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Obama Doesn't Want You to Know: Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Plant Could Be In Crisis (Pass It On)

Updated on June 20, 2011

To meltdown or not to meltdown... that is the question!

While the mainstream media has you covered in Weiner jokes, Wal-Mart legal cases and Libyian war woes, what they aren't telling you has made it's way through the bloggersphere with rapid pace. The latest media blackout surrounds rising concerns over issues at Nebraska's Fort Calhoun Nuclear plant and an emergency that arose on June 7th during a huge flood from the Mississippi river.

Dozens of reports on amature web sites are indicating that reactors at Ft Calhoun's nuclear stations started to melt down when rising flood waters temporarily shut down power and started a fire in a spent fuel pool. And after the recent Fukushima meltdown and disposal of nuclear energy in Germany, there are plenty of concerned citizens who want to know what is really going on.

Many are saying that the Obama administration has ordered a gag on the mainstream media when it comes to reporting about Ft Calhoun and their nuclear plant. Which is entirely possible given that none of the mainstream medias are reporting anything to do with Nebraska's Ft. Calhoun station. This makes it difficult to dismiss the reports as conspiracy or fallacy, as there are no reports to say otherwise. There is just nothing.

To make things even more interesting, the operators of the Nebraska nuclear plant are not denying that all this has occurred, but are instead trying to downplay the situation and suggest that they run on a different emergency rating than the mandatory international scale of nuclear emergencies. Instead of going with the general standard of a Stage 4 emergency, they are suggesting theirs was just an "unusual event" emergency (say what?) and nothing to worry about. They have admitted that the spent fuel pool did catch on fire, but that there was no danger of it getting worse because of reserve procedures in place due to forewarning of the flood. Though it's still early enough since Fukushima for people to remember that governments don't always tell the truth, especially when it comes to protecting the nuclear industry.

So without any information from mainstream medias, and a ban on flights around Fort Calhoun (unless given special permission), it's hard to say what is really going on over there. Should the people of Nebraska start worrying about earless bunnies and mutated river life, or just ignore things and go about their business?

To meltdown or not to meltdown.... that is the question....


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    • The Casual Reader profile image

      The Casual Reader 6 years ago

      It would take more than three and a half days for an event like this to begin to trigger a meltdown and they had it contained within 90 minutes.

      Cover up? If they were going to cover up anything, why would they admit anything at all had happened? The only reason anyone knows anything about it is because the facility filed a report.

      The "mainstream media" isn't covering it for the same reason they are not covering the grease fire down at Taco World -- it isn't newsworthy. This is local news at best.