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Equality for Everyone - except...

Updated on May 10, 2014

About human rights


Can there ever truly be equality for everyone?

Should there be equality for everyone?

Should equality only be afforded to those who fit the mold of religion?

Should double standards apply to the constitution?

Are their truly equal rights in this country?

Can our individual voices be heard above the lies?

Are there some among us who do not deserve to be considered equal to others?

Are these undeserving considered "sub human"?

Who has the right to make that call?

Read on for the answers to all these questions and more.........

"Voting" on "Equal Rights" - Really?



(By the vast majority of Americans):

Equality for everyone in this country !!!

It is time to stop using human nature's diversity as a platform for politicians to run on, and religions to exploit.

It is time to stop the politicians and the religious fanatics from using that diversity to exploit the private lives of minorities, and using them as 'fodder' for political debate.

This government and the religious bashing in this country is boundless, and must truly look ridiculous to other nations around the globe.

This government boasts about our freedoms and equality for everyone, from one side of their mouths; and yet continues to preach about taking rights away from women and using our gay communities for political pandering and exploitation, out of the other side of their mouths.

At least lets be honest about things and 'tell it like it really is'------

A Politician actually reaches a conclusion

An actual conclusion reached by a politician
An actual conclusion reached by a politician | Source

A. Equality for everyone - (except for homosexuals?)

House of Representative Speaker Boehner insists on using millions of tax payer dollars to continue his assaults on the gay community after president Obama has asked the department of justice to stop defending DOMA (defense of marriage act).

The neo republican hopefuls to be candidates for president are vowing to:

  • reinstate DADT,
  • make a constitutional amendment that bans same sex marriages,
  • and that makes homosexuality illegal in the entire country.

A constitutional amendment that legalizes discrimination? - now there is a step in the right direction!?

Love thy neighbor

the new mantras
the new mantras | Source

B. Freedom for everyone -

(except for women?)

Those women who apparently are too stupid to make decisions for themselves.

Florida, as well as several other GOP run states have several bills pending that would:

  • cut off low-income women from birth control, cancer screening, HIV testing, and other lifesaving care.
  • deny women access to 'legal' health care procedures.
  • force women to undergo ultrasound prior to abortions, without any medical necessity or doctor recommendations, then forcing them to view the ultrasound.
  • allow medicaid recipients to be denied coverage for family planning services based upon a "moral or religious objection" by the provider service network. (this amendment was introduced by Senator Negron on behalf of the Florida Catholic Conference).
  • inform IRS (yes, you heard [read] it right - the internal revenue service) who would launch an investigation into their finances, personal lives, and god knows what else. The logic of this one still eludes me as to what in hell IRS has to do with abortions!?

And as if this was not enough:

  • Rep. Renuart falsely suggested that Planned Parenthood opposes anit-choice bills because "they don't want to lose business".
  • Rep. Porter, during her closing remarks on a bill to mandate an ultrasound prior to abortion, also misstated that "the real objections to this bill by organizations like Planned Parenthood is fear of the effect to their bottom line".
  • Glen Beck said that the only people who depend on Planned Parenthood are "hookers".
  • Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Arizona) said on the senate floor that abortions make up 90% of what Planned Parenthood does, when in fact, it is only around 3% or less. { Incidentally, after being bombarded by public outcry, Sen. Jon Kyl from Arizona quietly removed his false statements about Planned Parenthood from the Congressional Record}. {When a U.S. senator scrubs the official record, that means he is feeling the pressure over having taken an unpopular position}.
  • Florida House speaker Dean Cannon is moving his extreme anti-women agenda to the floor for discussion on six anti-choice bills. (A few weeks ago Speaker cannon said the word "uterus" could not be spoken on the house floor - now he is forcing the house to vote on bills that restrict what women can do with their bodies). He doesn't want to talk about it, but he certainly wants to control it.

Where Bigotry is accepted

Bigotry by any other name is still Bigotry
Bigotry by any other name is still Bigotry | Source

C. Freedom of Religion -

(except for those that ARE NOT 'Christians" or ARE Islamic?)

Florida republicans have introduced legislation that would allow religious entities to receive federal tax payer money. (already a done deal).

Some how giving tax payers money away to businesses that pay no taxes seems a bit shady to me.

So much for the separation of church and state in the state of Florida.

This opens the flood gates for tax payer money to be given out freely to all religions entities (unless there is a stipulation that this "free money" is only for the Christians, as i imagine it would be, otherwise it would be given to all those "other" non-christian religions as well?).

Don't Ask - Don't Tell

Gays in the military.
Gays in the military. | Source

D. Equality in the Military -

(except for those who are homosexual and women who are raped while serving their country)

Those folks are just told to keep their mouths shut, stay in the closet, and go get killed to protect the rights of the heterosexual christians.

The ending of DADT (don't ask, don't tell)??

Did you think this was a done deal?


The republicans in Congress are spending millions more of your (our) tax dollars to fight to have this overturned as well as the affordable health care bill.

Their rationale is that the 'majority' of American citizens want it that way. I have no idea what poll they took, but if they are polling corporations (deemed the sames status as individuals by the supreme court) that just might be so.

If they were to poll the 'average' American citizen (the individuals - not the corporations) the results would undoubtedly be quite different.

We must stop wallowing in stale 'conservatism' (what ever that term really means) and create a government we can be proud of, that will set an example for the rest of the world by practicing what we preach:

Freedom and equality for everyone!! (except?)

by: d.william 10/03/10

The Real Gay agenda

Living the wild life style
Living the wild life style | Source


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