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Obama Disappoints Gun Advocates and the NRA

Updated on June 18, 2013

In another setback for the NRA and the most apoplectic gun owners all over America, the President didn’t go after gun ownership like they promised. Moreover, to the consternation of the NRA and apocalyptic gun owners, President Obama signed 23 executive orders on gun safety but failed to ban guns, take them away, or nullify the 2nd Amendment like they had foretold. “We know he is going to ban guns at some point, and we are disappointed that he hasn’t done it yet,” announced Christian Gunn of Gun Owners for Jesus.

Speaking with R.U. Lemming on the three-hour “Dominionist News Hour”, Mr. Gunn made it clear that gun owners should not rest until Obama bans guns, “We must continually prepare for our guns being taken away, so buy more guns today.” Bart Snarkly, trigger man for Liberty Clan of Citizen Companies, a consortium of gun manufactures agrees, “We must not rest until there is a gun hidden in every pot and every house has a two gun rack garage. Once you have a gun, all of life’s concerns will wash away in a shower of bullets.”

Senator Para Noid takes it a step further, “Some people here on the Hill don’t believe in freedom. It is the duty of all citizens to vote out of Congress anyone who attempts to make us safe from gun violence.”

Claus Gezeichnet of the gun manufacturer, “Bundeskraft Schusswaffe Volk” has a different take, “Well, at least President Obama didn’t use his power to stop us Germans from selling our high-quality kraftwerk to you Americans, yes?” Not yet Claus, not yet.

In his dangerous and now infamous gun-safety executive orders, Obama is ordering proposals to be produced and memorandum to be issued. He wants us to release, launch, finalize and commit. That’s the drum of gun confiscation beating if I ever heard it.

So while President Obama has yet to trigger the apocalypse by openly announcing he is sending in his zombie hoards to take our guns (time to buy another shotgun), it’s coming. The gun ban will come after communist and America hater, Elisabeth Warren, gets elected and before she takes office. At that point, too many people will trust Obama and give away their guns to him due to his Svengali like appeal.

Just read his words, how he is trying to blame the gun lobbyists, your only friend,
"There will be pundits and politicians and special interest lobbyists publicly warning of a tyrannical all-out assault on liberty," Obama said. "Not because that's true, but because they want to gin up fear."

Truth be damned! We gin up fear because we know it’s what best for for you. And if you fear it, it's true. So the next time you feel that gut-wrenching fear, go your nearest Walmart and purchase the only thing that will make it better, a gun.

Tex Shelters


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