a smart move to legitimize their operation in your state. You made a policy statement and backed it up with action plan. You got all your state traditional monarchs involved and other security agencies to be part of the cohesive plan as to get a better result. But most importantly, you recommended some tactical training for the vigilante boys. In my own opinion, I do consider your policy in this regard heroic. Especially when some of your counterparts in the region are shying away from such position, so not to be quoted or labeled politically incorrect by their masters. Governor Ikpeazu, I believe that any progressive minded person like myself will applaud your action on this issue, and no one in their right mind will fault your decision to involve the Bakassi boys in your state security. It is our collective civic responsibility as a people of faith to stand against any injustice in our society, and to be our brother’s keeper, especially for those that are less privileged.

There comes a time when a man or women has to take a stand on his/her conscience and conviction even when his/her position may not be popular at the time.

Any one in his/her right mind will agree with me that this kind of mayhem unleashed on our brothers and sisters in the villages of Nimbo in Enugu state by the so called herdsmen, is totally despicable in this modern age. This kind of satanic act can not go unaddressed by our law enforcement agencies, the Justice department and the Federal Government of Nigeria.

It is my passionate appeal to call upon all the South East Governors to follow suite with the bold steps that the Abia State Governor has taken towards the security of his state. I will suggest that all the South East States of Nigeria should establish a centralized vigilante group in their individual states and have the Nigerian police, other relevant security agencies and communities monarchs be part of the cohesive operation. There must be some funds appropriated towards this kind of project in order for it to be functional. I believe that establishing a real funded vigilante group will help our Nigerian police and other security agencies maintain law and order in our various states. The vigilante groups will help infiltrate many of the social ills that have taken over our South Eastern States especially.

Though, it has come to my attention that the Executive Governor of Anambara state, Chief Willie Obiano, has his own state vigilante group well prepared and assiduously working to help maintain proper security of his people in the state. Therefore, I salute him for his good leadership and his commitment towards the safety of the Anambara people. Currently, the security of all the South East states, cities and villages is not something to take for granted. Our people can not afford to leave our cities and communities porous for hoodlums and invaders to take charge of our destiny.

In my own state of origin Imo State, I do consider our state very lucky to have a current Police commissioner that is very dedicated to his call of duty. Recent events in the state has shown that the Imo state police is on their toes at all times fishing out the hoodlums in the state. All that could not have happened without the Police commissioner Mr. Taiwo lakanu commitment to run the bad guys out of the state, and I assume with the support of the state governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha. I must acknowledge their efforts towards the security of the state. However, there is a lot more work ahead of them in the state. I will advise my state government to quickly establish a centralized vigilante group for the state and fund its operations. The state should involve community monarchs and the Nigerian police for proper cohesive operation of the vigilante. The vigilante group must not be used by the politicians for political purpose. Also, their has to be a brand name for the vigilante group for example; (1) UMUNNA-WU-IKE (2)OTUOBI-IMO (3) IMO-KWENU–BOYS, Etc.

The people of South East must look around their immediate environments and adjust to it for their own relevance and survival in the country. There seems to be a wave of self sufficiency and realignment in our country today. Our people must not settle to be a group of reactionaries. Being proactive will give a better leverage to bargain when necessary with our fellow Nigerians. "A word is enough for the wise".

I will personally support any concerted effort by the Imo state government to insure the security of the people of the state. I believe that many of our philanthropists, community organizations both home and abroad will surly support such venture via their communities or by the government. We as a people may have different political affiliation but, one thing that all of us have in common is the quest for our freedom and security. I am optimistic that Nigeria has brighter future ahead provided that we do away with our individual selfishness and submit ourselves to God. Long Live Nigeria and the people of goodwill.

Sir. Dan Mere.


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    • profile image

      logansmith34 19 months ago

      I agree wuth you Mr. Mere, for far too long Nigerians have put up with this horrible savage like elements in the form of Fulani Herdsman. The Federal Government of Nigeria must step up and put a stop to this. And the people must put together private security teams like the Bakassi Boys to stand up to these terrorist.