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Obama Pledges 200 Million Dollars For Terrorist Trial

Updated on February 13, 2010

 President Obama really nows how to make enemies from the citizens that elected him. Let's forget about the insanity regarding putting terrorists on trial in the American legal system in New York or anywhere else. Obama is putting is reputation on the line now by pledging US taxpayer money, 200 million dollars (200,000,000) to defray trial costs wherever the trial actually occurs. This is total insanity. Maybe we should address Obama as "the supreme one", did he consult any of us about this? No.

There is no place that wants to even hold the trial for the terrorists, and having it in NYC where the terrorists attacked in 2001 must have the world outside our borders laughing their heads off about America's stupidity! Hey, normal Americans are not and most would simply want the terrorists shot or put in jail and lose the key. Maybe for once, America should take a lesson from the Islamic code for crime. Just kill them. Save 200 million dollars that easily help US citizens at home in numerous ways. Otherwise, all that this going to happen is the usual bullshit. They will plead not guilty so they can go to trial. The trial will be fraught with insanity from A to Z, maybe al-Qaeda will even explode a bomb in the courtroom. Imagine that! Even if convicted, there will be appeals from attorney's who are being paid $200 an hour for their services to defend a person that requires no defense whatsoever. No defense attorney in their just mind would defend them but for one reason-money.

When the world looks at America about this issue, they must be laughing with disbelief and thinking just how foolish is the American legal system when the evidence is much better than circumstantial. Al-Qaeda really must be laughing at us, seeing how their brethren and comrades are now getting a trial and defense in the US legal system. How many Americans have they beheaded?

President Obama is making the US look really stupid. It is embarrassing and all because Obama thinks it is the right thing to do. Few agree with him. Someone in the White house should get in his face and ask, "WTF are you thinking?".

Hey, only in America can such insanity occur.


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