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Simple Proof that Obama Birth Certificate is Fake

Updated on September 26, 2012

Official Birth Certificate link

The Long-Form Birth Certificate of Mr. Obama is a fake – a forged document. Or so I've read. And what I've read is that the forgery is so amateurish that anyone can see how it was faked. So I checked it out (and will show screen captures). You should do the same as it takes less than a minute or two.

First, go here and download the file (link below the President's remarks video):

Birth Certificate Metadata and layers

With Adobe Acrobat Pro, open the file and do the following:

Click Document > Examine Document...

In the Status window that pops up, you'll see two items in the Results section; "Metadata (1 item)" and "Deleted or cropped content (1 item)." The Metadata shows things like the document was created April 27, 2011 on a Mac.

If I then check only the Deleted or cropped content and then click Remove, it is easily discovered that an additional layer of information was added to the file.

Obama Birth Certificate layer of deleted content
Obama Birth Certificate layer of deleted content

I also learned of an easier way to view all the images/layers. Use Advanced > Document Processing > Export All Images... This resulted in the three files:




Image_0003 is pretty interesting as it seems the State Registrar's signature was "added" to the original scan, along with all those items seen in Image_0001.

State Registrar's signature stamp
State Registrar's signature stamp

For those with just an Adobe Reader, zoom into these items from 0001 and you'll see that the font colors are different (see figure Obama_BC_Date_800zoom), and that odd marks or corrections or changes were made to the file.

Please answer these two simple questions

This raises a few issues.

Exactly why and how this document was compromised is a mystery, but it's pretty obvious this is not a scan of a real-life document. If it were, the file would not have mixed forms of content. It would be a single layer flat image (like a scanned photograph), and Acrobat, Illustrator, or any other pdf viewer would not detect any evidence of composition. Instead, it would be just a series of pixels on a single layer.

So, it's pretty clear (funny, actually, but in a sad way) that someone working for Obama is entirely incompetent when it comes to faking a document, and that they thought the general American public are complete buffoons and they wouldn't bother to open the file and take a closer look – that they would, instead, just take Obama for his word. "Obama said it, so it must be true."

People, have you not learned that you can't take ANY politician on his word?! Republicans aren't the only politicians that lie.

What's worse is that the media, our Congress, our courts, and more than half of our entire country could give a crap. If it were Bush or Sarah Palin, the media would be in an uproar and the President would've resigned years ago. But not the media's favorite President.

Having said all that, is it possible that these changes are totally inconsequential? Yes! But still, why fake a document? Why not just post the original birth certificate and be done with this?


And so, we're left with totally avoiding the issue at hand and instead lumping me into some birther idiot or Rush/Glen Beck Kool-aid-drinking group, which would be kind of silly since it doesn't require a certain belief structure or party allegiance just to open a file and click a few menu items. Or...

Someone can just answer these two simple questions;

1) Why the changes to the birth certificate?

2) Why is the pdf file not simply an image of the original?

It's possible there's a simple explanation that makes perfect sense. I'm open and I'm listening...


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    • Dave Wright profile image

      Dave Wright 4 years ago from Macon, Illinois

      Very interesting. I pulled up the link to from the White House website, and even on their online copy it appears is if there is no green background behind the text. You can see white space behind the letters instead of the green hashes. It's not even a good fake. Do they really think we are that stupid?

      I've always suspected something was amiss. But this evidence is pretty damning. Very informative.