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Updated on November 17, 2009

overturn the decision.

By now, the volume of emails reaching the Department of Justice has quadrupled, if not shooting through the roof, with people of all walks of life objecting to Attorney General Eric Holder's idea to put five Guantanamo inmates on trial in a civil court in New York City.

Many realize that the decision to do so happens to be based on two specific reasons, and they are, to show the world that the United States is open and fair, when it comes to handling even terrorists suspects of heinous crimes as the attacks on 9/11, 2001. The other is that Mr. Holder's department will be seen as taking more seriously the work that previous prosecutors have managed to put off, during the seven years that most of the inmates have been in the facility in Cuba.

Both reasons would be superficial, because the Bush administration had allowed those who could not be tried to seek political asylum abroad, and it had set up tribunals to try others as enemy combatants, for the fact that they were soldiers caught in the battlefield. Evidence gathering was still continuing to prepare prima facie case against individuals who had committed atrocious acts of different sorts; and that the whole thing was a lengthy and cumbersome process.

The only excuse that the Obama administration could come up with would be to say that the crime had taken place in New York City; but so was Washington D.C. on that day, when the Pentagon was also attacked, and Pennsylvania, where one of the hi-jacked planes crashed, could be another venue that the trials could be held for those five people who had masterminded the same attacks.

It was therefore pure politics that instigated the Attorney General of the U.S. to decide to bring those people to New York City, and also that he considered the amount of publicity that the trials would gain.

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has maintained that the decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in the City of New York would be making it (NYC) a target once again; and that the proper trial for the Sheikh and the other plotters was a military tribunal for their status as enemy combatants. So has the present governor of New York State, Gov. David Paterson, saying that the "State Will be Broke by Christmas.". He was actually talking about the State's budget, but that has caused the assumption of many New Yorkers to be that the decision of the trial was a major contributor to that situation occurring. It would make things worse all around, affecting particularly tourism to the State in general and to New York City, per se. Tourists would be afraid to come to the city from now on, as they have always placed it on "the danger list" as where something like 9/11 could happen again.

To make it safer for everybody would be to have those people tried by a military tribunal in a place like Guantanamo; and therefore, the decision must be overturned.

Over to you, Mayor Mike Bloomberg. (The present Mayor of New York City).


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    • SheriSapp profile image

      SheriSapp 8 years ago from West Virginia

      Your hub is very clear and quite accurate in your assessment. The fools controlling this administration don't seem to understand that this is not some kind of geo-political game they are playing and the world is watching. Our enemies are laughing and rubbing their hands together in glee about this I'm sure.