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Obama Is Not America President Trump Is

Updated on July 10, 2017

Obama and his wife Michelle left the White House believing that he had done his best for the American people and our country. Obama left the White House as a private citizen going out to provide a future for his family. After leaving the white house Obama said : it was a honor to serve the people and our nation, serving out nation and the people made him a better man.

. After 8 years of being critics by the republican party it was time for Obama to finally enjoy his life without being judge for not being perfect.

Before Trump decided to run for President he had a problem with Obama, Trump said Obama was not born in America and had his birth certificate investigated. Obama was born in Honolulu HI

. The former president has become a symbol of Trump illegitimacy's man without any social grace or intellectual heft to run a country. Obama is people person with a beautiful personality and a wiliness to learn Trump has neither one.

Donald Trump hates the way Obama makes him feel and is determine to erase everything that Obama accomplished, taking away Obama name off of every thing. The one thing that Trump can't remove is the History, Obama has already made by being the first "Afro-American President.

January 20/2017 President Donald Trump became the new president who took an oath to serve the people and to keep our nation safe promised the America people that he would win-win. Trump wanted to do away with Obama Health care because it was it wore Obama name. . For 7 years Republican's had an opportunity to annihilate Obama health care nothing was done until Trump became President.

It's time for Americans to stop dogging Obama and worry about the elected president Donald Trump, a man who talk a good game but has done nothing but make promises, tweets and whine.

Donald Trump has a deep hate for Obama is it because of his accomplishments and the respect so many people have for the former president. Donald Trump question Obama birth certificate, having it Investigated. Obama was born in Honolulu Hi to Ann Durham and Barack Obama Jr. Aug4/1961. Obama went to Harvard Law school, Columbia university and Occidental college. In 2005 Obama was a united State Senator in Ill to 2008.

In 2008 Barrack Obama became the 44th President of the United State and the First African American ever elected . Obama served 8 years as president and is no longer the president Donald Trump need to stop tweeting and do the job that he was elected to do.

It's hard to believe that Republicans are putting the faith of our country into a man as reckless and unpredictable as Donald Trump, there was never a president as irresponsible and reckless as Trump.

The president of the United States the chief and leader of our Country took 43 days to say he didn't do it and there were no tapes which was allegedly a lie,the President of the United States should be held accountable for his action like every American..

The President is being investigated by congress and the F.B. because of his involvement allegedly with Russia. If he has nothing to hide then turn over his tax return and let congress and the F.B.I do there jobs without interfering .

During the 2016 election In August it was reported that President Obama knew about Russia trying to hack our elections, Obama went to 'Putin" and told him to knock it off . Right or wrong the president made a decision not to infer with the election because Trump was already complaining that the election was fixed.

Obama is a private citizen with no ties to the white House he severed his time and did a lot for the good of this America and the people. Donald Trump the president of the United States is trying to discredit Obama at any cause. Obama Legacy will never be destroyed because he was the first "Black" president.

Donald Trump is and embarrassment to the people and the nation, he can't keep his mouth close. What will Trump tell Vladimir Putin next week at the summit?

Obama is no longer the President, he served the country and the people as well as he could, now it's Trump time.



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