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Oath of the President Violated

Updated on January 6, 2012

presidential oaths

Bush taking oath
Bush taking oath
Obama taking oath
Obama taking oath
First president Washing taking oath
First president Washing taking oath

Oath Taken Doesn't Mean Much

When the newly elected President of the United States take his oath of office, he's suppose to mean it. He is suppose to uphold the Constitution which includes the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is what gives us all our freedoms, including freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, etc. Our last two Presidents have violated not only that oath but our Constitution in general and We The People had stood by and not said a word.

George W. Bush allowed Homeland Security and other groups to listen into phone conversations supposedly to look for suspected terrorist groups amongst us. At the end of his last term, it was brought forward and was he imprisoned or punished for violating his oath? Absolutely not, and he should have been. It might have prevented a few things from happening. He also flat out lied about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction so he could go in and finish what his daddy knew better than to do.

Now, as of January 1st, 2011, President Barrack Obama has put the icing on the cake and signed into law the ADAA which, in essence, makes the Bill of Rights obsolete. It takes away American citizens right to an attorney, a trial, and the right to be innocent until proven guilty. The government has the right to detain you indefinitely if they feel you are a national security risk. I want them to define what a security really is? If we don't agree with the government does that make us a risk? I hope not, because I think 99% of Americans could be detained.

For this law to be passed, however, CONGRESS had to pass it too. Not just the President signed this bill into action, but our own elected officials took it into their own hands to take away our rights as citizens of the United States of America.

But as for the last two Presidents... did you or did you not promise the following?

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

- Oath of the President of the United States of America

I know you did I watched your presidential acceptance speeches.


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    • Smokes Angel profile image

      Smokes Angel 6 years ago from Broke Alabama

      thanks for the comments

    • PrettyWater profile image

      PrettyWater 6 years ago from Big Lake, Minnesota

      I agree that both the last two presidents have violated the constitution, but Congress allowed it too. If we are to get our country back we have to stand up and say we want it back. We need to demand term limits on every office, including the Supreme Court. No one should hold office for more than two terms and once having held an office they cannot hold another.

      Okay I'll get off my soap box.

    • Brett Winn profile image

      Brett Winn 6 years ago from US

      and violated, and violated .... I so hope Ron Paul will be our next president! Finally, someone who says what he means and means what he says and puts on no "airs" for the public!

    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 6 years ago from Singapore

      It is a good article. But you must consider these are extraordinary times and the free world has to face a strong attack from people who want todestroy democracy. Is personal liberty so important that you lose your entire right to live the life as we know it

    • Smokes Angel profile image

      Smokes Angel 6 years ago from Broke Alabama

      To Steve Orion

      Look up the American Defense Authorization Act signed on New Years Eve

    • Steve Orion profile image

      Steve Orion 6 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Care to provide a link or anything like that to back up what you're saying? Or at least articulate with a bit more clarity what this act does. I looked up ADAA and ADA Act and neither show anything of what you're referring to.

    • Druid Dude profile image

      Druid Dude 6 years ago from West Coast

      A president can do whatever he can get away with. He can actually do very little if the houses of congress and the supreme court don't go along. I think the whole shebang smells like dead fish.