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Obama Against Uncaring People

Updated on February 22, 2015

Understanding The America People

Obama has done an excellent job in trying to secure the future of the America People. He has been blame for almost four years for not keeping his promises to the people.

Republicans are willing to put this country in the hands of a raging loony, why? The more I watch the debates and listen to some of the people in the Southern States, I see a race issue. We all want to believe that racism is gone, but it hasn't.

There are 12 days left for the American people to come together and vote for someone who cares about all people not just the rich. Obama is a Afro-America with who is trying help the people. Mrs. Mitt Romney stand before a crowd of people saying that Obama is a one turn president because didn't keep his promise to the American people. Obama will be a one turn president, Mrs. Romney states.

Michelle Obama defended her husband action as president , Mrs. Romney for got Mitt fail Massachusetts.This is a lady who always been in the shawdows of Mitt, never working a day in her life, now she has and opinion .After watching the Democrat convention it made me proud that so many people had faith in their president and is willing to give him four more years. Being a resident of Masschusetts, Deval Patrick made me proud of his annoyments, telling the Democrats to grow a backbone. Almost four years a go our president was put in a differcult position, working with trying to clean up the mess of Former George W. Bush created. The American people have to realize that Obama is not God,he could not snap his fingers and all the issues would go away.Millions of people would find jobs, the economic would boom and we will live in a perfect world. For eight years George W. Bush tried but could't pervail, leaving our country to a recession. It's time to give Obama four more years like we did Bill Clinton. The Republican party thought Bill Clinton couldn't keep his promise to the people and this country, they was wrong. President Obama has more experience at runnning this country then Romney who couldn't run Massachusetts.


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    • HakSpeak profile image

      Hasan A. Hakim 5 years ago

      U make some good points....

      Mr. Romney was a one term governor, He realized he could'nt / would'nt win re-election.

      As to Trump...He's more entertainmet (Negative) then substance.

      In short, Society has changed over-all and as a direct result, there R those "Americans" Angriered / Bitter / Disillusioned ... In hate mode

      because of said changes. I'm of the opinion that the average american

      knows and understands why the economy is in it's current state (Extreme Greed / Overwhelming Job Lost / Special Interest Dictate).

      The above is exploited 2 continue and or grow the divide amongst people, and profit a few... "It's No Longer A White Only Control Thing" And their R those that don't like that...!!!

    • profile image

      jada67 5 years ago

      There are many issues that this country is facing with people trying agree to who will make the best president, I do agree that Mitt Romney is a good businessman but being in Boston seeing him at first hand do nothing for the people. I do stand with Obama because he has done something.I don't blame anyone who have the courage to speak their opinion.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 5 years ago from Florida

      Obama has had four years to make an impact, it is up to people to decide if his leadership has improved their lot... or made it worse.

      Excuses are like elbows, we all have them, bottom line is we find ways of getting the job done... or we don't.

      We don't need four more years of excuses or blame, we need someone who knows how to make America competitive for businesses to come to, rather than a place businesses are trying to flee from. We need a President that will focus first and foremost on our economic recovery, not on social justice issues... because if our economy doesn't begin to thrive, those entitlements and benefits will be GONE because this nation will be bankrupt, as China and other nations move in to fill the vacuum left by America's decline.

    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 5 years ago from Boston MA

      Listening to Mrs. Romney talk about the failures of Barack Obama. It's time she look at the failures of Willard Mitt Romney In The Bay State.