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Obama Re-Elected. Why?

Updated on November 14, 2012

Why Was President Obama Re-Elected?

Obama Re-Elected - Why?

I will begin by saying that I believe that every president should be given two terms to make a real difference - with one exception. If that president has clearly led the United States in the wrong direction, one term is enough.

I believe President Obama should have been given one term.

It is very clear that the United States is headed in the wrong direction. In fact, majority of the population said the same thing before the 2012 election, and yet they re-elected Obama. Why?

I am still trying to come to terms with this.

There is one main reason why Obama should have lost the election - he is a divider - Divider In Chief, if you will. In 2008, he ran on "Hope and Change." However, throughout his first term he made it clear that he was no champion of unity.

Any president of the United States that actively plays one group against the other, is undeserving of the Oval Office. Obama is.

For the greater part of his first term, the president went around the country pitting rich against poor. He painted the rich as evil and selfish and had the poorer people licking sugar from his hands by Election Day.

That alone disqualifies Obama from being president.

One notable memory was during the second debate when "pension" was mentioned. Obama jabbed at Romney with - "Mine is not as big as yours, governor." Really? And what's wrong with that?

It is a fact that some people in this country have achieved more. Is that something to be beaten over the head with? Obama, of course, was playing to the poorer people - doing what he does best - dividing the country.

Unfortunately, Romney did not retort with - "So what! I worked hard for this!"

Full disclosure: I am a conservative voter. So, while I believe the divider in chief issue disqualifies Obama from being president of the United States, I also certainly did not believe that be should have been re-elected, based on conservative grounds.

Why was Obama re-elected?

How could people have ignored the fact that the country is running trillion dollar deficits every year and is nearing bankruptcy?

How could Americans ignore the fact that Obama has a less than a confidence-inspiring stance on Israel's position in the Middle East?

How could Americans have ignored the fact that Obama has wielded the executive pen to sign into law issues that should be debated and addressed by Congress?

How could Americans have forgotten the disgraceful spectacle of the effort to pass the healthcare act (albeit the bill has some good provisions) in which bribes were offered, waivers were given and the law is packed with new taxes and increases that take effect after the election?

How could Americans have ignored the fact the Obama Administration lied about a terrorist attack that killed four Americans to keep the public dumb to the truth and fend off political backlash before an election?

How could Americans ignore the fact that the unemployment rate was higher on Election Day 2012 than it was on Inauguration Day 2009?

How could Bible believers ignore the fact the Democrat Party supports abortion and gay marriage?

How could Americans ignore the fact that Obama spent almost the first two years of his presidency pursuing a healthcare bill instead of fighting to create jobs?

Beats me!

Why was Obama re-elected when the United States is reeling from his failed policies?

Well, he did two things well: 1. He divided the country; and, 2. He painted Romney as a liar (yet by all accounts he is a decent man - just happens to be too rich for some people).

When you stop to think of where the country is now, who is the liar? Obama and his aides will not tell the American people the truth. The country is on the fast track to bankruptcy. We cannot continue on the road we're on. Huge sacrifices must be made.

For those who are licking sugar from Obama's hand and dancing with an "Obama phone" in Ohio or elsewhere, this cannot continue.

Tough days are ahead, whether Obama will say so or not.

Obama re-elected! Why?

Let us give this some spiritual perspective. If you believe the Bible, you understand that things must get worse. If you know anything about the Anti-Christ written about in Revelation, you understand that America must decrease in order for a world power to rise.

I contend that if Obama continues on the path he is on, America will weaken (already has) even more during his second term as we continue this inevitable stride to the end of time when a world power will dominate the world.

The one thing I hope not to be true is that America will not weaken or buckle under Obama. For as much as I am a conservative voter, I would not want it to be said that the first black president destroyed America.

Yes, I am proud of Obama's achievement as a black person, while I completely disagree with many of his liberal policies.

Why was Obama re-elected? What are your thoughts?


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    • Nathan Hapyan profile image

      Molly Robinson 

      5 years ago from Knoxville, TN

      This hub is somewhat of a rant, and not dissimilar from the type of statements readily heard from the conservative media. Political hubs are fine, just please try to keep them to the facts, not blatant and baseless claims.

      As for why Obama got re-elected, simple. He was voted in. Again. By the American people.

      On the issue of Obama's apparent playing one side versus the other, that is simply not true. With the House and Senate proportioned the way there were, and basically are again, the President is really somewhat powerless if one party or the other decides to slow down the legislative process. Which in the last term was one of the primary goals of the republican party. Not surprising given they stated their primary goal for last term was to prevent Obama from getting re-elected. Whomever gets elected to president, it should be the job of all those elected to work together as a governing body to legislate, not to hold up legislation for political gain. Unfortunately this is the way it is, and probably will be again this term.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "So what! I worked hard for this!" - Ya, hiding his money in offshore accounts to evade paying taxes. Hard bloody work ...

      "Mine is not as big as yours, governor." Really? And what's wrong with that?" - I'll tell You what's wrong with that: many filthy rich people get disconnected from the daily workings of the society and start talking garbage about 47% of the people and then, they also tell Latinos to "self-deport" themselves. Sounds familiar?

      " How could Americans ignore the fact that Obama has a less than a confidence-inspiring stance on Israel's position in the Middle East?" - I wish that was the case. Sadly it is not. For the most part, Obama has just continued Bush the Second's foreign policy tendencies. If he cut aid to Israel I would agree but no; Israel is still the country which receives the most money from the United States. Do your homework here please.

      "How could Bible believers ignore the fact the Democrat Party supports abortion and gay marriage?" - I call bullshit here because if You are a Christian and support the banking system by using a bank or a bank card or a bank machine, You are in trouble: “If you should lend money to my people, to the afflicted alongside you, you must not become like a usurer to him. You must not lay interest upon him”, Exodus, 22:25.

      In Psalms 15:5, it is said: “His money he has not given out of interest, And a bribe against the innocent one has not taken. He that is doing these things will never be made to totter.” And in Ezekiel 18:13, the words are even harsher: “On usury he has given, and interest he has taken and he positively will not keep living. All these detestable things he has done. He will positively be put to death. On him his own blood will come to be.”

      Do You use banks?

      I am done here because otherwise I can keep debunking your arguments ...

      Please try to see things from a different perspective - the glass can be half full or half empty.

      All the best!


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