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Are the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests dying down?

Updated on November 7, 2011

At first, the Protesters had Good Intent

My thoughts on OWs protests

Initially, the OWS protesters had somewhat clear objectives as stated in the above video from You Tube. Lately, from what I've seen and read on a variety of TV shows with different biases, the protesters are less clear in their objectives, but still reflect a generalized sense of discontent that many people have in our country. But, they also seem (at some times) like a bunch of disgruntled folks with nothing better to do than complain and not offer solutions.

6-8 weeks later what are the motives of the protesters? Oh, I know what! That you have more than I have! I'll take a stab that they protest the capitalism that put those iPhones in their pockets and computers in their rooms-and not in mine. They protest that there is a society that can can exist with 'haves' and 'have nots.'

However, are the OWS protesters protesting at the right venue? While it is true that WS is symbolic of American capitalism, something/someone gave that greed a place to call home-and that place is called Washington, DC. Shouldn't the OWS protesters have begun their protests on our nation's capital? it is only human nature to try to get something for 'nothin!.'

If we determine to amend the Constitution to have income redistribution, we should be prepared to do so at our own peril and knowing that this must pass with (3/4) of the states voting for it. However, I don't want my cardiac surgeon garnering wages that are the a flight attendant's Where is the inventive Humans can be base, but let's not increase those chances.

The OWS protesters feel that the wealthy should make similar dollars; no, there should not be a wealthy bunch. That Oprah should write a check to the US Treasury to level the playing field? We should all have the same? The thing is, most of the wealthy are affluent, employ people, have small business which keep us afloat.

Under our charter, the Constitution, OWS protesters are guaranteed the right to assemble and voice their agreement or disagreement. This free speech is symbolic of liberty and what men and women fought and died for in forming this nation and to this day.I support those rights and 'I will defend to the death, their right to say them...' But what about when exercising those rights infringes upon the rights of others? in this case, the shop owners and secretaries on WS? That is the topic of another Hub!

Demonstrate against the real offender; the federal government which allowed it's largesse to spawn civil unrest of this magnitude. Demonstrate against The Barney Franks and Maxine Waters who assured George Bush that WS was 'ok.' It wasn't :(

Now the Protests lack Definition- see about 1:30 seconds into video


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    • teamrn profile image

      teamrn 6 years ago from Chicago

      Minnetonka, they protest greed on WS. There IS greed on WS, but that greed is human nature. There's a government who's job it is to CHECK that greed and put proper regulation ini place so the greed doesn't run amuck and human temptation reign.

      The protesters REALLY should b protesting the administration and administrations before who didn't enact the regulations which would reign in corporate greed. BUT THEY SHOULD realize that in a free market capital system, WS should not be over-regulated..

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 6 years ago from Minnesota

      Hi Annie and thanks for your informative hub on the protests. We have the protesters in Minneapolis on the Nicollet mall. I've heard from friends that work downtown that it's a mess and really getting in the way of businesses. I,like you, believe that it served it's purpose, but it's time to be done.

    • teamrn profile image

      teamrn 6 years ago from Chicago

      Mortimer, I feel that at one time, the OWS protests had a good cause, but the more I've read, the more I believe now that they've made their point and it's time to disband and fold up their tents. Now, people are getting injured and there is chaos. The people do have this right. However, so do the people who live or work on WS.

      Yes, this is what they're protesting, but HOW does protesting against WS excesses and greed, help the fellow who couldn't afford medical care? The better target is DC who makes the LAWS governing health care.

      I'm not sure what you mean by relying on MSNBC to tell me the news. I watch MSNBC for some things (Morning Joe and DYlan Ratigan) and to get a laugh out of L. O'Donnell), but am a much more conservative FOX viewer. I know what they STARTED OUT as protesting and when they didn't propose real solutions, they, in my mind were taken less seriously. Please don't pretend to tell me that you know what they're protesting and I don't.

      But, you have a right for your opinion and a forum (here) to speak your opinion. Our Constitution gave and guarantees you that right.

    • mortimerjackson profile image

      mortimerjackson 6 years ago from California

      It's nice to know that rather than say, do your own research, you rely on MSNBC to tell you that the OWS movement is a bunch of hippies.

      This. This is what they're protesting. And just by doing what they're doing, they're accomplishing more for this country than you will with this ridiculous article.