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Protect Children With Weapons: The case of Syria

Updated on June 5, 2012
Syria | Source

As we have all been told to believe thousands of times before, Republicans are strong on defense and Democrats are weak on defense. Because hearing is believing, we know that the President is weak on matters of national security.

Republicans have been calling on Obama to arm the rebels in Syria. John McCain is calling for bombing the nation, and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is saying Obama's “lack of leadership has resulted in a policy of paralysis” in the Middle East.

The problem with Obama is that he is looking for reasons to take action in Syria instead of fabricating them like great leaders do. The website calls Obama’s appeasement of Assad in Syria and Ahmadinejad in Iran, a “big fail,” saying that Obama is “befuddled” by the two nations. Furthermore, Obama has tried to talk to the terrorist nations and “…ignored reality by trying to engage oppressive regimes in Syria and Iran.” Can you imaging Republican President Nixon being involved in talks with the tyrannical Chinese or Reagan talking to the leader of the oppressive Soviet Union? Furthermore, Iran and Syria are a lot more dangerous today than the Soviets or Chinese ever were.

We all know about the George Bush’s successful 2003 campaign to invade Iraq. He had no concrete evidence that Iraq was involved in 9/11, but as any 6 year old could do, he made up a story. President Bush and his team of truth makers told us Iraq, i.e. al-Qaeda, had weapons of mass destruction and they were ready to use them on us at any moment. What makes this tale so amazing and powerful an example for future leaders is how ridiculous it is to us now. But Bush, the media, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice and the intelligence community sold it to us. Thus, the U.S. got public support to invade Iraq and save lives, many of them children.

The founder of the Republic Party, Ronald Reagan, was able to tamp down the rabble in Central America by demonstrating that their people’s movements were dangerous to Americans. Reagan never needed a reason to take military action in the 1980s. He funded and gave military support and weapons to the counter-revolutionary group in Nicaragua, the Contras. In fact, he didn’t even wait for Congressional support to fund them. He just made some noises about communism in our hemisphere and sent weapons to the rebel group illegally, against a Congressional ban.

Obama talks to tyrants, but Reagan took dialogue with tyrants further and armed the militaries of El Salvador and Guatemala to help them kill their own people. Obviously, Obama is weak.

Bush was smart enough to hire many of the same compassionate leaders that helped Reagan kill communists in Central America in the 80s: James Baker, Eliot Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz, Colin Powell, John Poindexter, and John Negroponte.

John Negroponte, the man who organized the Contra death-squads from his post in Honduras, became Ambassador to Iraq. Eliot Abrams was “the gladiator” in charge of much of the anti-guerilla actions that lead to the deaths of thousands of peasant farmers, intellectuals, and opposition leaders in El Salvador and Guatemala. He was a perfect choice for the National Security Council; he would kill for the job.

Bush and Reagan were strong enough to kill civilians to protect children, and we have seen Obama willing to do it in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen using drone strikes. Let’s hope Obama learns the lesson of history and bombs Syria and arms the rebels to protect the children like Reagan did in Nicaragua and elsewhere.

Tex Shelters


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